December 1, 2020

3 Ways to Detox Your Holiday Nutrition

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Jesica Williams

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We all want the energy to do all of the festive things! There are several natural ways to ramp up energy and detox during these holiday months. It can be simple and attainable; this prompted me to put together 3 Ways to Detox Your Holiday Nutrition.

The holidays are rolling in and for many of us, this means eating more than usual and being less active. While we can all benefit from taking periods of relaxation, both in regards to our normal exertion level and rigid schedules; we don’t want to go through the holidays feeling bogged down.

A big part of this means preventing & addressing occasional bloating, optimizing digestion and keeping hydration levels high. This will give your body the best shot at purifying itself of all of the constant holiday foods & drinks. It’s not at all about deprivation, it’s about feeling good! Here are my favorite NOW® products to facilitate cleansing in the body.

3 Ways to Detox Your Holiday Nutrition

1. Cleanse Daily

Practicing daily rituals that help your body cleanse itself is key. In addition, making sure that you’re using high quality foods & supplements is ideal. This insures proper detox and helps you avoid unwanted toxins.

I look to the Easy Cleanse® A.M. & Easy Cleanse® P.M. for this purpose. It’s an easy way to help my body, both morning and night. I take them as directed first thing in the morning, and last thing before I go to bed. My favorite part is that these cleanse your GI tract in a gentle way.* I have not experienced any uncomfortable detox side effects from these (i.e., skin breakouts, diarrhea, etc.).

NOW Wormwood

2. Up The Herbs

Herbs have a natural capacity to support the body in its natural processes. Functions like immunity, detoxification, internal cleansing are a few to consider. Herbal remedies can help to ramp up these processes.

In addition, a product like the “Green” Black Walnut Wormwood Complex has herbs that have been used traditionally to maintain balanced gut flora.* This is crucial because gut health is necessary for normal immune system function. Needless to say, this is helpful during the holidays.

As the holidays are typically full of indulgences that may leave you feeling sluggish. I advocate indulging guilt free, but also helping the body deal and adapt. The key is always to feel good.

3. Go Green

Green superfoods like wheat grass, spirulina, chlorella and alfalfa are full of potassium and phytonutrients. They can help your body stay alkaline and in a state of continual cleansing. The nutrients in green foods help keep your energy levels up.

Everything in your body is connected to your ability to detox. This is why optimizing detox pathways during the holidays is wildly beneficial. As a result, you may experience better sleep, improved mood and more regular bowel movements. I like to describe the effect as the “fog lifting” from the body.

NOW Wheatgrass

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Check out to learn more about these products. They also make an expansive line of products including natural foods, pet health, skin care, essential oils and sports nutrition.

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