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Welcome to the Feel More Gooder Health & Wellness Shop! This page includes coupon codes, links and info about my favorite nutrition supplements, clean beauty, skincare, fitness gear and other items I believe in!

I wholeheartedly recommend these products. They are what I use in my daily life to elevate my overall wellness.

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A cup of joe in the morning is a part of my routine. Here are my favorite products to make that cup come together.

laird superfood unsweetened creamer health store

Laird Superfood Unsweetened Creamer

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Laird Superfood Creamers are crafted from the highest quality all-natural whole food ingredients. They are sustainably sourced, thoroughly tested, made with all-natural whole food ingredients, contain a full range of MCTs,  are specifically formulated to provide better energy than coffee alone, cholesterol free, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, stevia-free, keto-friendly, paleo, non-gmo, free of artificial flavors and contains no additives.

laird superfood organic peruvian coffee functional mushrooms

Laird Superfood Organic Coffee with Functional Mushroom Extracts

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Laird Superfood Organic Peruvian Coffee with Extracts of Functional Mushrooms is crafted with premium, certified organic Peruvian coffee beans. Our hand-picked beans are grown at high-altitude and slow-roasted in small batches to ensure a consistent, rich, and bold flavor profile.

This special coffee blend takes your morning cup to a new level with the inclusion of three of our favorite functional mushrooms: Chaga, Lion’s Mane, and Cordyceps. The abundant properties of functional mushrooms are thought to contribute to overall wellness.

purity coffee health store

Purity Coffee

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Lab tested for pesticides, mold & contaminants. Fresh-roasted, specialty grade, antioxidant-rich, medium roast organic whole bean coffee delivered fresh to your door. Each 12 oz bag will produce about 25-35 8oz. cups of brewed coffee. Clean, delicious, healthy, organic coffee.

teeccino decaf coffee alternative

Teeccino Herbal Coffee – Coffee Alternative

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Naturally free of caffeine. The coolness of peppermint leaves fuse with deep roasted dandelion and chicory roots; the lush richness of cocoa powder creates a chocolatey finish. Gluten-free.

mud wtr coffee alternative

Mud Wtr – Coffee Alternative

With 1/7 of the caffeine as a cup of coffee, this is a great change up from coffee for afternoons.

Whether you were sick of the jitters from the office Keurig or g-ma’s Celestial Seasonings wasn’t quite cutting it, mud gives you the energy and focus in a manner that is jusssst right. With 1/7th the caffeine of coffee mud leans on ayurvedic herbs, adaptogens, and cacao to give you natural energy, focus, and immune support without having to worry about jitters or sleeping at night.

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In additional to a healthy diet, supplements can be tools in your wellness toolbox to help round out your vitamin, mineral & nutrient levels.

seed daily synbiotic prebiotic probiotic

Seed Daily Synbiotic

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Two strains in Seed’s Daily Synbiotic (Prebiotic + Probiotic) formulation were examined in a study for their beneficial effects in relieving intestinal discomfort, bloating, and pain. Healthy pooping means healthy bacteria means healthy body!

ion gut health

ION Gut Health

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ION stands for Intelligence of Nature; formulated by functional medicine practitioner & Dr. Zach Bush. This easy-to-take formula goes beyond probiotics to repair the gut lining.

Glyphosate, amongst other gut infections & common food additives can compromise the gut lining over time. ION helps repair the tight junctions in the gut so that food sensitivities, gut imbalance & a multitude of other health issues can be a thing of the past.

seeking health optimal multivitamin

Seeking Health Optimal Multivitamin


  • Includes methylated b-vitamins for maximum assimilation & absorption
  • With natural antioxidants C and E, plus bioflavonoids
  • Includes a supportive fruit, vegetable and greens blend
  • May help support a healthy immune system
  • May help support normal energy production
seeking health ox bile 500

Seeking Health Ox Bile


  • Helps support gallbladder function (sluggish motility in the gallbladder can elicit gut dysbiosis)
  • Support healthy fat metabolism
  • Maintain a healthy digestive process
  • Sustain healthy energy production
  • Support normal nutrient absorption
pique daily immune support health store

