6 Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure

Welcome to this post: 6 Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure.

6 Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure

EMF stands for electromagnetic frequencies. Also, electromagnetic radiation refers to the same conversation. Thus, both are electric fields that pose similar threats to our health. Like a microwave, a WIFI router transmits two-way radio waves. Moreover, The World Health Organization lists EMFs and EMRs as possible carcinogens.

Our exposure to EMFs is higher than ever. As electronics are in every part of our lives. This reliance on tech impacts our wellness in a big way. Consider the reality of this. Looking to EMF protection brands proves more crucial than ever.

It’s thought that EMFs exist harmlessly. Yet, incriminating evidence amongst researchers continues to surface. Too, studies suggest that exposure to EMFs poses a health threat. These include adverse effects to sleep and fertility. Also, studies related to mitochondria continue to surface.

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3 Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure airestech emf protection personal device room

Airestech EMF Protection

Code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off

Airestech owns my top spot in EMF protection. They equip our home & devices to stay protected.

Products We Own:

Airestech presents themselves as leaders in the EMF protection market. They prove committed to helping you learn more. In regards to EMFs/EMRs, they showcase groundbreaking information. The chance of no EMFs proves unlikely. And, Airestech gets this. But, they help equip you with armor to combat the harmful effects.

Airestech aims to be a household name by continuing their integrity. Their products undergo rigorous testing to ensure product safety and effectiveness. Both internal & independent labs conduct these tests. Moreover, Airestech possesses 18 pending trademarks.

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3 Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure lambs emf protection apparel

Lambs EMF Protection Apparel

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Lambs comes inspired by NASA spacesuit technology. Moreover, space suits came made to be radiation-proof. Thus, Lambs became inspired by this technology. They decided to use it in their ideal apparel. Too, their apparel comes soft, lightweight, antibacterial & UV blocking. This EMF Protection showcases as the first apparel of its kind.

Products We Own:

So how does it work?! Here’s the deal. Radiation cannot reach an object that a tight conductive grid covers. Therefore, EMF waves cannot pass through holes smaller than their wavelength. Moreover, Lambs’ gives the analogy of an elephant trying to pass through holes of a fence.

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3 Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure lambs emf protection apparel keep the bads off your goods

Too, this Women’s Faraday T-shirt comes embedded with a full layer of silver flex fibers. Why silver? Because it exists as one of the most conductive materials known to earth. Also, silver proves effective in tissue healing for thousands of years.

If it sounds uncomfortable to wear a metal shirt. I get it. But, you wouldn’t even know it’s in there. Moreover, each fiber is smooth, flat, and soft to the touch. Also, the silver proves scratch-proof. Too, wash damage won’t happen. Lambs apparel comes toxic-free and hypoallergenic. Looking forward to buying more Lambs apparel soon!

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waveblock air pod wireless headphones emf protection

Waveblock Airpod EMF Protection

Code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off

Wireless headphones are everywhere these days. Besides, they offer supreme convenience and portability. So, they are the best thing in wireless technology, right? What’s not to love?

Well, the strong EMF signal is what’s not to love. And, that’s not something to glance past. Too, we must address our wireless device use. Also, we need to find adequate protection. Thus, these devices will harm us if we don’t armor up. If you are going to insist on using wireless headphones, Waveblock is a must.

Products We Own:

waveblock air pod wireless headphones emf protection

Waveblock deflects EMF waves. This way, EMFs remain kept away from your head and the rest of your body. Also, the protection that Waveblock gives proves effective by lab studies. Too, Waveblock reduces the effects of radiation exposure. This proves true even under extreme conditions.

Moreover, Waveblock works with Airpods. Besides, Apple made Airpods popular in the last 5 years. Yet, Waveblock may also work with other wireless earpieces. Too, check out Waveblock’s FAQs. Here, they cover how to install. Moreover, they cover the difference between the Classic & Pro versions.

