January 17, 2022

5 Best Natural Deodorants – Effective & Trustworthy

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Welcome to this post: 5 Best Natural Deodorants – Effective & Trustworthy.

In one’s quest to replace every personal item with a nontoxic alternative, deodorant often sits up high on the priority list. For many, it’s a staple item. Too, it’s one where the efficacy of it matters, real fast. Sometimes with other skincare items, it takes a while to tell if it is working for you or not. However, you know if deodorant works for you by the end of the day that you applied it.

Natural Deodorant Pros Cons

So, I completely get it. This is a product that needs to work right away. And, it’s crucial that the ingredients are credible and clean. Because, they sit atop your armpit skin that remains warm and readily absorptive throughout the day.

For a little backstory, I have tried an abundance of deodorants that are touted as “natural” and “paraben-free”. And, I can tell you with certainty that some deodorants simply don’t mask the smell for me. Also, some of them that are seemingly nontoxic actually have some questionable incredible.

The pros of using a natural deodorant are endless as far as reducing the toxic burden on your body. The only con would be a natural deodorant that doesn’t actually hold up and perform. Also, some are at a higher price point than the stick you’re likely use to.

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Natural Deodorant Key Specs: How Do I Know if My Deodorant is Nontoxic?

In other words, some of these brands contain ingredients that are listed as concerning and/or irritating by the EWG’s Skin Deep Database. This resource is one to keep handy for clean beauty seekers. Other helpful resources for ingredient research are listed at the bottom of the blog post.

You’re reading: 5 Best Natural Deodorants – Effective & Trustworthy.
5 Best Natural Deodorants - Effective & Trustworthy

5 Best Natural Deodorants – Effective & Trustworthy

You’re reading: 5 Best Natural Deodorants – Effective & Trustworthy.

The Goal of Deodorant & Considering Preferences

In regards to the conversation around deodorant, there are a few things to touch on that are perhaps not so obvious. Firstly, we all have different goals. Some simply don’t want to stink. And, others don’t want to sweat or stink.

Something to remember is that sweating is a healthy regulatory part of your system. To stop sweating is to impede that natural process. Thus, antiperspirants (though some may be looking for that) and not truly in line with wellness. So, that’s why you’ll notice there are no antiperspirants in the deodorants that I recommend.

However, the baking soda ingredient in many of these formulas does help to absorb moisture and odors. Many claim that baking soda is irritating to their skin. But, I have not had that experience at all with these products that I share below. I do think that the particle size and percentage of the baking soda in the formula matters. If you still suspect a sensitivity to baking soda, try applying apple cider vinegar as a toner beforehand. Try using a reusable bamboo & cotton round instead of disposable rounds.

Deodorant Product Tip

*Here’s something to note that applies to every stick deodorant that I’ve ever used (natural or not). After many repeated uses, I’ve noticed that there is a small amount of product that accrues in or around the groove of the lid, depending on the product design. I bet this is due to me not lining the ridge up right when placing the lid back on. Also, I think product gets smudged around on the top of the stick (needless to say).

You’re reading: 5 Best Natural Deodorants – Effective & Trustworthy.

Thus, it sort of “spills” over the edge and collects over time. But, I just gather it up on a fingertip and apply it to my pits from there. Keep in mind, this is only like once a month. So, it’s not a big deal; just thought I would mention it.

primally pure deodorant stick coupon discount code feelmoregooder

Primally Pure Deodorant Stick

Code FEELMOREGOODER10 for 10% off

This list of deodorants is not necessarily in order of top preference, but Primally Pure deodorants are the ones I use the most. Moreover, I have enjoyed these formulas from the jump. And, I’ve never had issues with stinking. Also, I love how smooth the consistency is and how easily it glides on during application.

Primally Pure makes several different naturally scented versions. These include Charcoal (pictured), Lavender, Tea Tree, Geranium, Lemongrass, Blue Tansy, and Unscented.

Humble Deodorant Stick

Code JESICA15 for 15% off

Humble deodorants are amongst my latest clean deodorant finds, and it does not disappoint. Not only are the ingredients clean, but Humble offers both plastic-free and plastic tube options to fit your preferences. Too, Humble makes a range of scents and formulas that include baking soda-containing and baking soda-free options.

Humble makes several different naturally scented versions, including Palo Santo + Frankincense, Moroccan Rose, Bergamot + Ginger, Mountain Lavender, and Patchouli + Copal.

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agent nateur deodorant stick holi rose no 4 detox market

Agent Nateur Deodorant Stick

This deodorant by clean skincare line Agent Nateur feels like a treat. The way this product glides onto the skin is non-irritating and enjoyable to use. And, the heart-opening properties of the rose in this version serve as a nice touch.

Agent Nateur also makes other deodorant versions such as Holi No. 3 (Lavender Eucalyptus), Unisex No. 5 (Vetiver, Sandalwood, Rose, & Cedarwood), and Unscented.

Blissoma Spray Deodorant

Blissoma, one of the OG clean skincare innovators, doesn’t disappoint with their spray deodorants. When you think about spray versus stick, you may assume that the stick would provide a more effective barrier. However, this spray impressed me. Itas left me stink-free after some tough workouts.