Pique Daily Immune Liposomal Vitamin C

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  • Liposomal Vitamin C supports healthy collagen levels
  • Elderberry superfood complex helps combat sun damage
  • Maximized for Absorption™ with liposomal encapsulation
  • 7 clean ingredients, including 3 fruit concentrates
  • Antioxidants help smooth and brighten skin from the inside out
bulletproof coconut charcoal

Bulletproof Coconut Activated Charcoal

  • Support the elimination of everyday toxins from party food, traveling, and more
  • Help reduce the next-day effects of overindulgence
  • Ultra-fine powder for increased surface area to bind positively-charged toxins
  • Help remove heavy metals, bacteria, and gas
  • Feel the difference fast
ancestral supplements beef organs

Ancestral Supplements

Code FMG10 for 10% off

  • Pasture Raised In New Zealand
  • Grass-fed & Grass-Finished
  • Hormone, Pesticide & GMO Free
  • Absolutely No Fillers (or) Flow Agents
  • 100% Freeze Dried In Contrast To The Heat Processed Varieties
  • Non-Defatted, Left As Organs Exist In Nature
  • Third Party Tested For Purity
estro balance doc nutrients

Doc Nutrients Estro Balance

Formerly called “Estroblock”, this supplement with the same formula was an absolute game changer for my hormonal, cystic, stubborn acne. In fact, I have not had one, single hormonal breakout (I mean the deeply rooted kind) since using this product. The best part is that you don’t have to take it forever.

It helps you detox bad estrogen in your body and recalibrate so that you lessen the burden, which clears up your skin. When you can’t expel through your liver, your body expels thru your skin. So, this makes sense!

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Vital to build and maintain lean body mass, these are great sources of those essential amino acids. Not all protein powders are created equally. These are the best ones I’ve come across.

laird superfood renew protein

Laird Superfood Renew Protein

Use code FMG15 for 15% off your first order

19 grams of plant based protein. 9 essential amino acids. 4 functional mushrooms. 4 protein packed seeds. No junk, just plants.

Laird Superfood Renew Protein packs sacha inchi as the main protein source, making this product unique. It contains no preservatives, and it delicious even mixed with just water.

sunwarrior warrior blend protein

Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Protein

Use code FEELMOREGOODER for 20% off

Warrior Blend is an easily digestible, nutrient filled superfood perfect for anyone who wants to amplify their health and fitness.

Medium-chain triglycerides from coconut then join this dynamic fusion to create a unique plant-based protein amino acid profile, containing Arginine, Lysine, Leucine, and branched-chain amino acids.

vital proteins collagen peptides

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

This Collagen Peptides powerhouse is sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised bovine hides to ensure a natural, high quality, and sustainable source of the powerful ingredient.

Collagen Peptides are helpful to incorporate for better hair, skin, nails, gut health and immunity.

primal kitchen collagen quench

Primal Kitchen Collagen Quench

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Taste the tropics and support hair, skin, and nails with Primal Kitchen’s Collagen Quench in Mango Pineapple. Offering real fruit powders, 10g of collagen and 250% DV vitamin C in every serving, this quick-to-mix powder is a convenient way to supplement your day, mid-morning smoothie, anytime shake, or late-afternoon seltzer. 

sprout living epic protein

Sprout Living Green Kingdom Epic Protein

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Green Kingdom is a thoughtful blend of organic plant protein, prebiotics and nutrient-dense superfoods.

With absolutely no additives, it is the purest protein powder you can find. 19 g complete plant protein, smooth texture with real flavors, potent land & sea greens such as kale, Indian moringa & spirulina. No “natural” flavoring, gums or additives.

nuzest clean lean protein

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein

Use code FEELMOREGOODER15 for 15% off

This Premium European Golden Pea Protein Powder contains 19-21 grams per serving and very low fat and carbs.

Clean Lean Protein is the perfect vegan protein that’s natural and free from all common allergens. A totally refreshing, delicious and nutritious drink – just add water!

