Lilova Period Underwear

Lilova Period Underwear is an excellent, nontoxic option for those desiring a change in their menstrual care routine.

You might be thinking, toxins in underwear? Yep! Unfortunately, many of the top period underwear brands contain PFAS in the fabric. PFAS are forever chemicals, meaning they do not rinse out in the wash and they are forever embedded in your clothing. And, in this case, they are right next to your privates.

Lilova Period Underwear is designed to work via their unique leak-resistant technology to let you bleed peacefully. Lilova added multilayers for an ultimate protection:

  • The 1st layer to help you feel dry with a moisture-wicking organic cotton inner layer. This offers softness and breathability.

  • The 2nd layer makes you feel fresh with an anti-microbial lining. This fights bacteria and odors.

  • The 3rd layer to make you feel secure. This layer offers a super-absorbent fabric that holds up to 5 tampons’ worth.

  • Lastly, the 4th layer makes you feel free to move and live out your normal routine with a leak-resistant outer layer.

New to period underwear? Know that there’s no diaper or pad feeling with Lilova Period Underwear. Though they contain multi-layers, Lilova undies are not too bulky and actually feel breezy. Ideally, period underwear should feel like regular underwear, if not better.