Other Ways to Minimize Your Exposure to EMFs

  • Use your wearables, wireless headphones & smart devices less. Use wired products as much as possible. Establish some new, healthy habits around your electronic usage. Besides, wireless devices are all too common these days. Also, wearing these 24/7 present negative health affects. Moreover, the idea is to unplug more often.
  • Turn your WIFI off at night. You don’t need it when you sleep. Thus, give your body a break when you rest at night.
  • Sleep with your phone off or on airplane mode. And/or, place it in a different room to create space from the EMFs.

In summary, begin increasing your awareness. Too, think about how many Bluetooth and wireless-dependent electronics you use. Moreover, start incorporating the above brands to start protecting yourself. I look forward to hearing from all of you in regards to what EMF protection products you’re utilizing.

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9 Habits for Better Sleeping

Welcome to this post: 9 Habits for Better Sleeping.

The older I get, the more paramount I realize sleep is. I subconsciously used to run myself ragged. Now, I know that It’s not cool to run on zero sleep. You are only hurting yourself by sacrificing your precious hours of sleep to get things done.

When your body is out of commission for sleep, vital processes are taking place. Think: hormone production, detoxification processes & reproductive health. Also, your central nervous system gets a break from the demands of everyday life.

I realize everyone lives a different lifestyle and has different family demands, job demands, etc. But, I just want to start the conversation around prioritizing sleep. Unequivocally, you can empower yourself to reprioritize your nighttime habits so that they serve your sleep. It’s not about perfection, rather just changing the trajectory of how many of your actions support healthy sleep.

emf protection sleep 7 Habits for Better Sleeping

Disarm EMFs to Prevent Sleep Interruptions

Electromagnetic frequencies & radiation around us have implications on our wellness, unfortunately. There are a few things you can do at night time to mitigate the negative implications and disruptions to sleep. A few of these habits include turning off your phone or putting it in airplane mode & shutting off your wifi.

Additionally, a way to stay continuously protected is to have Airestech devices in your home. These EMF protection devices effectively protect you from the harmful effects of electromagetic frequencies in your home. Use code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off your Airestech order.

laird superfood renew rest recover 7 Habits for Better Sleeping

Have a Nightcap Drink that Supports Restfulness

Specific drink ingredients such as tart cherry, chamomile & reishi can help to promote relaxation as well as recovery. Establishing a pre-bed ritual (before you brush your teeth) can truly initiate a feeling of serenity before you go horizontal.

I like this blend from Laird Superfood. Use code FMG15 for 15% off your first order at Laird Superfood.

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mouth taping 7 Habits for Better Sleeping

Mouth Taping for Deeper Breathing

Mouth taping may sound crazy when you first hear about it. However, it’s simply a way to encourage nose breathing as you sleep. Although we have habitually become mouth breathers, it’s not the most optimal way to breathe. Your nose is designed primally for air filtration & oxygen uptake, while your mouth & gastrointestinal tract are mainly meant to process & assimilate food.

I keep a roll of masking tape on my bedside. It’s not a fancy way to do it, but it keeps my lips sealed while I sleep. If you want strips that are specifically designed for the use of mouth taping, check out Somnifix.

essential oils for sleep

Essential Oils that Support Relaxation

Essential oils are aromatic compounds that have therapeutic & aromatic uses to promote wellness & even specific health targets. For instance, essential oils like lavender & basil innately possess compounds that support serenity & relaxation. It’s a simple way to utilize a few of the gifts nature has given us to get you into a restful state.

I like this blend from Lacura; Lacura C – Calmness.

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Take Sleep Vitamins

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Remrise is rethinking sleep support supplements with their melatonin-free formula. Too, these sleep vitamins are drug-free and organic. Additionally, they are gluten-free, non-gmo, and vegan.

I take these right before bed as I’m winding down. Moreover, I noticed that I feel well-rested the next morning. There was no grogginess or struggle to wake up. It was a different experience than taking melatonin.

laird superfood silk sleep mask

Wear a Sleep Mask

Code FMG15 to get 15% off your first order

When the body detects light through the eyes (or even the skin!), it becomes alert and awake. Since sleep is meant to be a state of restfulness, it’s best to limit all light exposure when sleeping. Especially if you have any ambient light (even small amounts like an electronic charging), this can be very helpful.

