Bon Charge Plug In Night Light

Bon Charge Plug In Night Light is the ultimate night light, and is designed with your optimal sleep in mind. Bon Charge Plug In Night Light emits a soothing and sleep-friendly red light, free from any blue and green light, creating the ideal ambience for a good night’s sleep. The plug-in design delivers lighting all night long, with an optional in-built motion activation setting for illumination when you want it.

The Bon Charge Plug In Night Light is a compact and powerful night light, emitting red light with a peak wavelength of 630nm, which has been shown not to disrupt sleep when used after sunset. If you need a night light for after-dark use or while you or your child sleeps, this is the one you’ve been looking for.

Plug it into your wall socket, switch it on, and toggle the brightness setting to your desired level for optimal sleep. This light provides illumination without disrupting your circadian rhythm. With 3 settings to choose from and an in-built motion activation mode, the Bon Charge Plug In Night Light is as versatile as it is circadian-friendly. This light has multiple settings, so you can choose from constant illumination, motion-activated, or off mode to suit and enjoy sleep-friendly lighting anywhere you desire it.

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