October 27, 2022

Sijo Sheets Review – Avoid Alarming Toxins in Bedding

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sijo linen eucalyptus sheets

Welcome to this post: Sijo Sheets Review – Avoid Alarming Toxins in Bedding.

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sijo home eucalyptus linen sheets

Non Toxic Bedding

If you’re like me, then it’s been a 10+ year long journey of gradually picking nontoxic alternatives around our home. Cleaners, clothing, skincare, hair care–these are all categories of products that we have been able to find much cleaner options for.

Sijo: A Welcomed Addition

It’s funny, though; bedding (for whatever reason) didn’t occur to me as something that could be optimized. I had so much to learn in regard to materials, what they offer, how they feel different from one another, etc. Since the moment we received our new sheets, I’ve been brainstorming ways to best bring you helpful information in this bedding-focused post by writing a Sijo Sheets Review.

2 new reports found detectable levels of toxic “forever chemicals” known as PFAs in bedding.

January 2022 VIA EWG.ORG
You’re reading: Sijo Sheets Review – Avoid Alarming Toxins in Bedding.
sijo home eucalyptus linen sheet set
Sijo Sheets Review

Why Sijo

Right out of the gate, the most important thing to me about these sheets is that they are a non-toxic alternative. Most generic bedding & sheets sold in big-box stores are manufactured with “forever chemicals” known as PFAS that pose a health risk. Since you spend such a large portion of your life in contact with your bed sheets, this is alarming to me. To twist it into something positive, I like to channel that alarm and morph it into an empowered feeling. In other words, the desire to avoid those toxins drives me to support the brands that are making clean alternatives.

You’re reading: Sijo Sheets Review 2022 – Avoid Alarming Toxins in Bedding.

“You’re going to spend one-third of your life sleeping. Think about that for a moment. How you spend that third will have a significant impact on the health, happiness, and success of the other two-thirds of your precious life.”

Beth wyatt, author of The Calm and Cozy Book of Sleep: Rest + Dream + Live
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Sijo Sheets Review

The Sheets We Picked

We have Sijo’s Eucalyptus Sheet Set in the color Forest. We picked this color choice because of our black labrador, Kona, and her ever-present dog hair. And, it was a great choice because the color disguises it perfectly.

Meet Sijo Sheets

The silky feeling of these sheets is the first thing you notice, apart from how they uniquely reflect light. There is a beautiful contrast and revealing of color variance, especially if your bed is by a window. Moreover, there is a definite cooling feeling from these sheets, similar to how silk feels. They offer a lightweight vibe with a smooth, glide feeling when you slip into them. In writing this Sijo sheets review, I wanted to provide a description with which you can imagine laying down on these sheets in this moment.

These sheets are made from eucalyptus fibers. Another name for this fabric is TENCEL™ Lyocell; and they are made entirely of that material, 100%. Further, it’s one of the most sustainable fabrics in the bedding game. It’s made from the pulp of FSC & PEFC-certified eucalyptus wood. The natural effect of this material is soft, cool, and moisture-wicking. And, it’s Sijo’s most popular sheet set.

You’re reading: Sijo Sheets Review – Avoid Alarming Toxins in Bedding.

Different Seasons, Different Sheets

I’m so excited even writing this, because I know we are just at the beginning of being Sijo customers. For the warmer months, I think the cooling effect of these eucalyptus sheets is our preference. For the colder months (we live in Kansas City, MO and the midwest gets cold), we are going to get a set of Sijo’s French Flax Linen Sheets, which are described as providing comfort and softness. Can’t wait for that addition to that we have multiple sets to interchange. I can also see gifting these to friends and family, with the goal of improving their low-tox journey.

Another detail worth pointing out is that Sijo offers multiple colorways and fabric materials. For instance, the eucalyptus sheets come in 6 different color variations. And, Sijo also offers a Cooling Climatech (New) Fabric in addition to the Cooling Eucalyptus (Most Popular), and the French Flax Linen (Classic).

sijo home eucalyptus linen sheets comparison
Sijo Sheets Review

You’re reading: Sijo Sheets Review – Avoid Alarming Toxins in Bedding.

I would love to hear from you in the comments below (or connect with me on Instagram – @feelmoregooder) if you have explored the world of better bedding. Are you a little late to this transition like me? Or, have you been using a cleaner alternative for years now? Did you find this Sijo Sheets Review helpful?

I’m genuinely and wholeheartedly rooting for us all to continuously discover ways to introduce fewer toxins into our everyday. If we do that and keep our personal energetic vibe high, I believe we can create giant ripples that make an impact. Thank you for being here!

Use Sijo Home discount code SIJO20 for 20% off your order.

Thank you for stopping by this post: Sijo Sheets Review – Avoid Alarming Toxins in Bedding.

Maybe you landed on this blog post because you were searching the web for “sijo sheets review”, “sijo sheets amazon”, “sijo sheets review reddit”, “sijo eucalyptus sheets review reddit”, or “sijo comforter review”. It’s always fun to me to learn more about my community and what got you here.

But, no matter why you’re here or how you got here, I appreciate your support and curiosity. Just wanted to express my gratitude for your interest in feeling good!

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