August 20, 2012

Osmia Organics Skincare Review

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Welcome to this post: Osmia Organics Skincare Review.

** This post is currently under construction. I’m adding products, updating descriptions, etc. Thank you for your patience! **

Rosemary mousse

I am so grateful for the individuals I have come into contact with through blogging and connecting on Instagram. as well as all of the amazing products I have learned about. Too, I heard about this company, Osmia Organics, through one of my inspirations and fellow healthy living bloggers. She shared how wonderful her experiences were with using Osmia products on Instagram. That, mixed with my passion for organic beauty products led me to eagerly pursue trying these products.

A huge thank you to Sarah at Osmia Organics, who was incredibly helpful and gracious in putting together a bundle of products for me to try. Also, I cannot write this post without including a bit about founder, Sarah Villfranco.

Screen Shot 2021 12 16 at 8.39.53 AM

Her story is intriguing, impressive and heartwarming.

Sarah Villafranco started Osmia Organics (“Osmia” means “sense of smell”) which ties into her medical background) after taking a soap making class.

Creating a line of organic products was not in her plans, but she could not escape the calling to learn, create and explore her interest in chemistry and making her own products using only the best ingredients. Her calling also led her to move, with her husband and children, to Carbondale, Colorado– a place she says had always “inexplicably” been her home. She explains, “i can’t help thinking my mother was involved in the choice.  it seems to me that most dead people, were they capable, would advise most living people to do what they really love. i jumped.” (she briefly explains losing her mother to pancreatic cancer). I find her ‘call to adventure’ to be inspiring and humbling.

How she describes her journey, so modestly, reminds me of this quote, “We Must Be Willing to get Rid of the Life We’ve Planned. So As to Have the Life That Is Waiting For Us.” -Joseph Campbell.

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In more ways than one, Osmia Organics and creator Sarah Villafranco have impacted me so positively.

I am excited to share my thoughts on each product!

On their website, Osmia Organics includes beautiful descriptions of their products: “exquisitely unrefined,” “natural, powerful skincare,” “unique, hand-blended, natural perfumes,” “thoughtful and responsible packaging,” and “extraordinary, pure ingredients.”

Screen Shot 2021 12 16 at 8.43.17 AM
Here is a glimpse of my very first Osmia box, back around the 2013 time frame.

Osmia continues to innovate, create new formulas and impress with each one. Thus, my aim is to keep this post updated with every Osmia product I’ve tried that is active on their website. And, a few products have been discontinued, but replaced with a rethought, reformulated replacement. So, let’s dive into these incredible organic skincare products!


IMG 9020 Edit

Black Clay Facial Soap


For: normal and combination skin. Why: black australian clay and dead sea mud balance the skin while organic almond, avocodo, and castor bean oils condition. This is the soap Osmia recommends for perioral dermatitis. How: use one to two times daily. rinse skin well and gently pat dry.

I have struggled with my skin frequently, especially as a teen. Finding a product like this that contains pure components is exciting to me because my skin reacts the best to pure, natural, and organic ingredients. This soap is just right. I am constantly perspiring and sweating from running and exercising–this soap is effective and cleanses well, while it can also be used several times a day if needed (and won’t dry out your skin with a few uses a day). My face feels the healthiest & clearest it has in years since using organic facial cleansers, and this is the best one of the bunch yet! It also doesn’t hurt that this small bar of soap is convenient to travel with.

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Purely Simple Mud Cleanser

Rose Clay Facial Soap


Australian pink clay and white kaolin clay hydrate and heal the skin, and essential oils of geranium and palma rosa give a rose-like scent. For: Dry, mature, or sensitive skin. How: Use one to two times daily.  Rinse skin well and gently pat dry.

I purchased this soap after using the other clay facial bar (black clay) that Osmia makes. I love that soap, so I was eager to try the rose clay soap as my facial cleanser. This soap is just as wonderful, yet It is slightly more gentle on the skin. The black clay did its best job when my skin was very oily (at the end of the day or after a workout). This rose clay seems to do its best job when my skin needs a mild cleanse/rinse. Both of these bar soaps are incredibly cleansing, yet nourishing, never drying–things that I would not expect from a bar. Osmia has shattered any previous aversions I had to bar soap. Great product–I will certainly keep these clay facial soaps as staples in my routine.

