Self Care I Packed for our Honeymoon

Welcome to this post: Self Care I Packed for our Honeymoon.

My husband Luke and I FINALLY got to go on our honeymoon to Placencia, Belize after getting married on July, 11th, 2020. For obvious reasons, our trip got delayed due to international flight cancellations. We are SO excited to finally get to go and the trip did not disappoint. We got to snorkel with nurse sharks, stingrays, lots of beautiful fish, a few barracudas and some squid. It was a very memorable week in Belize. We stayed at the Pur Boutique Cabanas in Placencia and would definitely recommend it. The staff was abundantly helpful, cheerful, kind, and accommodating.

To give you a glimpse of what a wellness blogger brings (and perhaps, doesn’t bring) on a week-long, international trip, I wanted to put this post together for you all! I’m not the girl that packs a lot of shoes or purses, but I do pack on the wellness. all of it is for the goal of feeling great and feeling my best.

I didn’t go crazy packing ALL of the superfoods and healthier snacks I stock at home; I allowed myself to eat more freely in Belize (all the dairy, gluten, some sugar, and some cocktails–after about 9 months of no alcohol). Surprisingly, My bowel movements stayed regular (even passed a few parasites!) and overall, felt pretty good!

supplements beekeepers naturals sinus support seed synbiotic intelligence of nature gut support hilma bloat

Supplements I Packed

Seed DS-01 Synbiotic – a prebiotic + probiotic (use Seed coupon code FMG15 for 15% off your subscription)

Beekeepers Naturals Nasal Spray + Propolis Sinus Support

Intelligence of Nature Gut Support (use Intelligence of Nature coupon code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off)

Hilma Occasional Heartburn + Indigestion Relief (use Hilma discount code FMG20 for 20% off)

epic protein green kingdom coupon code

Food I Packed

Sprout Living Green Kingdom Epic Protein; plant based & organic (use Sprout Living coupon code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off)

clean skincare pipette blissoma intelligence of nature skin support ion kadalys osea

Skin + Bodycare I Packed

Pipette Mineral Sunscreen (got this at Expo West, Luke used it and loved it) I used it on my shoulders and sunny spots on like day 4)

Blissoma Photonic Light Shifting Solution Facial Sunscreen (used similarly to above)

Everist Waterless Body Wash Concentrate

Primally Pure Soothing Bar (use Primally Pure discount code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off)

Hugh and Grace Cleansing Bar (as a part of their @goodfaceproject panel)

Intelligence of Nature Skin Support; sprayed onto face and body at end of day. (use Intelligence of Nature discount code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off)

Kadalys Hydramuse Comforting Cream, Day Cream, and Nutritive Precious Oil

OSEA Malibu Undaria Algae Body Oil (use OSEA coupon code FMG10 for 10% off)

Living Libations Official Sun Dew Vitamin D Creme (use Living Libations coupon code FEELGOOD15 for 15% off)

Zomchi Safety Razor; a refillable, low waste shaving option (use Zomchi discount code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off)

boka toothpaste living libations ozonated happy gum gel

Oral Care I Packed

Boka Toothpaste, fluoride free + toothbrush (use Boka discount code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off)

Living Libations Ozonated Happy Gum Gel (use Living Libations coupon code FEELGOOD15 for 15% off)

clean haircare beach leave in sun bum evolvh rahua

Haircare I Packed

Everist Waterless Shampoo Concentrate

Innersense Organic Beauty Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner

Sun Bum 3-in-1 Leave In Beach Formula (detangles, conditions, and protects) got this product in a @thinkdirty clean beauty box. Smells BEYOND

Evolvh Volumizing Elixir; applied after shampooing from roots to ends, only washed once while in Belize (use Evolvh discount code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off)

Rahua Enchanted Island Salt Spray for volume and natural-looking texture

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I hope that this list introduced you to some new clean beauty brands, products, and inspired you to keep taking good care of yourself.

Electrolytes for Energy and Wellness

Welcome to this post: Electrolytes for Energy and Wellness.

ELECTROLYTES! We hear this word repeatedly. But, what does it really mean and how do we sift through the marketing to determine what the body actually needs? For actual definition, at least according to Merriam-Webster, an electrolyte is “a nonmetallic electric conductor in which current is carried by the movement of ions.”

In regular-human terms, electrolytes are particles in the body that are manufactured in the adrenal glands and kidneys. You can ingest electrolytes through food, as they naturally occur in many fruits, vegetables, and even dairy.

So, Why Would I Need an Electrolyte Powder?

Firstly, every human is different and the needs from one person to the next will vary. However, through exertion (exercise) and stress (think work-related, emotional exhaustion), you can deplete your body’s electrolyte stores. Moreover, if you become depleted, you may benefit from getting some help from some good-quality, potent sources.

Personally, I like to evaluate my electrolyte need based on my stress levels (exercise included) and energy levels. Thus, I can tell if I need a “boost” so to speak. Another good indicator for me is if I have sweat a lot recently. And, you may commonly associate reaching for a “sports drink” after exertion or sweaty workouts. Though you can be SURE that not all replenishment drinks are created equally, the application of adding in electrolytes when needed can be useful. Moreover, this has certainly been the case for me.

In summation, my barometer for needing electrolytes is looking at my lifestyle and considering if my body may need this support. And, 99% of the time the answer is: yes, I can feel better if I include electrolytes.

