Stojo Collapsible Cup

Stojo Collapsible Cup makes transporting your favorite beverages more sustainable, packable, and downright good-looking. The cup’s features include a 36 ounce capacity and 4 grip/clasp closures around the perimeter of the bowl.

This is the first Stojo product I’ve tried, and it’s their OG. The Stojo Collapsible Cup comes in a range of 9 colorways, is dishwasher-safe, and comes apart for easy cleaning. Colorways to pick from include Sage, Cashmere, Stee, Carbon, Coral, Carnation, Denim, Quartz, and Ink. There is truly a color for every human & vibe.

Also, it’s BPA-free and a BPS-free polypropylene lid (which is grade 5 recyclable). The cup itself is LFGB (a certification aligned with European safety standards that are far stricter than the FDA’s), platinum cured premium food-grade silicone.

When you sip out of this Stojo Collapsible Cup, you won’t be exposed to phthalates, lead, or glue, either. You can feel great about this new addition to your kitchen, commute, or get-together. It also makes a wonderful gift. Why not show more people we love how simple, useful, and beautiful sustainability can be?

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