Balance Facial Serum


A select combination of oils, chosen for their balancing qualities, helps skin become more even and smooth, and assists in regulating sebum production.  Absorbs quickly, and does not leave the skin oily.  In fact, used regularly, this serum can help oily skin behave itself, and combination skin become less confused. For: Normal, combination, oily skin. How: One pump over the face and neck after cleansing, while skin is still quite damp.

I have just recently started using a moisturizer/serum on my face after washing it. For the longest time, I would just use a cleanser and pat my face dry–even though I would be left with some dry spots on my face. Since I have oily skin, it never occured to me that using a moisturizer or serum after washing would be the best choice for my skin to keep it balanced. This calibration serum is just what I have needed. Not only is it packed full of powerful, high quality essential oils, but it moisturizes perfectly without leaving my skin dirty and oily.

IMG 9913 Edit
IMG 9976 Edit

Spotless Blemish Treatment


For: all skin types why: powerful essential oils combat bacteria and dry out blemishes, and evening primrose oil prevents overdrying and heals the skin. Apply to blemishes 2-4 times a day.

This essential oil concoction is really neat. It truly does what it says it will–dries out blemishes and heals the skin. I struggle (as a girl–at certain times of the month) with breakouts. This handy little bottle (that has a roll-on application feature) is a lifesaver in those times. I have been applying it after showers and before bed and have noticed a difference in the affected areas–they are more even with the rest of my skin and appear to be healing well. Applying the oil to each spot also reminds me not to “pick” at them. The natural fragrance of the oils is pleasant as well–very light and fresh.

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Lip Doctor


For: chapped lips. Why: luxurious oils and lanolin heal and protect lips. How: apply as needed.

This lip balm is absolute perfection. Even though it has various essential oils in it, subtle peppermint is the scent & flavor that stands out the most to me. I apply it right after getting out of the shower so that my lips stay moisturized. I find that applying it right after a shower never gives them a chance to get chapped (in combination with reapplying it throughout the day).

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Screen Shot 2019 04

Coffee Mint Bar Soap


For: all skin types. Why: energizing spearmint and ground organic coffee – a very scrubby soap for the body, hands, or feet (not the face!) – this is a favorite for the kitchen sink. How: use daily as needed.

The name of this soap instantly lured me in. I am a coffee fanatic! This combination smells wonderful–the earthy aroma of the coffee with the freshness of the mint is lovely. This soap is so clarifying and nourishing without drying out my skin. It does the job and then leaves such a pleasant scent behind. I love that it has actual organic coffee grounds in it–they provide a grittiness that exfoliates the skin.

IMG 7851 Edit

Vetiver Grey Bar Soap


A masculine combination of vetiver and virginia cedarwood, with a hint of lime. Dead sea mud and black clay give a gentle grey color and a deep clean. For: All skin types.

I had no idea what to expect with this soap. I knew the soap would do incredible things for my skin (as ALL Osmia products do) but I was not familiar with the smell of Vetiver. The first things that came to mind upon smelling this soap were: earthy, musky, clay, clean, and fresh. This scent I found very nice, mild and enjoyable. To me, it is indeed masculine smelling–making it a perfect bar of soap to have in the shower to share with your significant other. 🙂

IMG 9000 Edit 01

Lavender Pine Bar Soap


Lavender and pine in a beautiful purple bar. The scent is wonderful – the lavender and pine essential oils combine perfectly.  Mildly exfoliating due to the sandalwood powder, this soap also has a great feel on the skin. For: All skin types.”

I currently am using this bar of soap as hand soap next to the sink in my bathroom. The scent of this soap is wonderfully earthy with the subtle flowery lavender aroma. I have used this soap in the shower too–the smell takes over the shower and it turns into a lavender & pine aromatherapy session. Just like every other Osmia soap I’ve used, the soap leaves my skin so incredibly nourished, soft, and healthy feeling.

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Body Oil Trio


For: all skin types. Why: fresh and clean like light itself – slightly sweet, with a hint of precious ylang. How: apply to clean, wet skin.