What if I Don’t Do Strenous Activity?

Great question! All of our bodies need elements like magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, chloride, and calcium to function optimally. Thus, I think everyone can benefit from making sure their electrolyte levels are adequate, regardless of activity level. Think: cellular function as well as physical performance. Moreover, these elements help your organs function as intended and that applies to all of us.

Where the nuance comes in is that some of these products I mention below may be more suited to your aims and goals than others. For instance, a few of them are geared towards beauty and skin health, while others may be best suited for post-workout, and a few for daily wellness and maintaining optimal levels.

Nowadays, there are a lot of options out there. I can see how it would be overwhelming. But, I focus on sources of electrolyte mixes that don’t pack a bunch of unnecessary ingredients, sugar, and are free of junk. Moreover, I’d offer up that flipping over the most popular sports drinks (I won’t name names) can be insightful. You may think they are the gold standard for replenishment. But, nothing could be further from the truth. And, the ingredient lists are vast, confusing, and full of preservatives, and even chemicals. If you are in a dire situation and have nothing else, sure, they can help you get something in your system.

But, if you have the time to prepare your stash, these are some options that I look to and currently have at home? Have some favorite electrolyte brands that you don’t see here? Feel free to comment below! Now, let’s get into the options we have in our stash at home.

laird superfood hydrate original

Laird Superfood Hydrate Electrolyte Powder

The cleanest, closest to the source, whole food-based option on the market. Laird Superfood’s Hydrate powders come in a few different flavor options, too. The base is freeze-dried coconut water powder and rounded out my Aquamin, calcium derived from sea algae. and, Aquamin contains 72 trace minerals.

Coconut naturally packs electrolytes, how cool–right? Also, these Hydrate products are a good source of calcium and iron. Moreover, they are dairy-free, paleo, gluten-free, and non GMO.

lmnt electrolyte drink mix

LMNT Electrolyte Drink Mix

LMNT’s electrolyte packs are portable, tasty, and contain 0g of sugar. They offer a range of flavors like Raspberry Salt, Chocolate Salt, and Mango Chili.

Additionally, LMNT powders are gluten-free, paleo, keto-friendly, and vegan friendly.

cure electrolyte drink mix

Cure Electrolyte Drink Mix

Use Cure Hydration coupon code FEELMOREGOODER for 20% off

Cure Hydration makes a range of electrolyte mix flavors including Berry Pomegranate, Ginger Turmeric, and Watermelon. Too, this brand’s products are made with plant-based ingredients and no added sugar.

Additionally, Cure shares on their website that their products are based on the World Health Organization’s ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) which has been proven to hydrate as effectively as an IV drip.

sour lemon purple rain electrolyte concentrate

Sour Lemon Purple Rain Electrolyte Concentrate

Use Sour Lemon coupon code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off

Sour Lemon recently released an exciting line of apple cider vinegar + electrolyte concentrates to outfit your pantry. And, their flavor vibes include Purple Sweet Potato and Blue Spirulina.

Additionally, Sour Lemon uses organic ingredients in their formulas. These concentrates help to promote gut health as well as replenish you after doing your favorite activities.

pique btox fountain drink

Pique B-Tox Fountain Electrolyte Drink Mix

Use Pique coupon code FEELMOREGOODER to save

Pique Tea’s new BTox Fountain drink mix is geared towards youthful, glowy skin and deep hydration. Too, Pique includes ingredients like ceramides and hyaluronic acid in this formula to target skin radiance.

Furthermore, this blend is a Yuzu Berry flavor and mixes easily into a smoothie or even plain water.

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electrolytes fatigue hydration
quicksilver quintessential mineralization packets

Quicksilver QuintEssential Mineralization Packets

Use Quicksilver Scientific coupon code FEELMOREGOODER15 for 15% off

Quicksilver is a brand I view as a leader in targeted supplementation. Too, their quality is superior and they are all about absorption and excellence. Moreover, Quicksilver’s Quintessential Optimum Mineralization Sachets contain ocean minerals diluted in natural alpine spring water.

Also, these packets are perfectly portable. All you do is tear them open and pour the water into your mouth. You could also add them to any drink. Additionally, my favorite use is having them in my car for when I finish up my sweaty outdoor workouts.

microbe formulas bioactive carbon minerals

Microbe Formulas BioActive Carbon Minerals

Use Microbe Formulas coupon code FEELMOREGOODER10 for 10% off

Electrolytes & minerals are the foundation of what the body is made of. Present-day farming practices deplete our soil of vitamins and minerals. Thus, it is a challenge to meet your physiology’s mineral requirements through only the diet.

With this in mind, Microbe formulas created BioActive Carbon Minerals. Moreover, this liquid supplement offers naturally occurring trace minerals derived from fulvic acid.

pickle juice shot

Pickle Juice Shots

A unique take on replenishing, Pickle Juice shots won’t be for everyone. But, who they are for, they are. for. Pickles are similar to coconut in that they naturally provide electrolytes and replenishment.

Thus, Pickle Power has harnessed this hydration capacity in their portable shots that are perfect to keep in your gym bag or car for after a sweaty adventure.

Electrolytes for Energy and Wellness

Thanks for stopping by this post: Electrolytes for Energy and Wellness.

