Hilma De-Bloat Bundle

Hilma De-Bloat Bundle: a natural way to beat bloat and support smooth elimination. Whether it’s traveling or meals out—sometimes bloating is unavoidable. This Hilma kit has everything you need to debloat—naturally.


  • Gas + Bloat Relief (50ct): Relieves gas and bloating in the moment.
  • Gentle Bowel Movement Support (46 ct): a major cause of bloating is not being able to ‘go’. This product relieves that occasional constipation —without a harsh laxative effect.
  • Stomach Recover + Hydrate (7ct): dehydration can be a trigger for bloating and constipation. Rebalance and rehydrate your gut with a delicious blend of clinically proven gastroprotective herbs, prebiotics, and electrolytes to help soothe the stomach and get things moving.
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