December 15, 2021

6 Amazing Zen Bath Soaks for Wellness

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Welcome to this post: 6 Amazing Zen Bath Soaks for Wellness.

Ever since we moved into our new apartment in summer 2021, I’ve been loving taking baths. And, we are the first tenant in our apartment unit. Thus, there is a brand new, deep tub for us to enjoy having access to. Before, I’d not been one to take baths in the past. Mainly, that was due to availability and also my unwillingness to slow down long enough to enjoy one.

However, I became interested in baths as I was battling some injuries as well as healing from Epstein Barr & mold exposure. At the time, I was doing the Milk Cleanse, which recommended sea salt and apple cider vinegar baths. This daily practice got me intrigued about utilizing this practice as a detoxification therapy.

As I continue healing and feeling better, I’m still doing an internal cleansing protocol. And, I do take a bath several times a week to help support by body in detoxifying. Too, I take baths to keep my lymphatic system chugging along, transporting toxins out of my body.

You’re reading: 6 Amazing Zen Bath Soaks for Wellness.

Bath Ritual Products

Along the way, I learned that many of my favorite skincare brands make really enjoyable bath products. It’s been a real treat to use them, and I’ve included them below for you to check out. Too, I’ve listed what they are best for, as each of them can help you create different feelings.

Additionally, I recently have loved adding a Crystal Quest Ball Filter for my bath water. It makes sense that while you’re soaking in this water that it’s free of harsh contaminants. I hope my findings can help you put together a bath routine that feels good for you!

6 Amazing Zen Bath Soaks for Wellness

6 Amazing Zen Bath Soaks for Wellness

Osmia Organics – Recovery Salt Bath

Best for: soothing sore muscles

A mindfully oiled bed of french grey sea salt & Epsom salt marries Osmia’s hand-harvested Lavender to create the ultimate recovery experience. Marjoram joins this recovery celebration to elevate the calming effect. You don’t find ingredients more thoughtfully curated than in Osmia products. This recovery bath is no exception.

You’re reading: 6 Amazing Zen Bath Soaks for Wellness.

OSEA Malibu – Gigartina Seaweed Therapy Bath

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Best for: replenishing from exertion

Mineral hydration in this Gigartina Seaweed bath helps the body replenish and revive after your stress-filled day. Too, this bath provides a natural foaming and fizzing effect which adds to the sensory experience. From this bath, you can expect restoration, hydration and replenishment. Also, OSEA shares that it is suitable for all skin types.

You’re reading: 6 Amazing Zen Bath Soaks for Wellness.

osea malibu gigartina seaweed therapy6 Amazing Zen Bath Soaks for Wellness

Malie Organics – Mango Nectar Bath Soak

Best for: a feeling of paradise

If your idea of a dreamy bath includes scents of the tropics, this bath soak was made for you. Moreover, Malie Organics really helps you bring paradise right to your bathtub with this formula. And, a base of sea salt, macadamia nut oil, and kukui seed oil replenish and hydrate skin. Too, scents of ripe mango and succulent papaya help you settle into your most chilled-out state. You’re reading: 6 Amazing Zen Bath Soaks for Wellness.

Goop – The Martini Emotional Detox Bath Soak

Best for: an emotional reset

Himalayan sea salt and chia seed oil offer restorative properties to your bath time. And, this bath potion by Goop contains grounding essential oils like sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, and vetiver. The Martini helps you release the bad you had and shift into all the things that serve your wellness.

You’re reading: 6 Amazing Zen Bath Soaks for Wellness.

Sleep & Intimate Baths

Bathorium – Snooze Bomb

Best for: a good night’s sleep

A soothing, flower-power vibe creates a snooze-worthy feeling. Too, ingredients like hibiscus, bergamot, ylang ylang and patchouli bring you down to earth and prime you for rest. Also, ingredients like kaolin clay & sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) balance pH and help to purify. Add this to your running bath water to enhance restfulness before you lay down. You’re reading: 6 Amazing Zen Bath Soaks for Wellness.

foria intimacy bath 8 Bath Bombs Salts Soaks for Wellness

Foria – Intimacy Bath Salts

Best for: priming yourself for intimacy

Help yourself drop into a relaxed and open mood for pleasure with this unique bath blend by Foria. First, ingredients like cacao and hemp lay the grounding foundation. Then, additions like rose and kava help harmonize & round out this awakening blend. These bath salts are ideal to keep close by for times when intimacy awaits.

You’re been reading: 6 Amazing Zen Bath Soaks for Wellness.

Add In Dry Brushes

Further, you can ramp up your pre-bath routine by using dry brushes. The very best brushes I’ve ever used are by Living Libations (shop this link for 15% off.. Thus, this routine helps stimulate lymphatic flow, lift dead skin cells and reveal a refreshed complexion. Too, this exfoliated & stimulated skin will absorb these beautiful products more readily.

Do you have a favorite bath routine? What do you add to your bath to enhance the experience?

Thanks for stopping by this post: 6 Amazing Zen Bath Soaks for Wellness.

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No matter what brought you here, I’m truly grateful. I’ve been working hard to create these resources since 2012. I’m fueled by our collective desire for a healthier existence.

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