January 10, 2013

Aubrey Organics Hair Styling Products Review

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Welcome to this post: Aubrey Organics Hair Styling Products Review.

Aubrey Organics Hair Styling Product Review

Primrose Tangle-Go Hair Conditioner & Detangler

Aubrey Organics’ Description: 

“Spray conditioner and detangler restores lost moisture without building up on the hair. Apply after or in-between shampoos to smooth dry, frizzy, flyaway hair, add body and hold and keep hair soft and manageable.”

My Description & Thoughts:

This product smells like a bundle of fresh roses–truly. It has such a pleasant scent. It also does a great job as a detangler. I apply it to the ends of my hair (approximately the lower third) when my hair is still slightly damp from showering. I will continue to restock my stash of this product because of how effective and pleasant the scent it.

Mandarin Ginkgo Leaf & Ginseng Root Hair Moisturizing Jelly

Aubrey Organics’ Description:

“Eight hair-nourishing Chinese herbals, plus hair-thickening vitamin B-5 and herbal gums add up to one superb styling product that moisturizes as it holds. Adds body and shine without weighing down the hair.”

My Description & Thoughts:

This jelly is great for when the end of my hair are super dry. It gives my hair a good, hefty dose of moisture. I use this one more sporadically, as I don’t need this moisture boost as often. It has a fresh and citrusy scent to it.

Sea Buckthorn Leave-In Liquid Conditioner & Curl Activator

Aubrey Organics’ Description: 

“Spray-on conditioner adds body and softness and brings curls back to life with sea buckthorn oil and oat protein. Use after your regular conditioner and in-between shampoos to redefine curls and protect hair from blow dryer damage.”

My Description & Thoughts:

Most days my hair air dries. For the days when I style it, I tend to curl it with a curling iron. This leave-in conditioner is wonderful for those days. It gives the ends of my hair enough moisture so that the heat from the curling iron does not cause my hair to become damaged/dried out. It also helps the curls maintain structure, without making them look crunchy. My hair just looks moisturized and pretty after using it.

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