Living Libations Everyone Loves The Sunshine Zinc Lotion

Living Libations Everyone Loves The Sunshine Zinc Lotion is comprised of 20% non-nanoparticle uncoated zinc oxide and wonderous sun-harmonizing essences distilled from plants that evolved to grow ideally in full sun. This unique formula is a pure, luxurious, natural skincare version of sun-shade for days of summer activities. This product is the same sun-vibing formula as Everybody Loves the Sunshine Oil, with the addition of non-nanoparticle uncoated zinc oxide. Also, uncoated zinc oxide helps deflect the skin as the sun’s rays beam down.

In addition, Living Libations Everyone Loves The Sunshine Zinc Lotion contains five moisturizing plant oils that are innately adept at harmonizing the sun’s rays with your skin. It also provides a light, cool canopy for your skin. Too, the high potency of flavonoids and carotenoids in these plant ingredients offer up rich colors which are related to their coverage capacity. A summer staple for the natural-minded sun-goer, it’ll pass with flying colors as an everyday serum for any type of skin. It’s even suitable for your face.

Even better is that you’ll smell delectable. This Living Libations Everyone Loves The Sunshine Zinc Lotion blend is the same as their classic Everybody Loves the Sunshine Oil, which contains tropical coconut, sweet flowers, warm spices, and verdant flora. With this bottle in your summer tote, you’ll feel an invitation to long summer days with which you’re naturally equipped to dance with the sunlight.

Directions: Shake Zinc Lotion gently before each use. Then, apply a several generous squirts to bare skin. You may focus in on your nose, chin and shoulders. Aim to reapply at least every 2 hours. You’ll need to reapply more frequently when the UV index is high, and also when you are sweating or swimming.

Know that healthy time in the sun ranges for everyone depending on their skin type, base tan level, and geographical location. If your skin temperature starts to feel warm, consider it a signal from your body to seek shade, clothing, or to reapply.