Rain Organica Light Mist Facial Toner

Rain Organica Light Mist Facial Toner offers your skin a drink of protective cucumber & rose water. This toner with vitamin C acts as a prep step before applying your moisturizer. Also, using this toner can enable you to use less of your moisturizer product. This unique mist packs antioxidant power and is soothing via aloe. Another neat component of this formula is the Lactobacillus Fermented, which conditions the skin and acts as a natural, broad-spectrum antimicrobial.

Ever wondered why you even need a toner? Did you know that toning is a cleansing step? Yep! It’s a way to wipe away any residue or bits of cleanser before you move onto your moisturizing step.

Additionally, it’s a way to use less moisturizer. But, how? By dousing your face with a spray of toner before you apply moisturizer, you can make your moisturizer spread further. Lots of wins here, and the Rain Organica Light Mist Facial Toner is one of my most used products for this step.

What else does a toner do? Toning is the perfect opportunity to defend and protect your skin.  That’s why Rain Organica Light Mist Facial Toner includes vitamin C to give your skin ample antioxidant protection and also help your skin repair itself while you sleep.

If you have irritated or red skin, toning can be a helpful tool for this, too. Organic cucumber and rosewater in this toner get the soothing job done.

Rain Organica also makes a travel size for your convenience.