Maybe you landed here because you were searching the web for “Electrolytes Drinks” or “Electrolytes Are” or “Electrolytes Water” or “Electrolytes in Water” or “Minerals in Water”. No matter what you’re typing into your search engine, I’m glad you’re here. Electrolytes/minerals have helped me meet my body’s needs and generally feel vital. And, I’m stoked you’re in the market for some of these electrolytes drink mixes.

5 Best Collagen Powders

Welcome to this post: 5 Best Collagen Powders.

Since 2012, I’ve been creating Digital Wellness Guides and covering/researching Natural Beauty Products, Body Positivity, Self Love, Fitness Motivation, Paleo Lifestyle, HIIT Workouts, Nutrition, Nontoxic Beauty, Crossfit Workouts, Mindful Yoga, Organic Skincare, and tips helping you explore wellness and feel good. I appreciate you being here.

In an absolute SEA of protein powders, it’s tough to decipher which products are gimmicky and which ones are actually quality. Sometimes, you have to see through the marketing and get to know the people and mission behind these brands.

As always with my blog posts, I’ve done the work for you. Here are 5 of my top collagen powders that I personally use and enjoy recommending as clean options.

Isn’t All Collagen Created Equally?

Nope! Here’s the deal. With the rise in the popularity of collagen comes the rise of the number of brands trying to get a piece of the pie. And, to cut costs, many collagen brands process differently and actually add binders/fillers to their collagen powder, making it bulkier. In other words, you get less ACTUAL collagen in the product. Also, many of them don’t have to list these extra processing ingredients on their label. Wild, right?

This is why I’ve comprised this list for you. It’s a good foundation of brands to start with if you’re looking to add a collagen supplement to your regime. Depending on your specific needs, you may find that one jumps out at you. I like to always offer multiple options, as ALL of us are different, with different needs and preferences. My aim is always to show you clean options to pick from.

Why Take Collagen?

The benefits of collagen are well-documented online, and you’ve likely heard about them. Since collagen is the most abundant form of protein in the body, supplementing with a good quality collagen can help a multitude of health aims. Collagen can help improve gut health, immune function, and the integrity of your hair, skin, nails. It also may help improve the function of your liver and detoxification pathways through the amino acid glycine.

Now that you know the aerial view in regards to collagen, here are my recommendations.

Great Lakes Collagen

Use Great Lakes Coupon Code FEELMOREGOODER10 for 10% off

12g of collagen per serving. And, Great Lakes Wellness uses grass-fed Type I & III collagen. Moreover, this collagen is gluten-free, glyphosate free, and contains no preservatives.

Too, this brand formulates several function/flavor options for Joints, Beauty, Marine Collagen, Digestion, and Unflavored.

Mind Body Green Collagen

Mind Body Green’s Collagen blends are amplified by ingredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamins C & E, biotin, L-Glutamine, turmeric, and sulforaphane glucosinolate.

Too, you get 17.7 grams of Type I & III collagen per serving.

Ancient Nutrition Collagen

This formula is unique in that in contains a fermented collagen ingredient. Too, Ancient Nutrition rounds out some of their formulas with superfoods like pomegranate, coffee fruit, camu camu, and acerola cherry. In addition, you get 100% DV of clinically studied Vitamin C.

And, their Multi Collagen contains Type I, II, III, V, and X collagen. Sources like eggshell, fish, and bovine collagen make Ancient Nutrition’s line diverse in terms of types of protein.

Truvani Collagen

Truvani’s hydrolyzed marine collagen is a high-quality option to help promote gut health and stronger hair skin, and nails thru the usage of wild-caught fish. Too, this product contains Type I, II, and III collagen.

This line was formulated by the long-time researcher, blogger, and clean food advocate, Vani Hari.

Agent Nateur Holi Youth Collagen

Agent Nature, a leader in innovative & clean skincare, also makes some beauty-focused internal supplements. Likewise, Holi Youth is a blend of sprulina, marine collagen, and pearl. Moreover, this is referred to as the “Oceanic Trinity.”

In this blend, you’ll also find holy basil for balancing cortisol levels. Additionally, Agent Nateur makes this product out of wild-caught, fresh, deep sea fish.

Maybe you landed here because you were searching the web for “Collagen Powder” or “Collagen Peptides” or “Collagen Supplements” or “Collagen Benefits” or “Collagen in Powder”. No matter what you’re typing into your search engine, I’m glad you’re here. Collagen has helped me meet my personal protein needs and overall feel vital. And, I’m stoked you’re in the market for some of these supplements.

Thank you for stopping by this post: 5 Best Collagen Powders.

Since 2012, I’ve been creating Digital Wellness Guides and covering/researching Natural Beauty Products, Body Positivity, Self Love, Fitness Motivation, Paleo Lifestyle, HIIT Workout, Nutrition, Nontoxic Beauty, Crossfit Workouts, Mindful Yoga, Organic Skincare, and tips helping you explore wellness and feel good. I appreciate you being here.

How to Do An Enema

Welcome to this post: How to Do An Enema.

In my health journey the last few years (healing from Epstein Barr & Mold Exposure), supporting my detox pathways has been paramount. Moreover, part of this is to simply make sure your body is eliminating (peeing and pooping) regularly.

