Nue Co Water Therapy Perfume

Nue Co Water Therapy Perfume reminds us that our bodies are made of 70% water: you are more H2O than you are human. Nue Co Water Therapy Perfume is inspired by the concept of blue medicine, the belief that water positively impacts our mental health with its relaxing, stress-relieving benefits. Nue Co’s Water Therapy fragrance uses olfactory technology to replicate the sensory feeling of being in or around water, formulated with a marine-inspired blend of calming scent notes: seaweed, salt, cardamom and rose. Spray to relax and refill your cup.

Fragrance notes:

  • Sandalwood: Creamy, sweet and woody
  • Seaweed: Oceanic, green and fresh
  • Clary sage: Green, herby and slightly floral
  • Cardamom: Floral and spicy
  • Rose: Sweet, fresh and floral
  • Vetiver: Earthy and smoky
  • Ambrofix: Warm and ambery
  • Salt: Sharp, crisp and fresh
  • Fir: Green and woody

All Nue Co formulas are free from toxic preservatives, additives, flavorings and sweeteners. They use organic, vegan and gluten-free ingredients where possible, and every product is cruelty-free.

In addition, The Nue Co ia a Climate Positive, plastic neutral business, with B Corp certification pending. In 2020 they emitted 258.44t Total CO₂e, 93% of which were Scope 3 indirect emissions caused by an increase in air freight. They are working to halve these emissions by 2022, and halve them again in 2023. The Nue Co continues to work with service providers who are actively reducing their environmental impact and carbon footprint.