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Welcome to this post: How to Master Cellulite Naturally.

My knee-jerk on this topic is to encourage you to cultivate self-peace regardless of the shape your physical body takes – while also staying curious about what the body is communicating). This is a post about understanding the body💛

How to Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally: It’s an Effective Yet Multi-Faceted Approach

As we’ll get into in this post, there are so many components that contribute to the incidence of cellulite on the body, including the fact that women are more susceptible due to more physical layers of adipose tissue around the glutes and thighs. Lifestyle factors, how you fuel your body, and how active you are can all impact fat storage. Keep in mind, it’s not all about body fat percentage. This explains why some women that are very slender can still have cellulite on their legs and bum.

Personally, I like to think about cellulite as a clue from my body that it could use support. Just like acne on the face can be an indicator of some internal cleansing needed or hormonal imbalances that are happening, I view cellulite as more than just a stubborn beauty-related vanity thing. I see it as a signal that perhaps I could better support my body so that it better detoxifies estrogen, I could be more diligent about prioritizing circulation and dry brushing, and that I could be mindful of my lifestyle as a whole so that my body is effectively moving and grooving as it was meant to.

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Women Are Storage Experts

The female body is highly efficient at fat storage to sustain us and our offspring throughout motherhood. Cellulite is part of our expert fat storage capacity. We also rely on body fat for thermoregulation, energy storage, and cushioning in the body between organs. Cellulite, the term, was first used in 1966 in the April edition of US Vogue magazine. It made its way into pop-culture vocabulary in 1973 with the publication of Cellulite: Those Lumps, Bumps, & Bulges You Couldn’t Lose Before by Nicole Ronsard.

More than 80% of women have cellulite. Knees, thighs, and backside are common spots for cellulite because there are three layers of fat in these areas, as well as in the stomach & triceps. (other areas of the body have just one layer of adipose – or fat – tissue). Most docs consider cellulite a normal condition of being a woman & assure us that no one has ever died of cellulite – nor died from complications of cellulite.

Our cellulite concern is aesthetic. However, the presence of cellulite can give us hints about our health state.

Contributors to Cellulite Include

– circulation insufficiencies
– sedentary lifestyle or immobility
– nutritional deficiencies
– increased body fat
– estrogen dominance
– age
– collagen and connective tissue breakdown
– genetics


Poor circulation (blood + lymph flow) creates the right environment for cellulite to form. A reason cellulite commonly forms on the back of the legs is because it is not a highly vascularized area.

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How to Master Cellulite Naturally feel more gooder living libations copper dry brush cellulight oil

Oxygenating Copper Dry Brush paired with CelluLight Oil

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Living Libations, amongst my top 2 favorite skincare lines ever, makes a beautiful duo for supporting lymph flow and cirulation in the areas on your body that you want to support.

I use both of these daily during the warmer months and am working on keeping them a part of my daily yearlong routine for circulation support.

This duo is the best out there in my opinion, and will be a powerful part of your body care routine in regards to how to get rid of cellulite on legs naturally.


There are about 34 genes linked to collagen, which plays a big role in the appearance of skin. Also, women have 3 layers of fat, men have 1.


The structure of connective tissue in women is arched, like an upside down U. Fat cells inside the U protrude outward toward the skin. In men, connective tissue forms more like ^ or x shape so when their fat cells increase in size they grow laterally or down into the body instead of pushing outward toward the skin.


Chronically high levels of cortisol due to unchecked stress sets off a cascade of health issues, including the degradation of collagen. This also includes poor sleep duration & quality, both of which can exacerbate overall stress levels.

You’re reading: How to Master Cellulite Naturally.


Until age 30, the skin continues to get stronger. After that, connective tissues tend to decline & collagen production decreases.

