Osmia Purely Gentle Mud Cleanser

Osmia Purely Gentle Mud Cleanser combines the deep cleansing power of glacial oceanic clay with organic aloe, chamomile, and honey to leave your skin clean, soft, and deliciously plump. Who knew putting mud on your face could feel so refreshing?

Also, Osmia Purely Gentle Mud Cleanser has a creamy, mildly foamy texture. Also, the earthy, mingled aromas of sandalwood, geranium, and three kinds of clay do the cleaning job. Too, this nourishing cleanser brings natural luxury to a new level.

I personally love using Osmia Purely Gentle Mud Cleanser to wash my face when I have no makeup on my face. It does help to lift foundation and concealer off of the face, but I really treasure the ingredients in it and always try to let them hang out in direct contact with my skin. Some products are just special, ya know.

Osmia is at the tippy top of my skincare recommendations. Founder Sarah Villafranco is a reformed ER doc, skincare expert, mama of 2, wife, and exercise/adventure enthusiast. I am honored to call her a colleague and friend in the clean beauty world. She started Osmia the same year I started blogging in 2012. She was one of the first humans to believe in the work I was doing and was generous enough to send me her products to try and review on my blog.

So, I am biased in that I love the human behind the products. But, make no mistake, these products are absolutely spectacular on their own, even without the backstory. Your skin will be the proof.

Osmia Purely Gentle Mud Cleanser is just one product example from this stellar line. Osmia Organics specializes in tackling perioral dermatitis and acne. If you have those struggles, Osmia is your brand.