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Plant powered goodness to elevate your health in so many aspects (think: better sleep, more energy, balancing the hormones).

tusol wellness superfoods

Tusol Wellness Superfood Smoothie Packs

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Tusol’s goal is to inspire the cultivation of happiness from within by designing clean, healing products for targeted results that make this journey both transformative and enjoyable.

Such a pledge to purity honors the complexity and beauty of our bodies while facilitating deep personal connection and allowing individual happiness to radiate from within.

medicinal foods cacao elixir

Medicinal Foods Cacao Elixir


Contains Raw Chocolate, Hemp Protein, and our proprietary Shaman’s Blend, the best superfood powder on earth, which has Medicinal Mushroom, Supergreens, Tonic Herbs, and Mood Enhancers. This smooth, stone-ground, cacao mix can be blended to make superfood smoothies, a chocolatey mocha latte, nutrient-dense hot chocolate, ice cream and more.

sunwarrior ormus supergreens

Sunwarrior Ormus Supergreens

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Sunwarrior’s Ormus SuperGreens are grown in pristine, fertile ancient volcanic lowlands. Similar to the Ancient Nile’s river banks, they are continually being replenished by the region’s high mountain river.

Their patented cold-drying system protects heat-sensitive bio-active constituents and phytonutrients, creating a superfood that is live, raw and bio-available. This process conserves nature’s delicate balance of essential oils, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals.


quicksilver scientific 30 day reset

Quicksilver Scientific 30 Day Reset

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Get back to your full potential and create a healthy foundation for the future. This inspiring 4-week program pairs groundbreaking detox, energy, longevity, and mineralization formulas along with nutrition plans and exercise recommendations to quickly get you back on track.

Microbe Formulas

Code FEELMOREGOODER10 for 10% off

Microbe Formulas provides a functional medicine approach to cleansing.

The Foundational Protocol is a four-step process designed to support your health at the root level and promote whole-body wellness.

Nutramedix Detox Support Kit

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These potent plant-based tinctures help ramp up your body’s natural detoxification pathways. Benefits of incorporating these plant tinctures include less brain fog, reduced inflammation, more energy & better athletic performance.

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We absorb what wear on our skin all day! It’s best to keep it clean. These are my go-to’s for makeup.

vapour beauty matte smoothie primer

Vapour Beauty Matte Smoothing Primer

Code GOODER15 for 15% off

The ideal base. Improves makeup performance with plant-tech actives.

Perfectly preps skin with a velvety matte finish. Reduces shine. Refines pores. Tones with Celery + Cranberry. Protects and soothes with Jojoba + Amino Acids. Look fresh all day.

Great for all skin types and all skin tones, including sensitive skin. For dry skin layer over moisturizer.

fit glow vita active foundation

Fit Glow Vita Active Foundation

Vita Active Foundation is more than just a way to perfect skin tone but a healthy way to nourish skin with clinically proven superfoods and essential vitamins. The plant-based, skin-loving blend of Vitamin C, Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, Seaweed Brighteners, and Beta-Carotene increases collagen production and dramatically boosts skin’s ability to diminish spots, freckles, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and improves elasticity. Daily use leaves skin clear, smooth, and radiant.

100 percent pure fruit pigmented healthy foundation

100 Percent Pure Fruit Pigmented Healthy Foundation

Complexion-perfecting natural foundation enriched with antioxidant-packed superfruits, vitamins, and other skin-nourishing nutrients. Creamy liquid formula sets with a pristine matte finish for soft, velvety smooth skin. Gorgeous fruit pigments and rice powder deliver 100% opacity, ideal for absolute full coverage of dark circles or hyperpigmentation, controlled shine, and balanced excess oil.

araza beauty jojoba infused mineral powder foundation

Araza Beauty Jojoba Infused Mineral Powder Foundation

Code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off

Ever heard of jojoba? It’s a silly word that’s fun to say. JO-JO-BA! But more importantly, it’s an oil known for its incredible moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties. And this powder foundation is chocked full of it. With the added superpowers of wild picked araza fruit and neem extracts, your skin will be nourished from the inside while pure silk powder provides a luxurious feel on the outside. A divine complexion starts with jojoba.

mineral fusion pressed powder foundation

Mineral Fusion Pressed Powder Foundation

A powder foundation that won’t settle into fine lines. Mineral Fusion Pressed Powder Base is triple-milled for a smooth-as-can-be finish that airbrushes pores.

