Tru Niagen Supplement

Tru Niagen Supplement can offer you a new, elevated baseline NAD+ level (40-50% higher than when you started, if you’re taking 300mg daily) after 8 weeks of consistently taking the product. And, you might be noticing improvements to your overall health and well-being, as well as subtle changes here and there. Whether you notice changes or not, you’ve replenished much of what years of time & stress have expended from your cells.

The 300mg dose is their most versatile serving size. One capsule daily of this Tru Niagen Supplement can increase your blood NAD+ levels by up to 51% in as little as two weeks. And, you can keep them elevated over time with ongoing, consistent supplementation. Optionally, you can also take more than one capsule daily to increase your NAD+ levels even further, depending on your budget and how you feel after starting with 300mg.

Ultimately, by supporting your 37.2 trillion cells with more NAD+, you’re benefiting the organs, tissues, and systems that are vital in keeping you in good health as you get older. The general population of humans in many cases is living longer and longer these days; but, lifespan does not necessarily mean healthspan. In other words, don’t we want as many quality, vital years as possible? With this Tru Niagen Supplement, you’re supporting your healthspan for the long haul. Staying healthy and cable as you get older is the name of the game.