5 Best Mold Mycotoxin Free Coffees

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Welcome to this post: 5 Best Mold Mycotoxin Free Coffees.

5 Best Mold Mycotoxin Free Coffees feel more gooder

You’re reading: 5 Best Mold Mycotoxin Free Coffees.

Is There Mold In Coffee?

Right off the bat, it’s important to note that not all coffee that’s sold contains mold. Similarly, not all coffee that’s sold is necessarily free from mold, either. It’s important to get to know your coffee, the sourcing, and the processing it goes through.

If you are like me, you drink a decent amount of coffee when you look at life with an aerial view. The cups of coffee add up with time. Thus, it’s crucial to get the best mold free coffee! And, it makes sense to. You might as well make this daily habit as healthy as possible. Unknowingly ingesting toxins is not ideal. Making mycotoxin free coffee a priority in your grocery shopping is a worthy focus that will benefit your health on the cellular level.

Certified Mold Free Coffee

For me, the mold found in blood testing I had done (read more here) was triggering some high histamine in my body. In other words, I was sensitive to a lot of different foods and drinks. I’m so glad to be on the road to healing and no longer having those intense tingling/itching/bloating reactions to food. Making sure my coffee was free from mold has allowed me to keep drinking it, even before starting my healing protocol.

You’re reading: 5 Best Mold Mycotoxin Free Coffees.

Mold in Coffee

If you are unsure about the mold content or quality of your favorite coffee, don’t hesitate to reach out to the brand to learn more. If they do not test their coffee for mold, they might be able to provide more information about their processing to know what to expect. Mold free organic coffee companies normally are very proud of their processing and don’t have anything to hide. They often are excited at the chance to let you know about their testing/screening processes.

Clean Coffee Brands

You could argue that there’s no way to know about mold content unless you test. Sure, that could be true. However, I’m just aiming to give you some real-life, applicable ways to take a look at your coffee source and having a greater understanding of what’s going into your body. Improper processing can inhibit mold growth, while proper processing can prevent it.

Here’s an article from one of my favorite, go-to mold and mycotoxin free organic coffee brands that explains more about how coffee processing can impact mold content in coffee.

The 5 Best Mold Free Coffee Brands

5 Best Mold Mycotoxin Free Coffees feel more gooder purity coffee

Purity Coffee

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Purity Coffee is one of the first brands I heard of, discovered, and started using when I began detoxing from mold exposure. They make it very clear in their branding, right away, that their coffee is clean.

Furthermore, Purity Coffee’s goal is to maximize the health benefits of coffee. They identify as a “health conscious coffee company.” Too, their beans are certified organic.

Purity Coffee’s processing and testing is thorough, and they state: “Purity contains no mold. Ever.”

Kion Clean Coffee

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Elevate your daily cup with pure, delicious, clean coffee. Available in Whole Bean or Ground, Kion’s coffee meets the highest standards for health and taste.

  • Certified organic
  • Tested for toxins
  • Ethically sourced

Over 97% of the world’s coffee is considered “commercial coffee,” a commodity crop grown to maximize yield, sprayed with pesticides, and stored in a way that encourages mold growth. All of these factors can lead to health issues and a mediocre brew.

Kion thinks you deserve better than that.

Their medium roast carries a balanced, clean flavor and a smooth, rich body. You’ll taste notes of sweet apple, marzipan, baking spices, and scrumptious dark chocolate as your cup cools off.

5 best mold mycotoxin free coffees feel more gooder kion coffee
5 best mold mycotoxin free coffees bulletproof coffee

Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof, Dave Asprey’s brainchild and passion project, is a brand that’s been on my radar for a long time. Dave’s vast knowledge surrounding biohacking, promoting longevity and utilizing fats as fuel are a few fragments of the inspiration I’ve gained from him. For those that are interested in the topic of weight loss, you may find it inspiring that Dave lost almost 100 lbs by changing his diet, habits and reducing inflammation.

You’re reading: 4 Best Mold Mycotoxin Free Coffees.

Okay, so for the coffee! Bulletproof coffees are tested for toxins (mold is one of many toxins that can potentially be found) and are Rainforest Alliance Certified. This certification means the source of the coffee promotes sustainable agriculture—farming that is environmentally sound, socially responsible, and profitable for farmers.

You’re reading: 5 Best Mold Mycotoxin Free Coffees.

Mold Free Coffee Brands

Laird Superfood Coffee

Use Laird Superfood coupon code FEELMOREGOODER10 for 10% off.

If you’ve read my blog before, you know Laird Superfood is one of my very favorite brands. I drink their Unsweetened Coffee Creamer pretty much every single day.

Coffee-wise, I mix their Medium & Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffees. Laird Superfood tests their coffee beans after flesh removal (a step of coffee processing) to ensure they are mold-free and mycotoxin-free. You can learn more about their thoughtful processing on their website.

Laird Superfood as a brand is one of my very favorites to promote, as I have been a longtime fan of founder Laird & his wife Gabby’s teachings.

5 best mold mycotoxin free coffees laird superfood coffee

You’re reading: 5 Best Mold Mycotoxin Free Coffees.

5 best mold mycotoxic free coffees feel more gooder lifeboost coffee

Lifeboost Coffee

Use Lifeboost coupon code BOOST15 for 15% off orders $50+

Lifeboost Coffee is third tarty tested For mold, mycotoxins, heavy metals & over 400 toxins.

Their coffee is chemical-free, non-GMO, shade-grown, fairly traded, and single origin.

You’re reading: 4 Best Mold Mycotoxin Free Coffees.

Lifeboost pays their farmers a fair wage. They use sustainable farming. This is a practice that protects the environment and wildlife. Moreover, Lifeboost donates a percentage of profits to protect the plant and animals that live in our coffee regions.

I know so well the overwhelming feeling when you start realizing that something you’ve been consuming a lot of could potentially be contributing to you feeling lousy. It’s not a good feeling.

You’re reading: 5 Best Mold Mycotoxin Free Coffees.

Mold and Mycotoxin Free Coffee

However, you made it here! Now, you’re aware of something that you weren’t before aware of. It’s not about obsessing (I know, that’s tempting to be perfect 100% of the time). Rather, it’s simply about raising our awareness and making better choices with the information and resources we have at our fingertips. I’m rooting for you to drink cleaner coffee!

Feel free to comment below with any thoughts or questions below and let me know which is your favorite mold free & low mycotoxin coffee!

Thank you for stopping by this post: 5 Best Mold Mycotoxin Free Coffees.

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