Pomegranate, White Tea, Red Tea, and Sea Kelp help promote lit-from-within radiance while banishing free radical damage. Powerhouse Vitamin C & E add to the skin-loving mix.

vapour beauty blush powder

Vapour Beauty Blush Powder

Code MOREGOODER15 for 15% off

Create a soft, semi-translucent veil that diffuses skin with light to allow your living color to shine through. In addition, a little adds a healthy flush. Too, you can layer more for a vivid pop. Hydrates with Olive Squalane + soothing Amino Acids.

Briefly, it has a velvety soft powder blush. Also, it has rich color, is easily blendable. Finally, it’s totally buildable.

100 percent pure cocoa pigmented bronzer

100 Percent Pure Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer

Warm your complexion using vitamin-rich fruit and cocoa pigments, laced with luminescent gems and minerals for subtle shimmer and a sun-kissed glow.

100 percent pure better naked palette

100 Percent Pure Better Naked Palette

Fruit Pigmented® makeup palette amplifies rosy, taupe, and beige toned nudes. Also, this palette uses shimmery, gilded metallics. In summary, it includes eyeshadows, blush, and highlighter.

araza beauty multi pot

Araza Beauty Multi Pot

Use code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off

Firstly, it’s a little paradise in your makeup bag. Too, this multi-use Mango Cream Color Pot goes on seamlessly to create a soft wash of cushiony color for your cheeks and lips.

In addition, it’s made with a super rich and decadent blend of hydrating watermelon seed oil, skin plumping mango butter and natural earth pigments; it’s the skin-loving way to add an effortless, natural flush of color to your face. Ever so subtle scent of tropical key-lime and packaged in our glass container.  

100 percent pure matte lipstick health store

100 Percent Pure Matte Lipstick

An innovative matte lipstick formula that keeps lips moisturized all day long while providing stunning, long-lasting color.

Moreover, formulated with chocolate and antioxidant-rich fruit pigments like cherry, blueberry, and peach. Also, it’s made with a nourishing blend of cocoa butter, shea butter, and vitamin E to moisturize and protect delicate lips from dryness.

vapour beauty elixir gloss

Vapour Beauty Elixir Gloss

Code GOODER15 for 15% off

Tinted lip oil with just the right amount of color and shine. Too, it’s comfortable and never sticky. In the same way, fluid and free is our reality.

Fluid gloss boosts moisture and gives the look of a plumper pout. Hydrates with Iceland Moss + Lemon Balm. Protects with Organic Green Tea. Fresh organic fruit flavors of Apricot + Fig.

lily lolo natural mascara

Lily Lolo Natural Mascara

Lily Lolo Creamy Natural Vegan Mascara is easy to apply and will volume and lengthen lashes to produce a dramatic effect. Too, it’s an everyday essential for fabulous looking lashes. Lily Lolo mascara is soft and creamy and has no artificial ingredients, just long lasting color with a smooth texture.

vapour mesmerize mascara

Vapour Mesmerize Mascara

Code MOREGOODER15 for 15% off

Clean mascara that lengthens, defines, and builds fluttery lashes. Also, it’s activated with untamed botanicals.

Full, glossy, jet black lashes. Furthermore, it conditions and softens with Acacia flower + Jojoba for lashes that are never crunchy. No flaking, no clumps and never irritating.

vapour beauty brow definer clean

Vapour Beauty Brow Definer

Code MOREGOODER15 for 15% off

Soft buildable intensity. Naturally full, defined brows. Also, this definer conditions with Jojoba + Organic Shea butter.