When this isn’t happening (perhaps due to gut dysbiosis, parasites, candida, etc.), practicing enemas as needed can be a helpful way to help your body along. In addition, I do these enemas as a part of a 1-2 punch that I intuitively decided to do. I’ve walked you through the Epsom Salt Flush I drink here on this Instagram post. Furthermore, the flush acts as a “liquid plumber” and the enemas help support your body’s elimination capacity.

enema how to

Note: I’m not a health professional. Too, I’m not giving advice. Moreover, I’m simply sharing my life experience and what I know to be true for me and my body. My aim is that by being transparent and sharing my experiences, it will create an authentic ripple to inspire others to live their own authentic life.

enema kit aussie health co

There are several enema kits out there, but I prefer one with a metal bucket. Further, when you’re handling warm liquid (when doing a coffee enema), you don’t want to mess around with plastics. With plastic, you introduce BPA to the liquid in many cases. There are some kits that use BPA-free plastic. But, it’s your choice on that to determine what you’re comfortable with.

The enema kit that I use is by Aussie Health Co. And, the ground green coffee beans I use are by Corvital Health. For Corvital, use the code JESICA20 for 20% off.

Sitenote: the water you use in your enemas is extra-important, as it’s going into a very absorptive part of your GI tract. Thus, I use our Berkey Filter for all of the water used. And, you can use the code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off Berkey filters & products.

types of enemas

Coffee enemas and saline enemas are the two most popularly shared enemas that I’ve heard of in doing my own research. However, I heard about doing apple cider vinegar enemas from a family friend. And, I felt like it intuitively was a good choice for me and where my body was at.

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enemas at home

Depending on how much detox support my body feels like it needs, I will adjust how much apple cider vinegar I use. But, I personally have found that it works best when it is diluted enough. ACV is potent, so overdoing it may work against you and also make your colon/anus feel uncomfortable.

bathroom enema

Depending on the length of your tubing, you may see the need to pick various spots to hang your bucket from. Too, I’ve found that I like to put a towel that’s doubled up overlapping a bath mat. This way, I can lay down, be comfortable on the bathroom floor, and also absorb any liquid that leaks.

coffee enema how to

The more enemas you do, the more you’ll get the hang of it! I like the idea of being intuitive with a practice like this. Do what feels right and honor your body. Some recommend holding the enema in for 3-10 minutes. That has always felt a bit too strenuous on my GI tract. Thus, I do more of a flushing method.

enema tips

If you’re looking more to learn about the therapeutic application of enemas, check out the Gerson Method. Moreover, this is a treatment method used to treat a range of ills, I’ll just let you do your own research and form your own thoughts. 🙂

I’m rooting for you to rebound from whatever is holding you back from feeling your best. Let me know if you have any experiences or questions in the comments below!

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Expo West 2022 Recap

Welcome to this post: Expo West 2022 Recap.

natural products Expo West 2022 Recap anaheim california

This year marks my 5th (maybe 6th; I’ve lost count) year attending Expo West. However, it’s only my second year paying my whole way to get here. In the past, I graciously had help with some components of getting there by way of brands I was working with. For example, when I was working with Now Foods, they comped my press badge, but I still paid for my hotel and flight. Before that, I attended a few years with the Hilary’s Eat Well Team. They took care of my hotel and flight and also let me roam the show half the time as a blogger.

As my small business has grown, I’ve decided it’s a good investment and worth it for me to pay my way to get there so that I could have complete freedom to roam and connect.

Anyways, just wanted to paint the picture in regards to the nature of how I began going to this event. It’s an event that I really look forward to every year, and have had some of my most exciting moments as a human (honestly) at Expo. I’ve been able to meet two humans that I never could imagine or comprehend meeting, two of my role models, Laird Hamilton & Gabby Reece.

Expo West 2022 Recap influencer blogger
Attending Expo West as a Blogger

Attending Expo West as a blogger means that I have a few main focuses. The first is to be present! You never know who is around the corner and who you might see or meet. The second is to form meaningful connections with brands that align.

Moreover, I find myself aligning with brands for a few different reasons normally. This is often because they use & advocate for clean ingredients without harmful additives. Also, I sometimes align with them because of their overall mission, giving back efforts, and commitment to sustainability. Too, there are times when I’m simply curious at first because their brand is called “Feel Good Superfoods,” for example.

Too, just wanted to quickly mention my gratitude for having the chance to be beachside when I’m in California for this event. I normally take an Uber/Lyft ride to the beach for a whole day or parts of the days while I’m on the trip. I look forward to it so much. Also, the beaches I’ve explored so far in the Orange County area have been Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and Laguna Beach.

huntington beach wellness blogger
Brands Mentioned Here in this Recap

As you scroll through the brands below, please accommodate that I included brands that may have ingredients that you actively avoid. For instance, a few products contain dairy components. I included them because I know that many people include dairy and want to know about these options.

Another very important aspect to this recap (and vital for me to say), is that I have skimmed the surface of these brands I’ve newly experiencing. Further, I have not deep dived their ingredient sourcing, mission statements, nor learned more about the background of the founders. But, I’ve grabbed the brands that have caught my attention and I think could be worth looking into for you.