Wearing a sleep mask is a ritual I’ve found makes a big difference when there’s ambient light. I like this silk one from Laird Superfood. Use code FMG15 to get 15% off your first order.

Also, investing in black-out blinds in your bedroom can make a big difference, as well.

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hatch sleep clock sunrise meditation natural circadium rhythm cortisol stress

Rethink Your Alarm Clock

When is the last time you thought about an alternative to your morning buzzer? If you’re like me, then you hadn’t thought about it much. That is, not until you heard about Hatch. Hatch has reinvented the morning wake up routine. It’s even amplified your sleep routine, too.

Hatch allows you to wake up with light. The light starts dim and increases in brightness to trigger your waking. This way mimicks the way our ancestors woke up. They were in tune with the sun rise and sunset. It helps your cortisol levels and circadian rhythms to get back to that.

pillow mist 7 Habits for Better Sleeping

Use Botanicals to Create a Calming Environment

Botanicals sprayed into the air & onto your pillow are another simple way to boost your sleeping environment. I love this pre-bed habit. After I spray my chosen mist, I take a few deep breaths to take in the aroma & chill out a bit.

I like this Vagus Nerve Pillow Mist by OSEA. Use code FEELMOREGOODER10 for 10% off. Also, this Palo Santo Aromatherapy Mist by Primally Pure is my favorite if I need to clear bad vibes before I go to sleep. Use code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off. For a wildcrafted essential oil blend that you could use in a diffuser, I love the Sweet Sleep Serum by Living Libations. Use code FEELGOOD15 for 15% off.

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cbd oil 7 Habits for Better Sleeping

Incorporate CBD Oil

Cannabidiols, the active compound that’s more commonly known as CBD, has been a helpful sleep aid for me. I love that it’s a natural plant compound with no side effects. It’s THC free, so there is no “high” feeling attained. In addition to ingesting a CBD oil sublingually, I like to use topical CBD lotions on my achey parts to aid recovery & mitigate inflammation/pain.

For CBD oil, I have a few in my rotation, but Biofit360 Revive CBD Oil is one of my favorites for internal use. For topical use, I like the Biofit360 Relief Cream. Use code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off.

Other habits to support better sleep include:

-Getting off of screens at least 30 minutes before bed

-Sleeping with your electronics in a different room (turned off if you’re able to)

-Having a bed & bedding that you look forward to sleeping in (we love our Naturepedic EOS Classic Organic Mattress. Game changer for us)

-Our bedding is from the Jungalow and it really creates a vibe that feels inviting and nice to be in. Use this link to get $10 off your order.

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Have any habits to add that have made a difference to you? I would love to read them in the comments below!

Protection from EMFs with Aires Tech

Welcome to this post: Protection from EMFs with Aires Tech. Use code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off, sitewide.

protection from emfs with aires tech

Protection from EMFs with Aires Tech

Electro magnetic frequencies, meet Aires Tech.

Electronics are integrated into every part of our lives. Unfortunately, our exposure to EMFs is higher than ever. Too, this reliance on tech may be impacting our wellness in a big way. Considering the reality of this, it’s more crucial than ever to look to brands like Aires Tech. Fortunately, these products help you mitigate the damage.

aires tech emf protection
aires tech emf protection

It’s thought that EMFs are harmless. Yet, there is increasing evidence amongst researchers about repetitive & chronic exposure to EMFs. These studies state that EMFs can pose a threat to our health. Adverse effects on many aspects of wellness are surfacing through said research. For example, affected systems include reproductive organs, your CNS, & cells. In other words, EMFs impact your energy & hormone levels.

protection from emfs with aires tech
aires tech emf protection
aires tech emf protection
protection from emfs with aires tech

Aires Tech commits to helping you get healthier. They are passionate about & be EMFs/EMRs education. Too, they realize that avoiding EMFs altogether is not possible in our modern world. But, they help equip you to have the armor you need to combat the harmful effects.

