Superfeast Tonic Herbs

SuperFeast Tonic Herbs was founded In 2011 by Mason Taylor, whose passion for health and his own quest for the world’s best supplements. This drive and dharma led him to cultivate this line of healing herbs and medicinal mushrooms. From humble beginnings in his mum’s garage, SuperFeast has evolved over time into Australia’s leading supplier of Dì Dào (地道) tonic herbs & mushrooms.

This line of superfoods included medicinal mushrooms, herbs blends for women’s health, and herb blends for certain patterns/constitutions in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Not familiar with TCM? No problem, SuperFeast makes it understandable and easy to shop on their site if you’re new to tonic herbs.

SuperFeast Tonic Herbs take pride in their sourcing, their team, their community, and their wider contribution. They believe passionately that a business is an ecosystem, and they always want to leave those they meet and the places they visit or source from, better than they found them.

To this day, SuperFeast is 100% family owned and they pride themselves on being a family business. This allows SuperFeast Tonic Herbs to move forward with the same grassroots values that were presented on day one. SuperFeast has the absolute best team of beautiful people who love the herbs deeply and live in integrity with the philosophy Mason and Tahnee are sharing with the world. It is because of this group of people that SuperFeast is ensuring that this brand will never deviate from its essence and core message & mission as the business heads into the future.

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