Moreover, it’s designed for visionaries, dreamers and artists of all mediums, — Easy to use vegan pencil + spoolie brush in one.

mineral fusion retractable brow pencil

Mineral Fusion Retractable Brow Pencil

The Mineral Fusion Retractable Eyebrow Pencil makes it easy to shape, fill, and define for natural-looking eyebrows. Also, dual ends make this the perfect all-in-one brow tool.

The thin spoolie is ideal for shaping and blending color for a more natural look. Moreover, velvety, glide-on mineral pigments provide buildable, long-lasting natural color. Formula is infused with botanicals.

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Primally Pure Deodorant

Code FEELMOREGOODER20 for 20% off

Effective during even my toughest CrossFit workouts. Primally Pure’s Deodorants are the best I’ve ever used. Too, you have peace of mind using them, as they are completely non-toxic. Also, they are non-irritating and the activated charcoal ingredient in this product helps bind to toxins in the body. The Blue Tansy & Charcoal formulas are my two favorites. Furthermore, Primally Pure also makes Geranium, Lavender, Lemongrass, Tea Tree, and Unscented versions.

primally pure plumping mask

Primally Pure Plumping Mask

Code FEELMOREGOODER20 for 20% off

Naturally plumps skin and promotes a youthful appearance.

This rejuvenating mask visibly firms skin, stimulates cell renewal and promotes circulation + collagen production. In addition, ingredients including Hibiscus Powder, Bakuchiol and Rosehip Seed Oil work together to support mature, aging or dehydrated skin states. In conclusion, the result is youthful, nourished, vibrant skin.

living libations green papaya lime mask

Living Libations Green Papaya + Lime Mask

Code FEELGOOD15 for 15% off

This green papaya + lime mask gently tones and exfoliates skin while maximizing moisture and expanding elasticity. This mask is made with fruit-derived enzymes along with raw sugar cane as supple exfoliating agents. If your face, neck or décolleté could benefit from enzymatic exfoliating, firming and moisturizing our carefully crafted mask does the task. Glistening Aloe Vera gel and Golden Jojoba encourage marvelous moisture, elasticity, and suppleness.

osmia organics detox exfoliating mask

Osmia Organics Detox Exfoliating Mask

Three kinds of purifying clay, nourishing raw cacao and raw honey powder, and activated bamboo charcoal are the key ingredients in this dual-purpose, powdered exfoliating mask.

It may be used weekly as an exfoliating paste – the organic, finely-ground walnut shells and olive leaf powders will gently resurface and condition the skin. 

living libations royal rose honey mask

Living Libations Royal Rose Honey Mask

Code FEELGOOD15 for 15% off

The Royal Rose Honey Mask is a cleanser and beautifier of royal proportions with ravishing Morevoer, rose petals and clarifying Rose clay swirled into the opulent enzymes and nourishing nutrients of Wildflower Honey.

This mask combines sweet Rose petals, Rose clay and adds to this active ambrosia, CoQ10 for firmer skin, precious Pearl powder to polish, Myrrh for moisture, Immortelle for balance and a bouquet of extraordinary essential oils that tone the skin.

osmia organics purely gentle mud cleanser

Osmia Organics Purely Gentle Mud Cleanser

Who knew putting mud on your face could feel so extraordinary? This Purely Gentle Mud Cleanser combines the deep cleansing power of glacial oceanic clay with organic aloe, chamomile, and honey to leave your skin clean, soft, and deliciously plump.

Moreover, this cleanser has a creamy, mildly foamy texture. Also, the earthy, mingled aromas of sandalwood, geranium, and three kinds of clay do the cleaning job. In brief, this nourishing cleanser brings natural luxury to a new level.

osea ocean cleanser

OSEA Ocean Cleanser

Code FMG10 for 10% off

Wake up your skin and your senses. This pH balanced formula removes surface impurities, excess oils and gently exfoliates to minimize the appearance of pores. Seaweed provides mineral rich hydration for a clear, radiant complexion you can see and feel.

annmarie gianni renew facial cleanser

Annmarie Gianni Skincare Renew Cleanser

A gentle, pH-balanced cream cleanser to nourish and refresh skin daily. Hydrate with organic aloe vera and uplift the senses with oils of citrus and spruce.

osea sea vitamin boost

OSEA Sea Vitamin Boost

Code FMG10 for 10% off

Flood skin with dewy moisture for anti-aging benefits. Our refreshing facial mist plumps the look of fine lines and tones your skin for a healthy, radiant glow.

