Naturepedic Organic Pillow

Naturepedic Organic Pillow is super comfy with a gentle resilience that supports and cradles you while maintaining its support throughout the night. Naturepedic as a brand is currently what outfits our master bed matress, and we have not looked back since switching over to bedding that is free of the chemicals, flame retardants, etc. that commonly come on commercially made mattresses.

It may seem trivial to think about replacing your bedding with materials that are better for you, but when you consider the percentage of your life that you spend sleeping (about 1/3, it suddenly seems very important.

Sleep quality is an absolute cornerstone of optimal health. And, there are a multitude of components that determine and impact your sleep quality. A few of the big contributors are having light in the room (prevents melatonin production) and breathing in and being in contact with chemicals; this includes your bedding materials and the laundry detergent/fragrance that you use in your bedroom. Thus, investing in a Naturepedic Organic Pillow is a great way to check that off your list of things that may be preventing your best sleep.

This adjustable latex pillow is wrapped in a washable outer encasement, Naturepedic’s signature organic stretch-knit cotton. This material offers soft, breathable comfort for any preference. The cool and breathable latex fill is adjustable with an easy-access zipper so you can customize to your individual sleeping needs.