Living Libations Cellulight Oil

Cellulite backstory: The term “cellulite” was first used in the US s in 1966 in the April edition of Vogue magazine. Due to “beauty” magazines, there is a lot of confusion, concern, and commotion about cellulite in our current age. Though, about 80% of women have it somewhere on their physical bodies. It is not considered to be a medical concern and yet we do indeed get wrapped up purely with it’s aesthetic appearance.

For a more in depth look on cellulite, check out this blog post where I also go into the hormonal implications of cellulite and how to naturally support flow in the body.

Use: massage thoroughly into your cellulite-prone areas after dry-brushing and bathing. Ideally, focus on these areas for 4-6 weeks. I personally like to apply Living Libations Cellulight Oil to damp skin (before toweling off, when you have drops of water on your skin, still). I find it helps spread out the oil more evenly and allow you to stretch the product further.