Increased Body Fat

Cellulite occurs on lean & thick women, alike. It’s appearance can just be enhanced by an increase in overall body fat. This aspect of cellulite incidence is highly individual and can vary from woman to woman. Even just observing bodies you see during a day at the beach can show you how unique every person’s physiology is. At the same time, we can also recognize some patterns in the human body that can guide us in the right direction.


Estrogen has an impact on the blood vessels. When estrogen begins to decrease, we lose estrogen receptors in blood vessels that can lead to decreased circulation. Also—too much estrogen makes adipose tissue cells larger and cellulite more pronounced.

In menstruating women, estrogen is typically higher during the first 14 days of your cycle. Thus, you may notice that how much you see pronounced cellulite on yourself may vary throughout the month.

However, your overall estrogen levels in the body on the average will typically take weeks to months to truly change and effect fat storage. Remember that holistic, natural change that considers all of your system and avoids side effects can take time. That’s not a bad thing, though. The lessons we learn along the way can only happen when there’s time in between where we are and where we want to be. Also, remember that your body is designed to stay alive. Survival is your body’s number one priority. Manipulating fat mass and producing hormones differently is second to that. Thus, it may take longer.

How to Master Cellulite Naturally

-balance hormones
-manage stress
-increase circulation w/ movement (I like a combination of zone 2 cardio, strength training, and high intensity sprint training)
-collagen supportive foods (many grass-fed animal products contain collagen; supplementing can help too)
-reduce edema + support lymph (dry brushing + EOs – I like Living Libations CelluLight Oil, linked above)
-reduce inflammation (I like using a Weston A. Price-inspired way of eating as inspiration for how to fuel)
-focus on healthy muscle mass (prioritize weight & resistance training)
-nutrient dense nutrition – especially cruciferous veggies

For more resources on related topics, check out my Collagen Post and my Living Libations Review.

Thank you for stopping by this post: How to Master Cellulite Naturally.

Here some inspirational quotes about cellulite that will hopefully brighten your day and persective if you’re having a hard time embracing your body:

  1. “Society, advertising, and magazines want women to believe that thinness and perfect skin are synonymous with beauty, that it’s impossible to be attractive without these unattainable standards. But this is clearly wrong; most men love curves, stretch marks, and even your cellulitis that you abhor. So, caress them with a smile because they are the very sign of your femininity.”
    ― Anoir Ou-Chad
  2. “Being unkind to your body in any given moment won’t change your body in that moment. It will change the way you feel about being in your body. You can interact with your body differently. You can choose your body back. Regardless of how easy or difficult it is to live there.” – Anna Sweeney
  3. “Just because we have acne, tummy rolls, and chaffing thighs doesn’t mean we need fixed. Period.” – Mik Zazon
  4. “You don’t need an excuse to feel good about yourself.” – Jessamyn
  5. “Remember that our bodies are always changing, and that’s okay. What’s really unhealthy is trying to fit into an unrealistic norm of what is seen as perfect.” – Olakemi
  6. “Some people are telling me ‘I’m too skinny,’ others are telling me ‘I have too much muscle for a girl.’ The point is you are never going to satisfy everyone. The number on the scale is just that. A number. It is never okay to shame anyone for their appearance and I’m here to remind you that your body is beautiful no matter what your weight is.” – It’s Dana Fitness
  7. “You see there are other people — just like you. Feeling the exact same way. And suddenly being isolated to your own body and mind doesn’t feel so… alone.” – Kai Wes
  8. “I was born like this, it’s not like I chose it for myself. But that hasn’t stopped the constant barrage of strangers and my own family telling me how to ‘look healthy.’ But I decided that enough was enough. If people didn’t like how I looked, it was their problem, not mine. In a world where fingers are pointed and judgements are passed at the drop of a hat, I’m going to do myself a favor and love myself so hard that even the haters will finally learn to live and let live.” – Mansi Ugale

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No matter what search terms got you here, I’m happy to be connected and I appreciate your support of my blog and this post: Natural Products for Cellulite. Rooting for you to feel good and find some incredible holistic alternatives here.

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