Protection from EMFs with Aires Tech

The products from Aires Tech that have found their way into our home are the:

lifetune device
Lifetune Device

Aires Tech designed Lifetune Device for data-transmitting electronics. These devices include cell phones, wireless headsets, smart TVs and Wi-Fi routers.

Too, Lifetune Device features their unique EMF modulation technology. Moreover, Airestech created this product to reduce the effects of electro magnetic radiation. In summary, this product protects you from the attached data transmitting electronic device.

Also, Lifetune Device is compatible with Bluetooth, 5G, Wifi, LTE and mmW.

lifetune personal
Lifetune Personal

Aires tech intended Lifetune Personal for your personal protection. Lifetune Personal protects from the effects of electro magnetic radiation. Electronic devices and electro magnetic smog pose this issue to humans. Too, Airestech uses EMR Modulation Technology to make this possible.

Airestech generated this product for 5G and millimeter waves. Too, these waves are typically emitted by communication towers and information transmitting personal electronics devices. Uniquely, Lifetune Personal is relatively small. It measures at about a 2in square. Also, it’s tough. It fits easily in a wallet. Furthermore, it fits seamlessly in your purse, pocket, or around your neck. Airestech provides a pouch for wearing it around your neck.

Moreover, Lifetune Personal is compatible with Bluetooth, 5G, Wifi, LTE and mmW.

lifetune room
Lifetune Room

Lifetune Room protects you from the effects of electro magnetic radiation. Besides, this product targets waves emitted by information transmitting devices. Most homes, offices or vehicles have these.

This is Aires Tech’s most powerful & innovative device. In addition, Lifetune Room provides protection for 500 square feet of space. It’s designed from the ground up. Airestech addresses 5G and millimeter wave electro magnetic radiation.

Furthermore, Lifetune Room by Airestech is compatible with Bluetooth, 5G, Wifi, LTE and mmW.

lifetune pet
Lifetune Pet

Aires Tech uses EMR Modulation Technology to protect your pet. Also, Lifetune Pet protects from the effects of electro magnetic radiation. Electronic devices & smog emit these waves. Too, it is durable, waterproof, and created specifically for active pets of all sizes.

Small animals are more susceptible to the effects of electro magnetic radiation. Thus, this product is specifically designed for 5G and millimeter wave. Moreover, Lifetune Pet is a robust collar pendant designed for active pets of all sizes. The efficacy of Lifetune Pet is like to that of Lifetune Personal. But, a protective layer houses it. This added layer prevents damages done during activities.

Lastly, Lifetune Pet is compatible with Bluetooth, 5G, Wifi, LTE and mmW.

pet accessory healthy canine
For more on EMFs, check out these sources:

How to Protect Yourself from Wireless Devices & EMFs

Minimizing Exposure in an Overexposed World

-Ways to Protect Your Brain from Harmful Electromagnetic Radiation

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Use code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off.

11 Clean Makeup Brands to Try (+ 3 to Avoid)

Welcome to this post: 11 Clean Makeup Brands to Try (+ 3 to Avoid).

best top clean beauty makeup brands

Each year, there are more and more beauty brands coming onto the market claiming the words “clean beauty.” I realize it’s tough to sift thru the marketing and decipher which ones are what they are claiming to be. I’ve been researching and trying clean beauty brands since 2012. With this experience, I’ve been able to come up with a solid list of brands that I recommend.

This list is for my family, friends & my community here on my blog + social media. These are the products on my bathroom vanity’s counter as I type this. There are a few newer tries on this list, but most of these brands are ones I’ve used for years now.

I did my best to give you an idea for whom each brand is great for. Of course, all of us are different and have different wants in terms of makeup. If you have any specific questions on how certain products apply/perform, feel free to leave any questions in the comments below! Also, be sure to check out the popular brands listed below to avoid.