Loaded with antioxidant-rich seaweed and pomegranate that visibly reduce signs of aging. This vitamin elixir nourishes skin exposed to environmental blue light all day.

osea hyaluronic sea serum

OSEA Hyaluronic Sea Serum

Code FMG10 for 10% off

A burst of hydration for all skin types. This fast absorbing concentrated serum smooths the appearance of fine lines and provides visible lift. Our nourishing formula draws water-based moisture to the skin like a magnet.

A synergy of three molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid and three nutrient-rich seaweeds work together to restore and maintain optimal moisture levels, keeping your skin hydrated all day long.

osmia organics purely simple face cream

Osmia Organics Purely Simple Face Cream

This cream contains simple, pure, plant-sourced ingredients and tiny amounts of the most precious essential oils, to give moisture with very low potential for irritation or adverse reaction.

Organic aloe juice effectively hydrates the skin, and a small amount of organic, vegetable-derived glycerin helps the skin retain moisture. This cream has a low percentage of oil-based ingredients, making it safe for sensitive skin. 

osea atmosphere protection cream

OSEA Atmosphere Protection Cream

Code FMG10 for 10% off

Help your skin face the day. This everyday lightweight moisturizer hydrates while providing barrier protection against environmental pollutants.

This antioxidant-rich formula is full of Seaweed, Shea Butter and Omega-rich oils. Quickly absorbs to a silky finish, ideal under sunscreen or makeup. An OSEA favorite that’s soon to be yours.

living libations best skin ever sea buckthorn oil

Living Libations Sea Buckthorn Oil

Code FEELGOOD15 for 15% off

Silky Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever, resets skin to its natural state of luminous, sparkling wonder! Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever is an all-in-one cleanser, exfoliator, and moisturizer that can be used to grace the face, tempt the nose, and make skin sing from head to toes!

Revive and clarify the grace of your skin and face with Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever, our best-selling skin elixir packed with omega fatty acids, vitamins, lipids, and hundreds of bioactive compounds.

primally pure blue tansy beauty balm

Primally Pure Beauty Balm

Code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off

This 5-ingredient Blue Tansy Beauty Cream deeply nourishes the skin without clogging pores, powerfully soothes inflammation and reduces the appearance of aging.

Even Azulene, the blue component in blue tansy essential oil soothes irritated + inflamed skin and powerfully combats inflammation.

zomchi safety razor

Zomchi Safety Razor

Code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off

Not like plastic and disposable razors which are impossible to recycle and harmful to our mother earth. Zomchi women’s safety razor is made to fight against the gigantic amounts of disposable razors which are sent to landfill every year.

In brief, all you need to do is to replace the blades which can be recycled. In the same way, this could save you a lot of money over those multi-blade plastic razors. Also, this razor provides an even closer shave than using a generic razor.

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primally pure dry shampoo

Primally Pure Non Toxic Dry Shampoo

Code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off

For days when you’re in a hurry or when washing/drying your hair feels like too big of a task, this dry shampoo will be your new best friend. Accordingly, this dry shampoo for dark hair contains more organic cocoa powder for seamless blending with all shades of brunette.

evolvh hair care

EVOLVH Hair Care

Code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off

A luxurious color safe shampoo for all hair types that visibly smooths, increases shine & elasticity while transforming texture to smooth and youthful softness, and improving hair health. Accordingly, a custom blend of nourishing antioxidants, plus amino and fatty acids work from within to give you your best healthy hair ever.

In brief, this best selling conditioner is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Also, it’s guaranteed to add immense shine, detangle, smooth, reduce frizz, and hydrate strands from within.

