Hilma De-Bloat Bundle

Hilma De-Bloat Bundle: a natural way to beat bloat and support smooth elimination. Whether it’s traveling or meals out—sometimes bloating is unavoidable. This Hilma kit has everything you need to debloat—naturally.

Hilma De-Bloat Bundle Includes:

  • Gas + Bloat Relief (50ct): Relieves gas and bloating in the moment.
  • Gentle Bowel Movement Support (46 ct): a major cause of bloating is not being able to ‘go’. This product relieves that occasional constipation —without a harsh laxative effect.
  • Stomach Recover + Hydrate (7ct): dehydration can be a trigger for bloating and constipation. Rebalance and rehydrate your gut with a delicious blend of clinically proven gastroprotective herbs, prebiotics, and electrolytes to help soothe the stomach and get things moving.

Hilma the brand comes from three women who wanted a cleaner option for our medicine cabinet—so they made one. They founded Hilma when they realized that they didn’t have a clean, natural option that they could trust for their medicine cabinet in the same way they did for their food, cleaning products, and personal care.

When they looked for the products we wanted, they found that the natural options weren’t backed by science. And the products, including Hilma De-Bloat Bundle, are backed by science didn’t hold up to their clean label standards. So, Hilma’s founders spent two years assembling a world-class team of scientists, developing their products, and conducting three clinical studies. The result: Natural Remedies That Actually Work.

Hilm’A scientific & clinical supporters include Dr. Avivva Romm, Dr. Neeta Ogden, Dr. Georgia Close, Dr. Paul Grewal, Dr. Claudia Aguirre, and Kerry Hughes M.Sc, FDN-P.

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