Ra Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Ra Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses are inspired by and named after Clyde Edgar Keeler, who was a medical geneticist who is noted for his work on laboratory mice and the genetics of vision. His work was instrumental in the understanding of retinitis pigmentosa.

Round shape, definite curves, clear saddle bridge in a modern transparent frame. If you like a contemporary style, this is clearly the one for you.

Fit: Medium. All glasses orders include a luxury branded case and cleaning cloth, and free U.S. shipping, returns, and exchanges.

Finding yourself inside staring at screens day and night? You need to protect your health from the damaging effects of all that artificial blue light. Ra Optics glasses are scientifically proven to block 95-100% of artificial blue light, saving you from poor sleep, eyestrain, headaches, and feeling fatigued.

Ra Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses is just one of many frames, lens shades, and styles for you to pick from. Ra Optics is on a mission to educate the world on the benefits of natural sunlight and how to protect against the damaging effects of our modern lifestyles.

Ra Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses are designed by experts, increase energy, improve sleep quality, elevate brain function, and fall asleep faster.

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