Vapour Beauty

Code GOODER15 for 15% off

Intentionally plant derived. Unconventionally clean. Moreover, they are deliberately sustainable. Vapour is about celebrating your individual skin tone. Also, their radiance-amplifying formulas elevate your natural beauty.

Great for: the clean beauty obsessed

My Top 3 Product Picks:

Aura Multi Stick (for lips, cheeks & lids) – Eros

Brow Definer

Mesmerize Mascara

Fitglow Beauty

Fitglow Beauty believes in ethically sourced, plant based ingredients. Additionally, it’s important to them that their formulas are effective. Extensive research confirms their efficacy. Furthermore, they are Certified Clean by Think Dirty.

Great for: non-toxic beauty lovers who seek performance

My Top 3 Product Picks:

-Vita Active Foundation (3.5 during the summer, 3 during the winter. Sometimes I mix them both.

Vegan Good Lash Mascara

Night Lash & Brow Serum

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Bellapierre Cosmetics

Bellapierre’s products reflect purity, quality & simplicity. Also, they are vegan, mineral based & cruelty free. Furthermore, their line is free of toxins & parabens.

Great for: natural-seeking beauties who like a pop of color & even some shimmer.

My Top 3 Product Picks:

Mineral Foundation – Latte

Blush – Desert Rose

Bronzer – Peony

Araza Beauty

Code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off

Araza is anything but conventional. They are passionate about healing beauty & healthy skin. They don’t mess around with any ingredients that are not clean. Araza’s products are derived from organic, plant based ingredients, healthy fats and minerals. This formula of components work together synergistically to create complexion-loving, clean cosmetics. 

Great for: paleo peeps! Also, dry skin & dewy complexion lovers. If you have oily skin, you’ll love setting with their powder foundation.

My Top 3 Product Picks:

Mango Cream Color Pot – Dusk

All-In-One Coconut Cream Foundation – 340 during the summer, 280 during the winter. Sometimes I mix them both.

Jojoba Infused Mineral Powder Foundation – Warm Medium

100 Percent Pure

Their name isn’t just their name. It reflects their actual ingredients lists. In addition, 100 Percent Pure is committed to being environmentally sustainable. Moreover, they are passionate about creating healthy, pure products that are made with kindness, compassion & empathy. This line is amazingly pigmented with fruit, vegetables, tea & cacao.

100 Percent Pure’s line is expansive, similar to Mineral Fusion’s line (mentioned right below).

Great for: new clean beauty product users who are looking to replace the toxic products in their makeup stash.

My Top 3 Product Picks:

Fruit Pigmented Healthy Foundation – Creme during the winter, Sand during the summer. Sometimes I mix them both.

Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer – Cocoa Glow

-Fruit Pigmented Blush – Berry

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Mineral Fusion

Since 2007, Mineral Fusion has been offering smarter makeup that is suitable for even sensitive skin. Their expansive line if free of gluten, parabens, talc, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, SLS, and phthalates. They never conduct animal testing & are EWG Verified.

Great for: a clean beauty lover who likes restocking at their local Whole Foods or Sprouts. You could stock your entire makeup bag (even nail polish) with Mineral Fusion products.

My Top 3 Product Picks:

Pressed Powder Foundation – Olive 2

Liquid Mineral Concealer – Warm

Sheer Moisture Lip Tint – Flicker Berry

inika organic makeup

Inika Organic

Inika Organic upholds a strong clean beauty standard. Coming from Australia, this brand is amongst the best coming from this continent.

Great for: luxurious clean beauty product lovers

My Top 3 Product Picks:

Long Lash Vegan Mascara

Certified Organic Matte Perfection Primer

Organic Lipstick – Cherry Blossom

clove and hallow cosmetics makeup

Clove & Hallow

Code AFFILIATE15 for 15% off

Sustainable packaging, bold shades & products that perform. Clove & Hallow was formulated by makeup artist Sarah Biggers-Stewart. Additionally, this line contains 15 or fewer safe and ethically sourced ingredients.

