BraceAbility: Figure 8 Clavicle Brace and Posture Support Strap Review


BraceAbility Posture Support Strap


“This figure-8 clavicle brace provides ultimate support, and its simple design and hook-and-loop closure means it is easy to apply. The clavicle support brace is intended for treatment of clavicle fractures and poor posture.

This is a little dry, but ti’s important to know about the brace:

This figure-8 clavicle strap for treatment of collarbone fractures and poor posture has a number of features that make it comfortable to wear. The straps of the clavicle fracture brace are shielded from the body with wide padding and a felt-covered back pad where the straps merge. Breathable, knitted stockinette covers the felt of this figure 8 clavicle splint. This support will fit a wide variety of chest circumferences, ranging from 24 inches to 48 inches. For even smaller sizes, one can check out the child’s version of the support.
Also in the interests of making this posture and clavicle support splint accessible to everyone, the brace is free of latex. (Some are allergic to this material.)

One last thing, the product features:

  • Unisex design
    Available in four adult sizes that fit chest circumferences ranging from 24 inches to 48 inches
    Children’s sizes also available
    Figure-8 design
    Hook-and-loop closure
    Non-irritating felt back pad
    Wide padding
    Corrects posture
    Immobilizes for clavicle fracture recovery.”

My Thoughts:

I, myself,  fortunately do not suffer from chronic back pain. Thus, this brace is not something that is really helping me in regards to pain relief. I do, however, have pretty poor posture most of the time.

I see this brace as something that I may wear around the house just to help retrain myself to have better posture. I know how important having good posture is for spine health, but I have allowed myself to develop a habit of less-than-great posture.

The design is simple, easy to assemble, put on and is very comfortable when you get the straps adjusted correctly. It reminds you very quickly how bad your posture is! (or at least it did that for me). It serves as a healthy guide & reminder to stand up straighter with your shoulders back and chest out.

I don’t see it as an absolute necessity, but I think it’s a good product for what it is designed for. Athletes or even inactive individuals alike could benefit from this Posture Support Strap by BraceAbility.

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