Timeline Nutrition Supplement

Timeline Nutrition Supplement helps improve your cellular & mitochondrial health through increasing systemic levels of Urolithin A. Numerous clinical trials have shown Urolithin A’s promising health benefits across a long list of age-related diseases by supporting mitochondrial health. The mitochondria are the cellular powerhouses of energy creation in every cell in the body, and their decline in function is thought to be a key contributor to the aging process. By upregulating mitophagy ( the process by which damaged mitochondria are essentially recycled), Urolithin A may be able to protect & equip cells from age-related decline.

The active component of the Timeline Nutrition Supplement, Mitopure®, is an ingredient that’s over 10 years in the making. Following a decade of research, unprecedented discoveries, and numerous clinical trials, Timeline has developed a powerful ingredient that’s proven to provide incredible benefits to overall health.

By taking this Timeline Nutrition Supplement (Mitopure® in its simplest form) with two softgels daily, you get the recommended dose of Urolithin A (500mg of Mitopure®). Each sachet contains 60 softgels, which will last you a month.

The proven benefits and implications of energized cells is more widely known than ever now, thanks to research like the deep diving done by this brand. Timeline’s scientists continuously conduct thorough clinical studies to prove the huge impact of Mitopure® on human cells and show its full potential on human wellness. Timeline Nutrition Supplement shows to signify the signature of improved mitochondria, increases muscle strength by up to 21% after 16 weeks, increases musclular endurance by 15% after 8 weeks, and unlocks more than 6x more Urolithin A than diet alone.

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