Great for: seekers of a simple, beautiful line

My Top 3 Product Picks:

Sunrise Pressed Pigment Palette

Blurflex Priming Serum

Bronzing Powder – Bora Bora

Ere Perez Cosmetics

Ere Perez began all the way back in 2002.They feature superfood & nourishing ingredients from nature. They started with a single mascara formula & have come a long way from there. Additionally, their Argan Brow Hero product was the first one I tried from them. I could tell right away that this brand was forward thinking.

Great for: ethical beauty fans & advocates

My Top 3 Product Picks:

Argan Brow Hero

Natural Almond Brow Pencil

Arnica Concealer – Honey

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Be Natural Organics

Be Natural Organics was born out of inspiration to stay far away from the toxins & carcinogens common in most cosmetics products. Their products provide benefits without containing any harmful preservatives or fillers.

This brand’s passion for the cleanliness of what goes onto our skin is clear as day. It’s refreshing to know they exist and are so committed to purity from such a genuine place.

Great for: small batch, handcrafted clean makeup lovers

My Top 3 Product Picks:

Camouflage Cream – 20 Flawless

-Organic Lipstick – Antique Rose

Organic Eyeshadow – Bamboo

Lily Lolo Natural Makeup

Lily Lolo’s site shares that they are the original natural makeup line from Europe. They harmonize natural, chemical-free ingredients with mineral based technology. Their line contains no nasties, no parabens, no synthetic dyes and no nano-particles. Some of their ingredients even have anti-bacterial properties to help fuel healthy skin.

Great for: all clean beauty lovers

My Top 3 Product Picks:

Natural Mascara

Montego Bay Pressed Bronzer

Makeup Mist

For the Zero Wasters

Billion Dollar Beauty

I know I know, I initially had a hard time with the name of this brand, too. But, this is a really neat product. Zero waste lifestylers: this is your jam. Billion Dollar Beauty really helps simplify your makeup pile with this beauty box. This beauty box has options for brows, blush, highlighter, eyeshadow, lips, brushes & tools.

The cosmetics themselves are vegan, paraben free, cruelty free & the pans are magnetic. It’s makes traveling with makeup a sinch. I particularly really love their brushes. They have charcoal infused bristles & apply makeup really evenly.

Great for: Zero Waste lifestylers

My Top 3 Product Picks:

Brow Pomade – Taupe

Highlighter – Enchantment

Blush – Amour

3 Makeup Brands to Avoid

Too Faced
Urban Decay
Fenty Beauty

Too Faced, Urban Decay & Fenty Beauty are all popular cosmetics lines available in Ulta, Sephora & department stores like Macy’s. In addition, they sell plenty of product and have loyal followings, it seems. However, I think it’s important to know what you’re getting.

Firstly, Too Faced products contain additives like Yellow 5 Lake & Blue 1 Lake. Remember, these sketchy ingredients are going onto your skin! Also, sometimes in and around your eyes, too. Obviously, it depends on the product. All of it is concerning, though. For example, these two ingredients are rated 6 & 7 in the EWG Database. They are concerning & pose risks for toxic accumulation in your organs.

Secondly, Urban Decay Cosmetics products also contain ingredients like Yellow 5 Lake. This poses the same health risks. In addition, ingredients like Talc & Teflon are found. Both imply concerns in regards to immunotoxicity, allergies & even cancer. Literally, it’s not okay. You deserve better in terms of makeup ingredients.

Lastly, Fenty Beauty is a super trendy makeup brand created by artist Rihanna. I would to love it, but the ingredients are just not the best. A few of their products contain Talc & Titanium dioxide. The risks associated with these ingredients include system toxicity & cancer.

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6 Best Vegan Protein Powders

Welcome to this post: 6 Best Vegan Protein Powders.

I’ve tried a boatload of protein powders in my time. There have been a few that have stuck over the years. As a result, I present this blog post!, These are all brands that I’ve grown to know and love. Their brand mission & company culture at each of these brands has felt abundant, expansive & supportive. Each of these brands are advocates for clean ingredients & plant based fuel. Keep on reading to learn about my favorites.

laird superfood best vegan protein powder

Laird Superfood Renew Plant Based Protein

Code FMG15 for 15% off

This formula is a blend of hemp, sacha inchi & pumpkin seed. Supportive ingredients like lion’s mane, chlorella, maitake & cordyceps make this a potent protein powder. Laird Superfood Renew Plant Based Protein also contains all 9 naturally occurring essential amino acids.

