Saola Sustainable Shoes Review

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Saola Sustainable Shoes Review
Saola Sustainable Shoes Review

About Saola Shoes:

Each year, 25 billion pairs of shoes are manufactured world-wide. Sadly, almost none of these are made sustainably, making the textile industry the world’s second largest polluter behind oil and gas.

The uppers of SAOLA shoes are made with recycled plastic bottles. These are otherwise known as PET.

Also, SAOLA insoles and many of the shoes’ outsoles are made with recycled Algae Foam.

Too, SAOLA also uses organic cotton for the laces, and natural cork in the insoles.

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Saola Sustainable Shoes Review

Men’s Cannon Shoe: Color – Fossil

The Cannon: A classic for work, travel and everything in between.

100% vegan, ultra-light and comfy. Made from recycled and bio-based materials.

  • Upper made of 3 recycled plastic bottles.
  • Insole : 100% natural cork, harvested algae foam and EVA make a perfect sustainable combo for a maximum of comfort.
  • Outsole : Natural algaes and EVA brings lightness & cushioning while rubber reinforcements guarantee a maximum of durability.
    • 11 gallons of clean water returned to habitat per pair (BloomFoam tech)
    • 27 m3 of air cleaned per pair (BloomFoam tech)
  • 100% organic cotton laces.
Saola Sustainable Shoes Review

Saola Sustainable Shoes Review

This is a total breathe of fresh air and quite frankly, a surprise, coming from the sneaker/shoe industry. In some ways it also is not surprising. In the sense that I have experienced glimpses & humans that are radically passionate about producing less waste & being more resourceful. It’s cool to see that enthusiasm come together in a brand.

It’s pretty incredible what Saola Shoes has created with this line. Not only do they have many styles for both men & women. But, as you saw above, they are creating them out of bio-based and recyclable materials. Moreover, I’m so impressed by that.


As you can see, I opted to wear them with a cotton maxi dress. To me, they were perfect for this look. Comfort wise, they took me several wears to break them in around my achilles. But, I wore them with jeans or flare leggings to that I could wear crew socks with them. You wouldn’t see my socks, but could see the shoes. I did this to break them in. In summary, socks are a great option with them, if you prefer that.

They go into great detail explaining their manufacturing process here. If you’re interesting in learning about the specifics, check that out.

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