Hey humans! I’m Jesica

I’m Jesica Williams. I’m a big fan of workouting, nutritioning, clean beautying, practicing self peace & intentionally writing things grammatically wrong. I deeply appreciate you being here!

Since 2012, I’ve been researching natural products, holistic health practices, and training approaches with the goal of feeling the most vital and, well, good!

I help you sift through the world of natural living, supplements, ingredient lists and inspire you to take real steps towards your most authentic, passion-fueled life.

About Me

Originally from south Florida, I grew up in an athletic household where sports were the main focus + priority. I engaged in competitive soccer for most of my teenage years, but eventually found my love for volleyball. This led me to playing collegiate volleyball for Rutgers University, where I was nominated for the All-American team and was top 10 in the nation in aces.

I graduated college with a degree in Kinesiology (Exercise Science). Upon graduating in 2012, I felt motivated to start this blog. My ultimate goal is to simply encourage others to live by my mantra: “Make Good Use of Your Pulse.”

As an athlete, I’ve always had a burning desire to reach my maximum potential physically. This drove me to learn about the most beneficial things to put into my body and how that varies from person to person, depending on their needs, level of activity, genetics, etc.

Along the way, I discovered that there are many factors that contribute to your overall health. Your emotional state, thought patterns, quality of sleep, and even your personal care items (soap, lotion, etc) impact your wellness.

Once I became more aware of these various facets of health, there was no turning back. A lot of bad habits were immediately out the window because I could not knowingly keep doing that damage to my body (i.e. habitual negative thinking, drinking sodas, eating lots of empty calories with no nutritional value, consuming all kinds of preservatives in packaged foods, applying toxic products to my skin).

My Holistic Healing Journey

In some of my content, I go into my journey to become my healthiest self. This has transcended my pursuit of athletic performance and opened me up to many other components of wellness that needed more of my attention. In 2020, after working with Dr. Will Cole to learn more about my health state, I learned that mold exposure in my home had triggered Epstein Barr virus to become active in my body. This is a virus that most of us carry around; it normally lays dormant. Stress and environmental factors can activate it and cause the body to become burdened. For me, Epstein Barr manifested itself in fatigue, lots of inflammation, food intolerances & gut issues.

Fortunately, I’m on the road to healing. It’s important to know that you can heal. You may feel hopeless at times, I certainly did. Patience is a crucial aspect of it. But, take the small steps. They will add up & the lessons you will learn along the way will be meaningful. Keep following those internal signals you’re getting, stay open to new information and don’t ever give up on yourself.

All of these components of my story have been the spark that started my mission to help others learn what I have; that you have the power to completely transform your health through the decisions you make everyday.

I’ve come so far in my thinking – I’m now so immersed in the knowing that getting back to nature is the key. Sunlight, the vibration of the earth, taking an inventory of my light environment, and focusing on building structured water in the body is everything. It’s pretty cool stuff and a definite departure from mainstream thinking.

A few more things to know about me are, I have been an athlete my entire life: (volleyball, soccer & cross country). Present day, I’m an avid crossfitter, yoga practicer, clean beauty junkie, body acceptance proponent & self peace advocate. I have a black lab mix that I rescued in 2013. Her name is Kona and she is super, deservingly spoiled. She’s an angel dog.

I’ve navigated the earth in this way: Jupiter, FL to Fort Worth, TX to Newark, NJ to Indianapolis, IN to Kansas City, MO, Lee’s Summit, MO, and now Blue Springs, MO.


DISCLAIMER: The information, ideas, and knowledge I’ve shared on this site are meant for learning purposes only and are purely the opinion of the author of this blog. Your use of information in this blog is at your own risk.

My product reviews are written only about brands that I believe are making commendable efforts to make products with good ingredients. That said, the tone of my reviews will always be positive and never slanderous, as my writing style is optimistic and honest, at the same time.

That said, all of the reviews I write favor the product. Some moderately favorable and some highly favorable. If the product was in no way favorable, I would not try it in the first place. Therefore, you will not read a review that shares my immense disappointment in a product.

I feel good about respecting each company I work with and not bashing them. To maintain honesty in my writing, I only work with brands that I believe are creating good things. To become familiar with my favorite products and those I use on a regular basis, refer to my Healthy Lifestyle Shop page.

What People are Saying about Feel More Gooder

J is an honest & real ray of light spreading her knowledge and sharing her finds (as well as getting glimpses into her workouts & life with hubs and pup!) Her handle IG @feelmoregooder is perfect as you can’t not feel good when you come across her posts or watch her stories. A complete positive vibe and beauty both inside and out!

Social media can breed all sorts of negativity, but it has also given us platform to connect and spread positive messages of self-love and self-worth. This perfectly describes @feelmoregooder ‘s account. Her posts never fail to give me a confidence boost, smile or reassurance. I recommend her account to any human who needs a reminder that “you are enough, exactly as you are”. Her feel-good, honest account content brings a fresh, feminine perspective that I appreciate.

Jes’s content is always so refreshing.  I don’t get BS’ed with her.  She’s shooting straight but always with kindness.  I visit her pages to get little reminders on how to better myself and surround myself with like minded women- women like Jes that truly want to see everyone succeed and will root for the woman next to her.  Thank you, FeelMoreGooder for making me FEEL GOOD

Jesica is just amazing. I have been educated and inspired by her to utilize natural hair care products, holistic oral care, and a plethora of emotional wellness habits that she shares across her platforms. Jesica has an amazing, self-accepting, badass energy to her that makes you wanna take life by the horns, be who you truly are, and buy a truck ton of natural products while you’re at it!

Jesica grounds her work + interactions with humility + gentleness + honesty. Every time I work with her I am reminded there is grace + beauty even when things don’t feel that way.

Jes gives an authentic and genuine perspective when it comes to living your healthiest life– she actually cares about the products and the advice she gives others about wellness which is super refreshing!

I have followed Jesica for many years, and she still is one of my favorite female entrepreneurs. She walks her talk. She contributes rather than just informs. She embodies rather than just experiences. She shows up wholeheartedly, consistently, and with authenticity every time. In my humble opinion, this is everything, and I am sure we could all take note. Couldn't be prouder of Jesica. So well deserved. You got it going on, girl.

I am so inspired. Also, I am 60 and not going to get down on myself about that because of you. I am not going to feel that all the beauty and life is behind me.

I was influenced by you again a few days ago when you talked about the goal being to feel better. So simple- direct your behavior with that in mind! I bought some new vitamins, got my toes done and decide to do some gardening in a dress that I like but never wear. Thank you!

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