Manna Vitality Shilajit Sea Minerals

Manna Vitality Shilajit Sea Minerals Supplement is a super cell conductor that modulates your nutrition into medicine.

Science has known for many years that everyone requires at least 90 nutrients for the body to function properly. Specifically, 17 Vitamins, 59 Minerals, 12 amino acids and 3 fatty acids.

These vital micro nutrients are no longer in most of our food because they are no longer in our soil. Manna Vitality Shilajit Sea Minerals offers you all of these nutrients into every sachet for just $3.70 day.

Manna’s Co-Founders have spent over a decade traveling to the ends of the Earth, to the highest and lowest places, finding the best, most active, and most available form of nutrients. Manna Vitality was born as they found a way to put them into an easy-to-use, single-dose sachet that you can have in your travel bag, on your commute, or in your kitchen to consume every day.

The Manna Vitality Team is dedicated to helping humankind be empowered, take control, and restore their full health potential in the simplest way possible — by creating an all-in-one supplement, Manna Vitality Shilajit Sea Minerals, made completely from nature, combining the ancient wisdom and practice of ancient medicine with modern-day science and innovation.

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