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boka ela mint toothpaste

Boka Natural Toothpaste

Code FEELMOREGOODER for 20% off

A natural fluoride alternative, nano-hydroxyapatite is a modern evolution in dentistry. Firstly, it’s been a gold standard in Japan for over 40-years. In addition, it’s safe if ingested. Also, it’s safe for kids.

living libations ozonated happy gum gel

Living Libations Ozonated Happy Gum Gel

Code FEELGOOD15 for 15% off

The ozone that’s injected into this essential-oil packed gum gel makes it a anti-viral & anti-fungal powerhouse. Apply this after brushing & flossing to prevent tartar & plague from building up on your teeth & near your gums.

I simply use my fingertip to apply it roughly throughout my mouth, and then the tip of my tongue to maneuver it around to each corner of my mouth.

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CBD + Natural Pain Relief

biofit 360 relief cream

BioFit 360 Relief Cream

Code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off

Our CBD oil-infused topical relief cream provides naturally powerful, fast-acting relief from neck, back, muscle, and joint soreness.

Also, the soothing sensation and calming scent are ideal for penetrating massages, deep relaxation, and helping muscles recover faster. This cream is a must for athletes, active lifestyles, and fitness enthusiasts.

bio fit 360 relief cbd oil

Biofit 360 Relief CBD Oil

Code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off

The Relief formula is the go to when you are experiencing pain. Each dropper contains 33mg of extra strength CBD oil and premium herbal extracts designed to help reduce inflammation and pain naturally.

In addition, this citrus-flavored formula may provide powerful fast-acting relief from aches and chronic pain. Easy to add to drinks or for fastest results leave drops under the tongue for 45 seconds then swallow.

life seasons relieve-r

Life Seasons Reliever-R

Code JESICA for 20% off

Relieve-R, a natural pain relief supplement that eases discomfort while helping to relax muscles and quiet the mind. For instance, not only does it soothe everyday aches and pains by inhibiting substances that can be irritating, but it also helps calm the nervous system.

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airestech emf protection

Aires Tech EMF Protection

Code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off

As electronics are slowly becoming integrated into nearly every part of our lives, our exposure to EMFs is higher than ever. This reliance on tech may be invisibly impacting our wellness in a big way. Considering the reality of this, it’s more crucial than ever to look to brands like Aires Tech for how they can help you mitigate the damage.

naturepedic eos classic mattress shop

Naturepedic Organic Mattress

Code SWEETDREAMS for free ground shipping

EOS Classic:

EOS is all about you. You get to choose how you want your bed to feel and we designed it in a way that maximizes your personal comfort and flexibility. In addition, your sleep partner also gets to choose their sleep preferences so you’ll never have to compromise. 

Furthermore, the EOS Classic is packed with real fibers that wick moisture and help keep you cool all night. Also, its hybrid design features organic latex and a contouring support system that actually gives heat somewhere to go. EOS is by far our favorite and most popular mattress!

hurom slow juicer

Hurom Slow Juicer

Our stylish HP slow juicer will meet all your personal juicing needs. For instance, whether you’re making orange juice, almond milk or sorbets, the HP slow juicer will rise to the challenge. Its compact size ensures it will fit comfortably on any kitchen counter.

The HP rotates at a speed of just 43 revolutions per minute to mimic the motion of hand squeezing juice. This patented Slow Squeeze Technology ensures your juice stays fresh and in its most natural state.

In brief, this juicer works wonderfully on fruits, cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and soybeans to create nutritious cold pressed juices, milk, tofu, and more.

berkey water filter shop

Berkey Water Filter

The Big Berkey is the most popular system mostly due to the fact that it’s a perfect size for 2-4 people. Also, The Big Berkey system is constructed of highly polished 304 stainless steel.

Moreover, it comes complete with 2 Black Berkey purification elements (expandable to 4), 2 chambers, lid, a spigot, rubber gasket base, and 2 blocking plugs. Lastly, up to 4 PF-2 Fluoride and Arsenic filters can be installed into the lower chamber.

