Living Libations Dry Brushes

Living Libations Dry Brushes are truly the best dry brushes ever, and this trio is my top recommendation for starting your routine at home.

What’s the big deal with dry brushing? Well, consider this about our universe: oxygen atoms make up over 80% of the human body, making oxygen the true elixir of our lifeforce. We actually thrive on negatively-charged oxygen ions that are respirated (inhaled) through the air, assimilated through our drinking water, and absorbed in the form of hydrogen peroxide. Oxygen ion levels are increased with air friction, which is created by dry-brushing the skin. Brushing also has massive benefits for the body’s circulatory and nervous systems.

This Living Libations Dry Brushes Trio includes:

-Facial Brush

The Living Libations Facial Brush gently and effectively reviltalizes the skin on the face, neck and décolleté, infusing each region with oxygen ions. This brush is made for delicate skin. Dry brush in a gentle, circular motion towards the hairline. Finish off your dry brushing session with one of the Living Libations Best Skin Ever Oils for optimum skin health.

– Body and Breast Brush

The Body and Breast brush is the ideal size and texture to dry-brush the entire body. Though, it’s still gentle enough to care for your breast tissue the skin around it.

-Energy Brush

Up your dry brushing game with the Living Libations Energy Brush amplifies the power of negative ions to awaken, restore, and rejuvenate your body and mind.