Too, it’s a baking-soda-free alternative for those that are sensitive to sodium bicarbonate. Blissoma’s unique formula is made effective by its essential oil blend paired with ingredients like triethyl citrate, silver citrate, and zinc ricinoleate. These are natural, nontoxic ingredients that combat stink through their relationship to odor molecules.

blissoma spray deodorant nontoxic citrus juniper

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cris's blends deodorant stick

Cris’s Blends Deodorant Stick

I was stoked to discover Cris’s Blends while being a Clean Beauty Awards Judge for 2021. Too, these deodorants performed right away for me. They didn’t require reapplication to make them have staying power. Every one I’ve tried performs similarly and does everything you would want it to. They keep you smelling good, don’t create irritation, and absorb a bit of moisture.

Cris’s Blends scent combinations are unique, and the aroma comes only from essential oils. Formulas include Amber Vanilla, Patchouli Charcoal (a great choice for men), Geranium Ylang Ylang, Basil Cypress, and Orange Rose.

Of course, not all of the natural deodorants perform similarly. Too, many deodorants may be free of some common issue-causing ingredients like aluminum. But, those same products may still contain undesirable ingredients. Here are a couple of popular deodorants marketed as “natural” and “plant-based” that had ingredient lists that didn’t work for me.

You’re reading: 5 Best Natural Deodorants (+ 2 to be curious about).

2 Deodorants Marketed as “Natural” to Get Curious About

Hume Supernatural Deodorant Stick

This was a deodorant I was stoked about after reading “clean ingredients”, “natural intelligence”, and “supernatural results” on their Instagram page.

But, a quick flip over of this stick reveals the very first ingredient is Propylene Glycol. This is an ingredient I have dodged for years. It’s a no-no ingredient of sorts. According to the EWG, propylene glycol is classified as a skin irritant.

EWG continues on, sharing it can cause allergic reactions. Moreover, propylene glycol is expected to be toxic or harmful, according to the Environment Canada Domestic Substance List.

I brought this concern to Hume’s attention and this was their response: “We have carefully sourced a bio-based, USP-grade propylene glycol that is produced from a renewable plant source via a process of fermentation. In Hume deodorants, it functions as a carrier for other deodorizing actives and also acts as a humectant to hydrate skin.”

Hope you can consider all information and make a choice that you feel good about. My take at this point is that there are much better deodorants out there, and it’s not worth the risk for me.

hume supernatural deodorant stick propylene glycol

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native deodorant stick fragrance

Native Deodorant Stick

Talk about a brand I really wanted to like. Native even did a collaboration with one of my favorite social media follows, Jungalow. Moreover, Native markets their deodorant as “paraben free” and “aluminum free”. Both of those are good things to look for. Both positive. This brand also says they are “clean”, “simple”, and “effective”.

Sure, you could say this brand is cleaner than others. But, you’ll still find “fragrance” on the list. Safety & toxicity of fragrance is a debated topic in skincare. But regardless, the truth is that fragrance is a blanket term, under which umbrella maybe different synthetic ingredients can exist.

This is what Native states on their site: “To make our unique scents we use a blend of essential oils, safe synthetic oils, and natural extracts.” Similar to Hume, this is a situation where you can use your best judgment.

It looks like Native’s unscented versions may be clean and in the clear, but I generally don’t love supporting a brand that doesn’t practice transparency across the board.

The most encouraging part to me is that there are several effective, truly clean deodorant options with no questionable ingredients. I think with the increase of more “natural” brands than ever, it’s crucial that we continue to flip over products and read labels.

You’re reading: 5 Best Natural Deodorants – Effective & Trustworthy.

natural skincare nontoxic cruelty free beauty products deodorant 5 Best Natural Deodorants - Effective & Trustworthy

Deodorant Ingredient Research

To, you can establish your own standards for what is acceptable to you in skincare. Remember that your skin is a sponge and absorbs what you apply to it. From there, it goes into your bloodstream.

Also, remember that many ingredients that are used widely in the USA are banned in many other countries due to their toxicity and lack of safety to absorb. I encourage you to bookmark these resources for you to start doing your own research:

4 best natural deodorants good face project
4 best natural deodorants think dirty app
4 best natural deodorants ewg

Have any questions about the deodorant you use? Or maybe you have one you’d like me to review? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by this post: 5 Best Natural Deodorants – Effective & Trustworthy.

Maybe you landed on this blog post because you were searching the web for “best deodorant without aluminum and parabens”, “best natural deodorant for men”, “aluminumfree coconut deodorant”, or “best natural antiperspirant”, ” best natural deodorant for women”, “deodorant agent nateur”, “lume.com deodorant”, “rosie jane”, “saltair deodorant”, “blu atlas deodorant”, “glossier deodorant”, “mando deodorant”, “lume butt deodorant”, “pros cons”, “cons pros, or “écessaire the deodorant gel”, “kosas chemistry aha serum deodorant”, “natural deodorant native”, “rosie jane”, “natural deodorants that actually work”, “weleda deodorant”.

No matter what brought you here, I’m truly grateful. I’ve been working hard to create these resources since 2012. I’m fueled by our collective desire for a healthier existence.

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  1. Thank you so, so much for this! Super helpful! I’m trying to find a deodorant that is “clean” and ideally low-cost and available at my local grocery store. I noticed that Hume now has an “all body deodorant” without Propylene Glycol. By chance, would you be open to sharing what you think about the all body deodorant ingredients? Also, if you have any new recs (since 2022), I’m all ears! Huge thanks again!

    • Hey Beth! Thanks for checking out my blog – I’m glad you found my deodorant post helpful.

      Overall, I tend to stay away from brands that don’t carry the ingredient ethos and aligns with me, even if they do come out with cleaner options in their line.

      That said + to answer your question, the fragrance ingredient is one that could be thousands of different actual compounds and can be a skin/lung irritant for many. I hope that helps you!


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