Peter Rabbit Organics Pouches Review

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was extremely excited to learn of the company, Peter Rabbit Organics, and the quality of the products they create.

This is how they describe their brand:

“We started Peter Rabbit Organics for the simple reason that we found it hard to find healthy snacks with no added salt, sugar or artificial ingredients. Our goal was to create a product that was healthy, delicious, convenient and suitable for both you and your little ones. We never cut corners and ensure that whatever we make gets a full thumbs up from all the team and our special taste testers before it goes into the stores.”

After reading that, I thought: how cool is that!? I get so excited about companies like this.

Peter Rabbit Organics Pouches Review

I have never tried a pureed fruit and/or veggie mixture like this and was a bit apprehensive at first, but after trying them, I will surely seek out buying more. These nutritious and delicious snacks are ideal when you are on-the-go or just when you need a good healthy boost. I am happy and excited to share what I think about a few of their products I’ve tried.

Pea, Spinach, and Apple Blend

Peter Rabbit Organics’ Description:

We’ve mashed together peas, spinach and apples to give your little ones a full serving of delicious, natural vegetables and fruit.

My Description and Thoughts:

No need to fear the spinach and peas in this puree–the apple makes it wonderfully greeny, refreshing, sweet, and a tad tart. The apple and pea flavors are more prominent than the spinach. The spinach background flavor is surprisingly nice. All-in-all, this mixture tastes great and packs a nice green and yummy punch.

Mango, Banana, and Orange Blend

Peter Rabbit Organics’ Description:

We’ve squeezed and squished the juiciest mangoes, refreshing oranges and the most delicious bananas into our pouch. One of our fruit snacks had to be blended with mangoes, because (like most people) mangoes are our favourite fruit but a little messy to prepare and eat at school…or in the office!!

My Description and Thoughts:

This one is my favorite of the three. I am a mango and banana fanatic already, so this puree really hits the spot. When i took the first slurp, I didn’t want to stop–it is so decadent and delicious! Completely satisfying, and makes you want more.

Apple and Grape Blend

Peter Rabbit Organics’ Description:

Inside this pouch we’ve simply blended organic apples and grapes to give you a 100% healthy, natural snack. If you’re an apple fan then this is the snack for you. It’s apple sauce but a bit more fun and a lot more delicious!!

My Description and Thoughts:

What a delicious and unexpected combination. The apple and grape are a perfect marriage for a yummy, sweet and nutritious snack. The puree texture reminds me of good ol’ applesauce, except even better! This one is very satisfying and has a great flavor.

You can shop any and all Peter Rabbit Products here!

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