Expo West 2022 Recap
Favorite Event of the Year

On the whole, this experience is a highlight of my year, every year. The like-minded humans I get to meet and talk to are so meaningful. I would even say they have shaped me. Expo West, overall, is an incredibly powerful experience for me.

pureposeful pixie yoga instructor lifeway kefir
Morning Yoga outside the Anaheim Convention Center

Really enjoyed the morning yoga sessions outside the ACC. My favorite morning was with Pixie. She was such a wonderful guide + instructor. Check out her website and Instagram page; she’s such a great follow.

This particular morning was sponsored by Lifeway Kefir and they sampled their new oat milk-based option.

morning yoga expo west
The Downers

From an upper to a brief downer; I would be remiss if I didn’t mention a few things that I don’t love but are a part of the experience. Yet, they are a part of it when you do what I do. After all, I suppose this is a recap, right?

For brands attending and paying for a booth spot at this event, it’s a big deal. They are looking to form meaningful/fruitful distribution chains and perhaps make connections that help their business in some way.

That said, I think when a human walks up to their booth, most of them seem to be hoping that you (in this case, me) are a Whole Foods buyer or somebody that has a pull in distribution/buying. Because of that focus, they look down at your badge (which we all wear dangling around our neck, in plain sight) looking for your credentials. It appears that they are seeing who you are so that they can position themselves to speak with you. It felt like there was an agenda, rather than simply sharing their product and treating everyone equally.

One could say “well, of course they have an agenda, they want to sell!” I’m just sharing my experience that it was noticeable how many company reps don’t look you in the eye first. It’s my least favorite part of the event, to be real. I think everyone should be treated as important, and one consumer not more important than the other.

Walking Up to Booths

Lastly, in regards to connecting with brands as a blogger, there were two ends of the spectrum with treatment by brands. There were brands that could not have been more excited to be connecting with a voice in the natural products blog world. then, there were brands that only cared about how many followers I had. Moreover, some brands asked me that first; instead of inquiring at all about my experience, the content I make, etc. I didn’t love that. It felt very inauthentic to forming real relationships.

Furthermore, I equate it to me walking up to a brand I don’t yet know and asking “okay, so what were your sales from last year?” and then using that as a basis for whether I want to be a customer/advocate for them or not. My interest in being a customer has nothing to do with sales. Conversely, I am interested mostly in product quality and the authentic feeling of the brand/founders. In a way, noticing this interaction pattern helped me sift through brands that I would even be interested in connecting with.

natural products expo west new hope network

One thing I noticed right off the bat is that sparkling beverages are everywhere. Whether they pack a certain superfood, adaptogen, nootropic, and/or sweetener, they were foundational to the show. CBD and Turmeric in everything have been trending for a few years now, but they are still making a splash, for sure.

Low or no-sugar options are still trending, which are welcomed by me as long as they do not have an artificial sweetener as a substitute. Too, many brands though still have no problem including plenty of processed sugar in their products. I thought that was interesting.

Expo West 2022 Recap

Another trend, if you want to call it one, is that many brands are founded because they are on a mission that is not just making money. For example, the drink brand Riff is focused on upcycling the lesser-used part of the coffee bean, called cascara. Moreover, they are carbon neutral. So, this is one example of a brand I discovered that is mission-focused.

Favorite Brand Booths I Stopped By

These brand descriptions are not comprehensive in terms of what the brand offers. However, I’ve linked each brand so that you can further your own research.

laird hamilton gabby reece laird superfood expo west

Laird Superfood – founded by my heroes Laird Hamilton & Gabby Reece. Laird Superfood’s line includes high-quality coffee creamers, hydration products, greens & energy & recovery drink mixes, and paleo snacks. My tiny brain still can’t comprehend how special it is that I get to talk to them in person and vibe. They have and continue to be so impactful to my life. I stopped by, grabbed a coffee containing their turmeric creamer (thanks, team for making it for me), and drank it while chatting with Gabby and got to check in with Laird, too. Just beyond grateful for the experience.

laird hamilton laird superfood

Navitas Organics an extensive line of organic superfoods to round out your pantry. Navitas products have been in our house for many years, tracing all the way back to 2011.

Dr Bronner’s these products have been a mainstay for me for a few decades now. From their castile soap line, to their toothpastes and now chocolate, they really help amplify many aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

sunwarrior founder denley fowlke

Sunwarrior – so thrilled to meet founder Denley Fowlke and his wife Jan at the booth this year. I am an active ambassador for Sunwarrior and really value their place in my routine. Their plant-based supplements and protein powders are a staple for me.

Primal Kitchen – I’ve followed founder Mark Sisson’s blog for any years now and appreciate all of the insightful information he puts out into the world. I love that he uses better oil choices in his condiments like avocado oil.


Rise Brewing Coffee – love their canned cold brew coffee options. Also, their team was so fun!

Rowdy Mermaid – their low-sugar kombucha and adaptogenic drinks and a fave pick of mine for a gut-friendly drink. Their team was especially friendly, too.

Kor Shots – I’ve reached for their on-the-go wellness shots for many years now.

Vive Organic – another wellness shot brand that I look to for their quality and portability.

Remedy Organics – their superfood-packed, smoothie-like, plant-based drinks have been a portable fuel choice of mine for a few years.

Suja Juice – when I’m looking for cold-pressed green juice in a grocery store that’s not packed with sugar, I look for Suja’s Uber Greens or Twelve Essentials juices.

