Living Libations Happy Gum Drops

Living Libations Happy Gum Drops contains naturally power packed super-critical extracts & essences. Essential oils are innately perfect in their capacity to help the body rebalance and defend from opportunisitic bacteria. Often times, essential oils are a hundred times stronger than the whole-plant herbal extraction of the same plant. Authentic distillations of plants, flowers, seeds, roots, and trees have been used for centuries for myriad of ails. And, every oil has hundreds of botanical constituents. Thus, Living Libations Happy Gum Drops contains essentail oils that are carefully selected by founder Nadine Artemis for its individual and synergistic (collaborative) effects to maintain happy, vital teeth, gums, and mouths. Living Libations’ organic and wild-crafted ingredients equip all areas of your holistic oral care routine.

For those who floss, try Living Libations Happy Gum Drops on your floss. If you have a hard time being consistent with flossing, try adding in this step. Your teeth and gum will feel so refreshed! Just one drop on your piece of floss, a drop for a gum massage or tooth polishing, and/or a drop in a Nadine’s recommended salt mouth-rinse is great.

Directions: Add one drop to a toothbrush in place of your toothpaste. Work the oil onto the gums, and glide Happy Gum Drops over your floss to clean the crevaces & small spaces between the teeth. Add to a pre-brushing saltwater for an effective mouthwash that ph balances the mouth. Additionally, you can also simply apply one drop on the tongue for fresh breath and a healthy oral microbiome.

Also, the 15ml and 30ml sizes include a Free Smart Floss.