I enjoy mixing this one with a milk (or plant based milk of choice). However, it also tastes good just with water! Discover some delicious recipes here.

laird superfood protein recipe
laird superfood smoothie bowl recipe
laird superfood vegan protein powder

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sunwarrior 6 Best Vegan Protein Powders

Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Protein

Code FEELMOREGOODER for 20% off

Sunwarrior’s Warrior Blend is made up of pea, hemp & goji berry protein. In addition, MCT oil helps satiety & stevia helps break down biofilms in the body, as well as adding sweetness.

The vanilla and chocolate blends are plenty sweet for me. I always mix them with water. If you like a creamier drink but don’t want to add sweetness, you could mix this one with an unsweetened milk like coconut. Here are some yummy recipes using Sunwarrior.

sunwarrior smoothie recipe
sunwarrior smoothie bowl
sunwarrior breakfast smoothie bowl protein
sprout living epic protein best vegan 6 Best Vegan Protein Powders

Sprout Living Epic Protein

Code FEELMOREGOODER for 20% off

This blend is comprised of pea, sunflower, pumpkin & cranberry seed proteins. Supportive ingredients include prebiotics & nutrient dense superfoods like baobab. Epic Protein also packs 19g of protein per serving.

I also love the Epic Protein – Sport formula by Sprout Living. It’s my go-to for when I’m training hard and combatting soreness. Check out some recipes using Sprout Living here.

sprout living epic protein vanilla lucuma
sprout living cookie recipe
sprout living matcha recipe

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nuzest best vegan protein powder

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein

Code FEELMOREGOODER15 for 15% off

A straightforward pea protein isolate in this formula provides the building blocks for workout recovery. These amino acids also help you to maintain the lean muscle mass on your body. As a lectin free, soy free & dairy free product, Clean Lean Protein is sure to suit your dietary needs.

A unique aspect of Clean Lean Protein is the flavor selection. Nuzest offers up flavors like real coffee, wild strawberry, chai turmeric & maca & coffee coconut + MCTs.

Discover some delicious Nuzest recipes here.

nuzest clean lean protein coffee
nuzest clean lean protein strawberry 6 Best Vegan Protein Powders
nuzest clean lean protein vanilla
seeking health best vegan protein

Seeking Health Optimal Protein


This formula by Seeking Health is a sweetener free, soy free blend. Because of this, Optimal Protein is ideal for those with gastrointestinal issues. The pea protein packs a 90% protein content, making it power packed & satiating.

Moreover, this blend has a particularly high content of lysine, arginine, and branched-chain amino acids. It’s also easy to digest compared to other common vegan protein sources.

You can read more about the science behind Dr. Ben Lynch’s formulations at Seeking Health here.

seeking health optimal prenatal 6 Best Vegan Protein Powders
seeking health summer smoothie bowl recipe
seeking health banana smoothie recipe

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now foods organic plant protein vanilla 6 Best Vegan Protein Powders

NOW Foods Organic Pea Protein

Code JES for 20% off

Packed with highly bioavailable, clean protein, this protein has been a staple for a long time. Not only is it high quality, but it’s very accessible & affordable. In other words, you don’t have to sacrifice quality to get a good, clean product. In addition, each serving has over 2,300 mg of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs).

This mixes well into water or milk. I find it sweet enough that you don’t need any additional flavor. Thus, I tend to throw a scoop into just water. Get inspired with these NOW Foods recipes.

now foods recipes protein powder
now foods smoothie bowl recipe
6 Best Vegan Protein Powders

These are just a few that I trust and keep stocked in our home! Do you have some favorites that you don’t see here? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by this post: 6 Best Vegan Protein Powders.

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