Kevita Drinks – water-based, plant-based kefir options that’s perfectly portable. Great for gut health & balance.

Health-Ade – a low-sugar kombucha option; love their flavor options.

Pressed Juicery – making plant-based snacks and cold-pressed juice with some low-sugar green juice options.


Intelligence of Nature – founded by Dr. Zach Bush, ION products help to support the body on a cellular level by fostering intracellular connection. I had a wonderful experience meeting Dr. Zach Bush, giving him a hug, and sitting right next to him as he spoke for about an hour. Also, loved chatting and connecting with Michal from the ION team and meeting a few other humans that contribute to this incredible company.

dr. zach bush md intelligence of nature expo west

Quicksilver Scientific – leading the industry in liposomal and highly absorbable detoxification and optimal health supplements

Ancient NutritionI admire and look up to founder Dr. Josh Axe and believe in the quality of his product line. Too, I was able to meet him and co-founder Jordan Rubin at Expo in 2019 and both were upbeat, kind, and passionate.


Sprout Living – organic, superfood-packed, plant-based proteins to elevate your active lifestyle and improve your overall vitality. It’s amongst the very cleanest proteins out there.

Oral Care

Lively Up Your Breath – a nontoxic way to freshen up your breath. Lively Up Your Breath uses organic ingredients, delicious formulas, and an uplifting company ethos.


Zum Soap – this brand is local to me, here in Kansas City, MO. Everything from their ethos, and commitment to plant-powered, effective, and enjoyably (and naturally) fragrant products is refreshing. We love using the laundry detergents, bar soaps, and aromatherapy mists the most.

Thayer’s – the rose used in their witch hazel products helps to calm and tonify my skin. Too, I’ve been a customer for years.

Heritage Store – a sister brand of a company I had in the house for a few decades (Aubrey Organics), Heritage store offers an expansive line of skincare products to suit a clean lifestyle. And, my favorite is their rosewater spray to calm skin.

Cleaning Products

Clean Cult – this non-toxic home cleaner brand allow you to toss out every toxic cleaner you currently use and replace it with an effective, coconut-powered option. And, our favorite product by Clean Cult is the dishwasher tabs.

Food Storage

Stasher Bag – this brand has changed how I and many individuals reduce plastic waste in our daily food prep/cooking life. We no longer need/look to plastic bags around our kitchen, as we have about 7 different stasher bags of various sizes to take care of any storage need. I’ve even used them to transport bars of soap and toiletries on roadtrips & flights.

Simply Straws – I didn’t get the chance to swing by their booth, but I LOVE their glass straws and use multiple ones daily.

Memorable Brands I Discovered

This list also includes some brands that I’ve heard of, but got to revisit or experience again. Too, the brand descriptions here are brief, as this list/post is long. However, I’ve linked each brand so that you can further your own researching.

Still Water

Path Water – recyclable, sturdy, aluminum water bottle with alkaline, still, and sparkling options.

Gen Z Water – plain water in an artistically creative aluminum bottle that’s BPA-free.

Mananalu Water aluminum bottles of water on a mission to reduce single-use plastic waste. Too, this brand is affiliated with Jason Momoa.

Nirvana Water – bottled water from Adirondack springs that’s infused with HMB, a naturally occurring substance in the body that promotes muscle function.

Sparkling Water

Drink Sound an adventure in bubbles, Sound makes sparkling waters and teas with botanicals. Too, these drinks are unsweetened and organic.


Buddha Beans Coffee Company CBD-infused coffee beans with multiple coffee sourcing varieties.

Verve Coffee Roasters based out of Santa Cruz, CA, roasting on vintage roasters and immersed in sulf culture.

Groundwork Coffee organic coffee that has high quality standards; also making teas and extracts.

Ferris Coffee Co. focused on conscious sourcing, Ferris roasts both coffee and nuts.

Death Wish Coffee Co. specialty-roasted coffee with a high-caffeine content

Pop & Bottle oat milks lattes with adaptogens, collagen, and antioxidants


Swoon – lemonades, iced teas and mixers with zero sugar.

Teonicfunctional wellness by way of herbal tea tonics & wellness shots.

Shaka Tea – unsweetened, caffeine-free, and packs antioxidants by way of plant, flower and herb combinations.

Teeccino – makes chicory, adaptogen, and mushroom-based coffee alternatives. Too, they are naturally caffeine-free.

Numi Tea – a fair trade tea company with a range of caffeinec-containing and herbal teas. Too, they recently started using compostable, plant based tea wrappers.


Trip a CBD drink to bring clarity to your mind. Also, the formula contains elderflower, chamomile, ginseng, mint, and rooibos.

Som Sleep with sugar-free (sweetened with stevia, monkfruit, and erythritol) and original options, Som promotes restful sleep by way of GABA, melatonin, and l-theanine.

Mortal Power – a prebiotic sparkling water with no stevia, functional ingredients, and electrolytes intended to support your gut integrity & immunity.

U Relax a soothing formula that promotes relaxation, calms your mood, and combats everyday stressors. Too, it’s drug-free, contains no artificial flavors, and includes a range of chill-inducing botanicals like l-theanine and kava root.

Purps zero calorie, zero sugar energy drink affiliated with surfer Kelly Slater. Contains no artificial flavors and is fueled by ingredients like yerba mate, green tea, and indian gooseberry.

