December 10, 2018

Pixie Cup Review – New Safe Period Menstrual Cup

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Welcome to this post: Pixie Cup Review – New Safe Period Menstrual Cup. Use code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off.

Pixie Cup Review – New Safe Period Menstrual Cup

This is quick run down of my period history and experience with the Pixie Cup; a menstrual + period cup.

i don’t want to sugarcoat or filter myself on this topic because i think as women, untethered convos on this topic can be super helpful.

pixie cup review feel more gooder

About Pixie Cup

Did you know that women spend (on average) 2-3 months out of the year on their period? The Pixie Cup line was designed to make those 60-90 days feel like your best days, with fewer struggles and discomforts. Since you are entirely unique, you ought to have access to period/menstrual products that fit your specific need, activity level, shape, and other perferences. Pixie Cup offers a range of menstrual cups & period products that are designed to build women up, and to live in freedom every day of the year. Whether you love Crossfit, running, hiking, yoga, swimming, or prefer TV marathons, Pixie Cup has a cup for you.

Pixie Cup Review - New Safe Period Menstrual Cup feel more gooder

The Pixie Cup Story

Like a lot of good things, Pixie Cup started with a dream. While backpacking across the world after graduate school, founder Amber English began to see a universal need for better access to period products. She noticed that women were missing school and staying home from work because they didn’t have affordable period hygiene. Amber saw that even in countries where period products were more accessible, there was a massive issue of excess waste. Amber imagined the solution to be menstrual cups. Period cups reduce period waste to nearly zero and are reusable for up to ten years! And, with adequate/appropriate training, they can be sanitized with boiling water alone.

Pixie Cup Review - New Safe Period Menstrual Cup feel more gooder

After this revelation, Amber returned home from her travels with a new vision. She and her brother, Ben Moore, founded Pixie Cup with the mission of putting a menstrual cup in the hands of every single woman on the planet. Cool, right? I like that goal.

Pixie Cup is a family-owned business based out of the midwest USA. Pixie Cup has a unique mission: to empower others, give back, and live freely. Their core inspiration comes from a desire to serve women across the world, and they do that by providing affordable, waste-reducing period products to all women, and even free menstrual cups to women in need across the world through Pixie Cup’s Buy One, Give One program. Thus, for every cup purchased, they give one cup away, completely free, to a woman in need.

Pixie Cup Review - New Safe Period Menstrual Cup feel more gooder

Are Pixie Cups Good?

For most months of my life, menstrual cramps have clotheslined me and had me contemplating why women are cursed (or blessed) with something so absolutely dreadful.

Finding ways to make my time of the month less awful has been a focus of mine since age 12. when i first started having periods, i don’t think menstrual cups were around or at least not so mainstream. i always had to buy a bunch of super absorbency tampons to deal with how much i bled.

Pixie Cup Review - New Safe Period Menstrual Cup feel more gooder

Is Pixie Cup Good for Beginners?

Thank goodness I can now rely on the Pixie Cup to help. a. girl. out.

Wearing the cup is more comfortable than tampons, is way cheaper and is better for my body + environment (wayyyy less waste). <if you’re still reading this, you’re probably not a dude, so i’ll keep giving deets>

It took me a few months to get the hang of putting the cup in so that there was so leakage and it was “sealed”. But i don’t have issues now and there’s no looking back to the days of buying tampons/pads every month.

You’re reading: Pixie Cup Review – New Safe Period Menstrual Cup.

Pixie Cup Review - New Safe Period Menstrual Cup feel more gooder

Can you sleep with Pixie Cup?

Use of a menstrual cup is based on preference, however I have slept with my Pixie Cup in before and had no issues. The brand states that a Pixie Cup can be worn for a maximum of 12 hours at a time before being removed to cleanse. The Pixie Cup team recommends that you empty it at least 2-3 times a day.

Final Thoughts

I can’t recommend this cup enough, and AM SO HERE so all the questions you have. please comment with questions or DM if that’s more comfortable for you.

This small company has really changed my period for the better. I can’t wait to hear that more women are using this.

You’re reading: Pixie Cup Review – New Safe Period Menstrual Cup.

Pixie Cup Review - New Safe Period Menstrual Cup feel more gooder

Cup Saalt Soft Menstrual Cup Divacup Reusable Menstrual

These are some of the most commonly searched and sought out brands in this period cup market. So, how does one decide? I personally love the ethos and mission behind Pixie Cup – also have found that their line of products best suits what I need.

Thank you for being here, reading this post: Pixie Cup Review – New Safe Period Menstrual Cup.

Use code feelmoregooder for 15% off.

Maybe you arrived at the this blog post because you were searching the web for “pixie cup menstrual”, “pixie cup starter kit”, “cup lena reusable period”, “How long can you keep a Pixie Cup in?”, or “lena reusable period cup”. No matter what brought you here, I’m grateful for your support and I appreciate your curiosity.

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