Araza Beauty Jojoba Powder Foundation

Araza Beauty Jojoba Powder Foundation is any clean beauty nerd’s go-to powder foundation. Jojoba is an oil known for its incredible moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. And, this powder foundation is chocked full of it. With the added superpowers of wild-picked araza fruit and neem extracts, your skin will be nourished from the inside while pure silk powder provides a luxurious feel on the outside.

What is Araza Beauty Jojoba Powder Foundation: A fluffy loose powder foundation that offers sheer to medium natural-looking coverage.

Araza Beauty Jojoba Powder Foundation Benefits:

-Doesn’t dry your skin out or give you a cakey look

-Vitamin, mineral & anti-oxidant rich from organic skin superfood ingredients, healthy fats & natural earth minerals

Creates an airbrushed, polished finished

-Absorbs excess oil

-Smoothes, softens & evens skin tone

-Natural SPF & element protection

-Super quick and easy application

-Enhances YOUR natural beauty

-Breathable & light-weight

Araza Beauty is a sister-owned and operated clean beauty company. They make the world’s first paleo-certified makeup with organic plant-based extracts, healthy fats, and natural earth minerals. Their mantra is “if looks could heal”.

Araza believes your skin is perfectly designed, it just needs the right support to do its thing. And, the right color/shade can take your glow to the next level. Araza is all about healing and healthy beauty. And, they make products with healthy fats, organic plant-based ingredients, and minerals that all work synergistically to feed and nourish your skin. Araza plays with modern, fun color. They don’t play with conventional makeup ingredients. They are all about beauty that supports your overall wellness and inspires a healthy and vibrant life.

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