Berkey Sport Bottle

The 22oz. Sport Berkey Portable Water bottle is the ideal choice for a personal traveling companion. Also, the Sport Berkey Bottle features Berkey’s exclusive Ionic absorption micro-filtration technology.

Finally, this bottle makes the ideal travel companion for road-tripping, flying and adventuring the great outdoors.

crystal quest shower water filter

Crystal Quest Shower Filter

Two stages of filtration make up one of the most advanced and highly rated shower filters on the market. Layers of Coconut Shell/Granulated Activated Carbon and Eagle Redox Alloy media removes chlorine, chloramines, VOC’s, THM’s, pesticides, sulfur, heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide, iron oxides, dirt, sediment and other odors. Too, this shower filter is pH balance and will promote softer, healthier skin.

crystal quest bath ball water filter

Crystal Quest Bath Filter

Crystal Quest’s bath ball filter removes chlorine, chloramines, VOC’s, THM’s, pesticides, sulfur, heavy metals, hydrogen sulfide (“rotten egg” odor), iron oxides (“rust water”), dirt, sediment and other odors while balancing pH & de-chlorinating.

When you think about how much absorption potential is presentwhen you sit in bath water, hopefully you’ll feel motivated like I did to get this filter.

simply straws glass straws coupon code

Simply Straws

Code FEELMOREGOODER for 10% off

Help do your part to reduce single-use plastic waste by using glass straws. Simply Straws makes straws of varying lengths and widths for all uses. Too, you can feel good about supporting a brand that’s Certified B Corp and gives 1% for the planet. In addition, Simply Straws commits to ethical & sustainable business practices. You can learn more about that here.

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lambs emf protection apparel

Lambs EMF Protection Clothing

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Inspired by NASA space suit technology, Lambs’ Faraday T-shirt is the first of its kind. You see, space suits were made to be radiation proof. Lambs was inspired by this technology & integrated it into the ideal t-shirt. It’s soft, lightweight, breathable, antibacterial & UV blocking.

This shirt is lined with silver fibers that block 99% of wireless radiation (3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth).

manduka pro yoga mat shop

Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

An ultra-dense and spacious performance yoga mat that has unmatched comfort and cushioning. Also, the grippy feel supports an expansive practice.

In summary, The PRO® will never wear out, guaranteed. Manduka is the only yoga mat brand I keep coming back to, for reference.

Higher Dose Infared Sauna Mat

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Higher Dose’s Infrared Sauna Blanket detoxifies the body, relaxes the mind, boosts your mood, promotes glowing skin, and stokes a healthy DOSE of your brain’s feel-good chemicals. It’s a rejuvenating, euphoric experience that they call ‘getting high, naturally’.

Higher Dose’s Sauna Blanket is the original at-home infrared device, beloved by numerous health experts around the world. They’ve spent years perfecting the technology so that you don’t have to visit a wellness spa to soak up the benefits of infrared. This portable device is perfect for living room sweat sessions or on-the-go wellness. Stay high, on your own time.

leaps and rebounds rebounder

Leaps & Rebounds Mini Trampoline

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Also referred to as a rebounder. Great for a unique at-home workout or practice. Moreover, this rebounder stimulates the lymphatic system, which encourages the body to detoxify more efficiently.

In brief, it’s high quality, stress-free assembly & quiet bungees. In addition, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

sunski sunglasses

Sunski Sunglasses

  • Style name: Kiva
  • Firstly, one of the largest frame styles Sunski makes
  • Polarized Lenses
  • SuperLight Recycled Frames
  • All-Day Comfort Fit
saola shoes

Saola Sustainable Shoes

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Upper made of 3 recycled plastic bottles. Furthermore, 100% natural cork, harvested algae foam, EVA, natural algaes & 100% organic cotton laces.

xero shoes

Xero Minimalist Shoes

Your new favorite lightweight minimalist shoe for everything you do. On the whole, this style runs small. They recommend choosing 1/2 size larger than your usual size, or 1 full size larger for a roomier fit.

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