Recess canned adaptogenic drinks that promote a mood that’s cool, calm, and collected.

Mayawell bubbly superfood, prebiotic sodas with only 4g of sugar and a range of unique flavors.

Poppi functional prebiotic soda that contains a small amount of apple cider vinegar.

The Taste of Rose sparkling and still rose water drinks that are unsweetened, non-gmo and contain no preservatives.

Taste Nirvana the tastiest coconut water I’ve ever tried. Uses thai coconuts, is not made from concentrate, and contains no preservatives.

Roar Hydration electrolytes, vitamins, and antioxidants pack this hydration drink.

Riff plant-powered energy drinks that are fueled by upcycled cascara. Former footballer Vernon Davis is affiliated with Riff.

Wonder Lemon organic, cold-pressed juices that are fair trade & kosher.

Pickle Juice pickle juice shots that are proven to stop muscle cramps.

Oca plant based energy drink with caffeine from green coffee & green tea.

Positive Beverage zero-calorie sparkling water sweetened with erythritol & stevia.

Non Alcoholic Drink Alternatives

Hop Wtrzero-proof, flavorful, sparkling water as a beer alternative.

Mude Drinks – functional, sparkling beverages with organic botanicals.

Ritual Zero Proof – a non-alcoholic, versatile, liquor replacement.

Dry Botanical Bubbly a zero-proof botanical bubbly option.

Plant Based Milk

Milkadamia – harnessing the nutritive qualities of the macadamia nut to make plant based milks.

Hope and Sesame – flavorful, sesame seed based milks with a range of flavors.

Three Trees Plant Based Milks – nuts, seeds, and protein in their plant based milks.

Fermented Foods

Lifeway Kefir fermented milk & plant-based milk drinks to support digestion. Moreover, they just released new oat-milk based kefir option.

Wildbrine – sauerkraut, dairy-free sour creams, and fermented spreads.

Forager Projectplant-based milk based probiotic yogurts and drinks.

GoodBelly – probiotic & digestion-enhancing shots and drinks.


Future Farm – plant-based burgers, meatballs, beef, and sausages. Too, these products are non-GMO and gluten-free.

Current Foods – plant-based, gluten-free, pregnancy-friendly, mercury-free seafood options.

Fond Bone Broths – pasture-raised, sustainably packaged, and flavorful bone broth options.

Safe Catch – mercury tested, wild-caught seafood with canned and take-and-go pack options.

Mighty Sesame Co – tahini-based sesame seed spreads, butters, and other foods.

Good Good – jams, jellies and spreads with keto-friendly options. FYI, some of their products contain canola oil and milk derivatives.

Do Anything Foods organic, whole-food based sauces that are gluten free and col-pressure pasteurized.

Goodles – real cheese and 14g protein in their macaroni & cheese. More, they do use wheat flour, in case you are gluten-free.

Somos Mexican Food – authentic Mexican recipes with non-GMO ingredients.

Taste Gooders – coming soon to the market. Subscribe on their website to stay in the loop.

Go Nanas – Gluten-free banana bread mixes.

Botko Foods – dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free crackers and spreadable cheeses. Also, they have grain-free options.

Safe Harvest – clean ingredients with sustainably sourced seafood. Too, they are grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and paleo.


Plant Fusion – plant-based and nutrient-dense protein powder and meal replacement options. Too, these powders are gluten-free and dairy-free. Sweetened with stevia, monkfruit, lucuma (a superfood), and yacon powder.

Evolve – non-GMO, plant-based protein with 10g fiber. Too, is sweetened with cane sugar and stevia leaf.

UP2U – gluten-free, lactose-free, and vegetarian recovery protein blends. Further, these proteins contain milk + lactase enzyme.

Snack Foods

Pop Art – popcorn made with better oils like avocado & olive.

GoodSam Foods – they focus on foods that are good for you, good for the farmers, good for the planet. Too, they have a lot of yummy cacao/chocolate products.

Hippeas – dairy-free, grain-free chickpea puffs.

Catalina Crunch – keto-friendly, grain-free cereals, cookies and crunch mixes.

Magic Spoon – grain-free, keto-friendly cereal.

Chomps – grass-fed beef jerky sticks. Too, they have turkey and venison options.

Lil Bucks – sprouted buckwheat snacks.

Barnanas – plantain chips, grain-free tortilla chips, and banana bites.

Crunchsters – gluten-free, crunchy mung bean snacks and salad toppers.

Fit Joy – grain free pretzels and snack options

Gimme Snacks – iodine-rich, seaweed based snacks with yummy flavor options.

Eden Foods – natural food and snack options to outfit your pantry.

Pizoots – boiled then infused artisan nut & seed mixes.

Tom & Luke’s Snackaballs – real ingredients in dense balls for fuel. Too, they have a focus on being as sustainable as possible.

Mauna Loa – macadamia nuts from Hawaii with chocolate-covered options.

Barely Bread – grain-free bread, using almond, seed, and coconut flours.

Frooze Balls – plant-powered energy balls with real ingredients

Good Good – keto friendly options for baking mixes, nut butters, and bars. Just a heads up, some of their products contain soy, wheat, and milk, in case you avoid those.


Kize Concepts Keto Bars – favorite new bar I found, as my ideal bar is low-sugar with clean ingredients.

