May 22, 2014

Wholistic Pet Organics Review

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Welcome to this post: Wholistic Pet Organics Review.

Wholistic Pet Organics Review

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About Wholistic Pet Organics:

Wholistic Pet Organics™ manufactures only the highest quality of super-premium, holistic, and nutritional animal health products.

As members of NASC (National Animal Supplement Council,) New Hampshire Made, and OTA (Organic Trade Association), we specialize in premium, organic pet nutritional supplements including Wholistic Canine Complete™, Wholistic Canine Complete +Joint Mobility™, Wholistic Run Free™ and Wholistic Sea Kelp™, all designed solely with your pet’s health in mind. Utilized by top winning show dogs over the past decades, we want to ensure good health and a long life for all pets! Situated close to the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where the serenity and purity of nature is a daily experience, it was only “natural” that The Wholistic Pet® and then, Wholistic Pet Organics™, would eventually evolve. Based simply on a desire that a healthy lifestyle should encompass our most dependent and devoted family members, our dear pets, our catalog of natural products began to take form in 1998. Having been involved in the dog show world for over thirty years, we are passionately devoted to our pets. We have personally experienced the highs and lows of pet ownership. We know, only too well, that the life span of our pets is far too short. This fact is what started us on a path to holistic health care.

This website and our catalog of products is the embodiment of our search to find healthy, holistic products for our companion animals. We believe that there will continue to be a movement away from chemical-laden, inferior-quality pet products to healthy, all natural alternatives. Our animals depend totally and completely on us; they deserve the very best that we can give.

We are committed to making available to you only the best products. The Wholistic Pet line of products always uses high-quality, whole-food, and certified organic ingredients regardless of their cost. To us, the health of our pets is invaluable. We are not veterinarians and do not, in any way, mean to diagnose or treat. We offer only choices and, hopefully, enough knowledge so that you will be better informed. Just as with children, you are the best advocate for your pet. Anything you do must always make sense to you and, most importantly, be right for your pet. Our mission is to help all our beloved pets live happier, healthy lives free from avoidable health problems.”

In regards to the word “organic,” this is how Wholistic Organics describes their products:

“All of our ingredients are either certified organic and or human grade quality.”

Wholistic Pet Organics Review: Canine Complete Joint Mobility

“Organic KelpOrganic stabilized flaxseedWhole Fish ProteinCalcium ascorbateOrganic garlicLecithinDigest-All Plus™GlucosamineShark CartilageMSMOrganic SpirulinaOrganic Bee Pollen

“Wholistic Canine Complete Joint Mobility™ is a super-premium animal health supplement that provides concentrated joint support for Total Body Health™. Made with only the highest quality of certified organic ingredients, Wholistic Canine Complete Joint Mobility™ is based on a unique blend of pure, premium ingredients including:
• Shark cartilage– unique angiogenesis-inhibiting properties. Harvested Responsibly
• Glucosamine—a natural building block of cartilage that is used in the rebuilding process of cartilage
• MSM—helps maintain normal, healthy connective tissue in joints; helps control symptoms of joint discomfort
• Patented Ester C®—the most effective, Body–Ready™ form of Vitamin C; a powerful antioxidant.
• Digest All Plus™ enzyme complex—aids in maintaining normal, healthy joint function.As our pets grow older, it becomes more important than ever that our pets maintain their health and well-being. Stiff joints might be the first sign that your pet is showing his age. Wholistic Canine Complete Joint Mobility™ is an all-in-one, organic, super-premium joint support supplement that provides concentrated joint and cartilage protection and support—all in one tasty, easy-to-feed formula that dogs just love!Wholistic Canine Complete Joint Mobility™ starts with the same organic, raw ingredients found in Wholistic Canine Complete™. To this great formula is then added glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM, ingredients that are especially important in older dogs or in any working dog or large breed subject to joint stress.”



Wholistic Pet Organics Review + Coupon Code: My Thoughts

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Our black labrador Kona only got to try a small amount of these dog supplements–as you can see the little sample packets in the above photo. Needless to say, they are designed for several weeks of use before being able to witness a difference in your pet. That said, my commentary will focus on the quality of this supplement.

I’ve never come across a canine supplement like this one. I have seen a few other brands of canine supplements in health food stores, but not with organic ingredients like this one contains. It looks like all of the ingredients that can be found in organic form are used here, minus the “whole fish protein” and the “lecithin.” They claim to use only certified or human grade ingredients, which makes me think that these two ingredients fall into the “human grade” category.

Compared to similar product, this canine supplement powder is heads and shoulders above the rest. I’d recommend it to someone looking to give their pooch a healthy boost and improvement in their joint health. The ingredients are jam packed with foods & compounds that specifically target cartilage formation.

Thanks for checking out my Wholistic Pet Organics Review. Use code JESICACOCKERHAM TO save 10% on your order!

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