I have become increasingly more interested in using body oils versus body lotion for a while now. This body oil is the best yet–hands down. It nourishes and replenishes my dry skin (primarily on my legs & elbows) without making my skin “goopy” or “icky.” It’s the absolute right balance. You can tell that this concoction has been well thought out (which oils moisturize skin, which oils are the most nourishing, beneficial, etc.). I skip the towel after showering and apply to damp skin. Having moisture on your skin make a huge difference in how well the product soaks into your skin.

IMG 8912 Edit 01

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Bria Pkg 042220 600x 1

Bria Perfume Oil


initially developed as aromatherapy for extreme physical fatigue, this oil is fortifying, energizing, and slightly seductive. gorgeous jasmine at its heart lifts the spirit of the wearer.

I was excited to try perfumes that are organic and made entirely of oils and natural components–that is the best part to me (feeling good about what I’m applying to my body). Also, though, you want your perfume to smell wonderfully fragrant and pleasant. This scent, Bria, makes me think of an open field full of blooming plants and flowers. It is fresh and flowery–the jasmine stands out. I found that a little goes a long way, and I like it best when applied to my neck and the top of my hands.

Another thing that comes to mind with these two scents is that they smell real. They smell like nature, not like they are manufactured. That’s what seems to make them so refreshing and pleasant.

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Blum Perfume Oil


the smell of a hot summer night – floral and sweet, with a vanilla base.  evokes memories of drinking honeysuckle nectar from the vines on the neighbors’ fence…  this may be a limited run, depending on my ability to procure more of the amazing honeysuckle.

I love the fresh honeysuckle scent in this one. This one, too, is summery and fresh. The honeysuckle seems to add something extra to it, though. My taste in perfume is normally a muskier scent, but these fresh scents are a perfect change of pace. Sarah mentions on her site that this scent might be a “limited run” depending on her ability to procure more honeysuckle. How neat the process seems to be! If it is limited time, I feel lucky to have tried it. I imagine myself using these scents most after a workout & shower when I am on the go and want to smell good.

You’re reading: Osmia Organics Skincare Review.

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A few of my own cumulative, concluding thoughts about Osmia Organics:

It’s like Osmia bottles and packages the best components in nature and provides them to excited patrons like me. A company like this triggers a genuine and authentic excitement in me. Too, my enthusiasm may seem corny or over-the-top, but Osmia Organics deserves to have people oohing and awing. Beauty products should not be overlooked in regards to health.

Sarah Villafranco, creator of Osmia Organics, clearly knows this, lives this, and is extremely passionate about generating products that are top-notch, organic, pure, and high quality.

My interaction with her could not have been more pleasant. She is knowledgable, passionate, enthusiastic, helpful, and generous! Her website echoes all of these qualities. I thoroughly enjoyed simply looking through all of the products online and reading the descriptions. At the risk of sounding redundant and cheesy, Osmia Organics has been a phenomenal company to learn more about and it’s a real treat that I get to use these products.

It’s also refreshing and endearing that these soaps, oil mixtures, perfumes, etc have been cultivated and packaged with love and an earnest desire to distribute items that organically pamper our bodies.

Have you been thinking about changing your bath & body routine? What brands did you change to or are you considering? Sending you good vibes wherever you are!

Thank you for stopping by this post: Osmia Organics Skincare Review.

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  1. oh i love the body oil! i think it is one of my favs for sure and i like the soap alot too. you wrote such a thoughtful blog post jes……… it my friend!

    • Thanks a whole bunch, Kalli! I felt particularly inspired 🙂 I agree–the body oil is great! Using it after showers is perfect!

  2. great post! Osmia is my favorite!!

    • Thank you!! I am in love with Osmia 🙂

  3. Osmia is a suffix that forms part of a word that indicates a sense of smell. It’s also a genus of bee.

  4. I don’t know how I came across your blog… But I did. About Osmia Organics to be exact! I have to thank you so much!!! I stalked their site and investigated their products for a month then dove in. One of the best decisions I have ever made. Thank you, I am truly hooked and now a forever Osmia girl!! ❤️

    • Yay! I’m so happy to hear that! Sarah Villafranco of Osmia deserves your business immmensely! They are still in my top 3 skin care lines ever.


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