November 28, 2020

4 Awesome Dr. Bronner Household Uses

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Welcome to this post: 4 Awesome Dr. Bronner Household Uses.

Dr. Bronner’s has been a mainstay in my household cleaning & body care regime for many years. I started using Dr. Bronner’s products back in 2008. This is around the time I began looking for natural skincare and cleaners for my residence. My history with them has inspired this article: 4 Dr. Bronner Household Uses.

I couldn’t possibly say enough good things about this brand. From the ethos of the brand, to the passionate team, to the pure ingredients. Dr. Bronner’s does it right. They put ethics over profit and I have always admired them for that. In addition to these attributes, they are an accessible line. You can find many Dr. Bronner’s products in your local health food store. In Missouri where we are, a few stores I know they are stocked in include: Sprouts, Whole Foods & Nature’s Own Market.

Dr. Bronner’s products are made with organic, fair-trade ingredients. Organic means that their products are clean of pesticides, herbicides and other toxic chemicals. Fair Trade refers to the products containing ingredients that are sourced ethically, abiding by the Fair Trade Certified’s standards.

Here’s how you can use some of their products in your home!

4 Awesome Dr. Bronner Household Uses

1. All Purpose Household Cleaner

The pure castile soap is by far the most versatile single item that I keep stocked. I use the pure castile soap for laundry, cleaning floors, cleaning countertops and cleaning makeup brushes–to name a few uses. Other uses include hand dishwashing,

Keep in mind, this soap is very concentrated, thus, a little goes a long way. Dr. Bronner’s has an excellent article & breakdown for the different ratios they recommend for dilution. Check that article out here.

2. Oil Pulling

As I’ve gotten older, I’m invested more time in oral health. More than ever, I make a concerted effort to be consistent with cleansing my whole oral cavity. Oil pulling is a practice that I learned about a few years ago as a way to cleanse the mouth. In regards to quality of the coconut oil you’re using, this Dr. Bronner’s oil is tops. It’s definitely a no-brainer choice for me.

In practicing oil pulling, you essentially are swishing it around in your mouth (I do around 5 minutes). After swishing, you want to spit it out into a trash bin. Spitting it out into a sink is not ideal, as it can create build up in your sink if done regularly. Oil pulling helps eliminate bad bacteria in the mouth and whiten teeth, naturally.

4 Dr. Bronner Household Uses

You’re reading: 4 Awesome Dr. Bronner Household Uses.

dr bronners peppermint castile soap

3. All Purpose Shower Soap

If you could have one single product in your shower, this is it. The pure castile soap can act as a shampoo, body wash, face cleanser and shaving soap. They do make a separate product created for shaving, too.

My favorite formulation is the peppermint, but the tea tree and rose are close seconds. I love the calming benefits of tea tree and rose for my facial skin, especially.

When I visit my family in Tennessee (my husband and I live in Kansas City, MO), they always have an assortment of Dr. Bronner’s soaps in their showers. I love that there is a brand like this that I feel great about recommending to my loved ones.

You’re reading: 4 Awesome Dr. Bronner Household Uses.

4. Medium & High Heat Cooking

Though I love consuming this oil raw for its abundant health benefits, coconut oil is a very versatile cooking oil for your kitchen. Because it does not oxidize at high heats, this is a safe oil to pan fry, deep fry, sauté, etc.

Dr. Bronner’s organic, regenerative farmed coconut oil packs the utmost nutrients per serving. This method of farming insures both sustainability in farming as well as nutrient content in the crop yields.

coconut oil uses dr bronners

Thank you for stopping by this post, 4 Awesome Dr. Bronner Household Uses!

Shop Dr. Bronner products here.

I encourage you to check out this incredible brand to learn more about ways they give back and more about their mission. They state that their focuses are working hard (growing!), treat employees like family, treat the earth like home, fund & fight for what’s right, be fair to suppliers, and do right by customers. How refreshing! I’m all about Dr. Bronner’s and can’t recommend them enough. I appreciate you reading through this post: 4 Awesome Dr. Bronner Household Uses.

Have any questions about specific products? Feel free to leave a comment below and I’m happy to share my experience!

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