Aloha Bars – organic, plant-based bar with balanced macros if you’re looking for a meal replacement option.

Go Macro Bars – organic, vegan bars that are also FODMAP friendly.

Redd Radiant Energy Bars – low-sugar and high fiber bars. Too, contains prebiotics, superfoods, and probiotics.

Think Keto Bars – if you consume dairy, soy, and peanuts, you’ll like these bars. No artificial sweeteners; these are like a better alternative to a candy bar to me, as they taste pretty decadent.


Pur Gum aspartame-free gum that’s sweetened with xylitol.

Purecane – zero calorie sweetener derived from sugarcane.

Spicewell functional line of nutritious pantry salts and staples.

Lakanto monkfruit and erythritol sweeteners and nut butters.


TCHO Chocolate – organic, plant-based, soy-free chocolate bars and baking powders.

Funcho Chocolate – functional chocolate for creating feelings like calmness, sleep, energy, and even to support PMS and menopause.

Honey Mama’scocoa truffle bars that are decadent, sweet, and delicious.

Bubbies Ice Cream – dairy-containing ice cream snacks with cleaner ingredients. They do offer dairy-free options, though.

Partake Cookies – cookies, baking mixes, and breakfast mixes that are vegan, gluten-free, allergen-friendly, and non GMO.

Sweet Nothings – spoonable smoothies that are organic, contain no added sugar, and are plant based.

Bon Devil Foods – gluten-free, dairy-free, and ethically sourced ganaches.

Cleaning Products

Forever New Laundry Care – phosphate-free laundry detergent with no dyes. Too, these products are made with organic ingredients, are hypoallergenic, and biodegradable materials.


Aprico – a sister company to one of my favorites, Quicksilver Scientific. Moreover, Aprico makes liposomal-delivery supplement blends for functions including stress relief, focus, and detox.

Elixinol – CBD + functional ingredients pair up for a difference you can feel. Made with USA-grown hemp.

Mary Ruth Organics – an organic line of liposomal, absorbable supplements for the whole family.

Zhou Nutrition – a line of supplements with options for women & men with various health aims.

Voke – superfood-packed, chewable tablets for energy.

Youtheory – supplement brand with a focus on human potential, wellness, and pure, efficacious ingredients.

Solaray – over 900 vitamins, minerals, and herbs with pioneering industry standards, best-in-class testing.

Cure Hydrationfunctional drink mixes for hydration and energy. Also, these mixes contain no added sugar.

Mega Food whole food based supplements; this brand is vocal about the negative impact of glyphosate.

More Labs – function-based mini shots for things like sleep and promoting energy.

Amazing Grassnow has several organic greens powder varieties.

Himalaya Herbalsjust released a turmeric, plant-based chew for immune support & inflammtion.

Child Life Supplements for Kids – supplements, gummies, minerals, probiotics, herbals, and cookies for children.

Feel Good Superfoods superfood-packed capsules, vitamin shots, and mixes.

Ultima Replenisher a sugar-free electrolyte replenishment powder that’s sweetener with stevia.


Elixinol USA-grown CBD products with alcohol-ree tincture options and function-specific formulas.

Charlotte’s Web – B Corp verified CBD brand making a range of functional CBD products.

Women’s Health

Saalt Period Care – B Corp certified, sustainable period care brand making period panties, cups, and discs.

Winged Wellness CBD & adaptogenic products formulated specifically for a woman’s body.


Mineral Fusion

Skincare & Haircare

Cocokind – effective, yet gentle and clean formulas for glowing skin.

Pipette – EWG verified skin, hair, and body care products.

Pacifica – Sidenote: Pacifica had the most beautiful booth at Expo; it felt like unicorn beauty land.

Moon Valley Organics – super clean, organic, face care, hair care (shampoo bars), salves, bar soaps, and more.

Emu Spray – stands for “everyone must use” and does not contain emu oil. Antibacterial hand sanitizer mists that smell good and are TSA approved.

Routine – this line has a nice selection of clean(er) products that smell great. Paraben free, SLS free, with a few products containing sulfates.

Alaffia – committed to fair trade, good manufacturing practices, and is minority business certified. Their skincare products are clean, effective, and mindfully made.

Derma E – cruelty-free skincare with no sulfates, no parabens, and no phthalates.

Olika – hydrating hand sanitizer options that are free from harsh chemicals & toxins.

Conscious Coconut Wipes – organic wipes with cold-pressed coconut oil.

Brittany’s Thyme – clean skincare line including bug spray, hand sanitizer, facial care, and other skincare.

White Egret Skincaresulfate-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free skincare.

Jack ‘n’ Jill – hypoallergenic kid’s care products.

Phillip Adam Haircare SLS-free and paraben-free. These ingredients lists are pretty clean, with only a few that I don’t love.

Inna Organicorganic skin, body, and hair care line.

Naturtint – a cleaner alternative for hair coloring

Oral Care

David’s Toothpaste – uses nanohydroxyapatite instead of fluoride

Lumineux natural teeth whitening that doesn’t create sensitivity

Himalaya Toothpaste – fluoride-free, SLS-free, vegan toothpaste

Food Storage/Accessories

Cermer – new ceramic food packaging that’s getting us away from plastic usage and other unsustainable means

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