Xero Shoes

Xero Shoes are the most mindfully designed barefoot shoes on the market. This shoe, the Xero Shoes Women’s 360 model comes with rope-gripping rubber inlays, as well as a high-traction sole. Their all-new 360º is a lightweight shoe ideal for cross training, and designed to handle court sports, parkour, CrossFit, and pretty much anything else that requires agility and/or quick lateral movement.

With this shoe’s responsive, omnidirectional tread, breathable mesh upper, Huarache-inspired tension straps, and zero-drop design, the Xero Shoes Women’s 360º provides superior lightweight performance so that you can crush the most demanding cross-training circuits with confidence.

The 360º is so lightweight, cool, and comfortable, you’ll find yourself skipping the gym bag and wearing these shoes during rest days, active recovery days, and for just about everywhere else you go! Additionally, the 360º is entirely vegan-friendly.

This brand believes If your feet don’t feel as good at the end of your training as they did in the beginning, then you haven’t tried the Xero Shoes 360º model.
These unique shoes offer life-changing comfort and superior performance, which comes from letting your feet do what’s natural. Our feet are meant to bend, move, flex and feel – and Xero Shoes allow your feet to do that.
All Xero Shoes offer a non-elevated “zero drop” heel for proper posture, low-to-the-ground design for perfect balance and agility, and a flexible sole that gives you just the right amount of protection so that you can perform your favorite activities with stability, safety, comfort, and performance.