March 19, 2023

BPA Free Coffee Maker Ideas

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Welcome to this post: BPA Free Coffee Maker Ideas.

Before we all freak out, know that this post is hard to share because I realize how many people use plastic-based coffee makers on a daily basis. Read the whole post here, though. I worked hard to make it concise, palatable, and actionable for you.

BPA Free Coffee Maker Ideas

A few important things to note here:

-Getting away from plastic, even if you take baby steps, is a good thing

-Glass (specifically borosilicate) and 100% ceramic seem to be the best, safest, most nontoxic vessels for hot liquids

-Stainless steel is superior to plastic

-Some evidence suggests that there is leaching potential with metals when the liquid is hot. Other research states that the heat that coffee-brewing happens at is not sufficient for leaching to happen.

-Research around some ceramics (with a focus on the coating used) suggests that chemicals leached at high temps are a concern. I think ceramic is still a better option than plastic, but just wanted to mention that to be thorough (in re: to the tan-colored V60 coffee filter above)

-Your body is resilient and it can overcome exposure to unwanted chemicals. I think the key is to continue to do better when we know better. High stress around toxins is not necessary, just a natural gathering of information + implementation.

You’re reading: BPA Free Coffee Maker Ideas.

Approved Coffee Vessels Pictured:

Xtrema Cookware Kettle

100% ceramic kettle (code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off). Nontoxic, no leaching, not made with harmful chemicals.

Glass Carafe Brewer & Reusable Filter

@the_chemex Coffee Brewer + @ovalwarecoffee Stainless Steel (with silicone rim) Filter

Presto Percolator

Presto Stainless Steel Percolator (it is plastic on the bottom, but the inside of the vessel that holds the liquid is entirely metal)

Glass French Press

A small business called @yielddesignco makes some beautiful ones that use heatproof borosilicate glass.

For mold-tested, clean coffees, check out this blog post. What’s your experience with coffee brewing been like?

You have been reading: BPA Free Coffee Maker Ideas.

BPA Free Coffee Maker Ideas

Thank you for stopping by this post: BPA Free Coffee Maker Ideas.

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No matter what search terms got you here, I’m happy to be connected and I appreciate your support of my blog. Rooting for you to feel good and find some incredible holistic alternatives here.

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