2016 REBBL Superfood Drinks Review + Coupon Code

This is my 2016 REBBL Superfood Drinks Review + Coupon Code. This includes caffeinated options, nut milk blends, nourishing & energizing superfood blends and more.

Use code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off!

2016 REBBL Superfood Drinks Review + Coupon Code

2016 REBBL Superfood Drinks Review + Coupon Code

Use code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off

Overall Rating: 5-stars

About REBBL:

Product Philosophy

REBBL is about a different path. Standing for something. Rewriting the old rules. Looking left when the rest of the world is looking right. It’s about knowing your truth and living with purpose. You deserve to have it, whatever it is. You deserve to feel great at every turn. Be REBBL. Drink different. Never settle.

Who is REBBL?

REBBL’s unique products were developed by two friends. They had often wondered, “Why can’t we buy what we want to drink? Where are the products that are as good as what comes from our own kitchen?” The answer to their own questions was REBBL – Roots Extracts Berries Bark and Leaves.


Every bottle of REBBL is a celebration of the traditional Super-herb wisdoms refined over millennia, that are only now being openly shared, studied and embraced globally. Thousands of years of collective intelligence is captured in every bottle to deliver you pure, potent, delicious good health.

How is REBBL?

Every REBBL recipe starts with a meticulous process of sorting through hundreds of the world’s super-herb growers, and artisan ingredient producers to identify the key ingredients with the integrity, the story and the efficacy to be called REBBL

REBBL Standards
  • Organic – Every ingredient we use is organically grown for your health and for the health of the farmers, the soil, and the water where it was produced.
  • Fair Trade – We support fairly traded ingredients whenever they are available.
  • Real Ingredients – REBBL is made from real foods and ingredients that you can pronounce and recognize. We believe in the intelligence of nature and respect the natural health promoting complexity of whole foods.
  • True Taste – What you taste is what you get – the whole ingredients and herbs – that’s it. No taste bud trickery and no strange after tastes created by flavor labs. Also, no thickeners to make you believe you are getting something that you are not.
  • Efficacy – Our promise: If we can’t use a super-herb at meaningful, efficacious levels, then we won’t use it at all. When we see “50mg Ginseng” on a canned energy drink, we can only sigh and shake our heads….what a waste of a perfectly good ginseng root.
  • Super-herbed – We believe that everything can be improved. And we believe one of the best ways to improve foods is to add super-herbs.”

My Experience

First of all, HOLY COW I couldn’t be more behind Rebbl’s mission and purpose. The way they put it, the words they used–that’s powerful.

They believe in organic ingredients, they are stoked on superfoods.

I’ll keep my critiques on these drinks short and sweet because they are teensy. The only tweaks I found myself wanting to make were to decrease the sugar content and insure that all of the ingredients are raw (it was hard for me to decipher if they had been heated or not).

But the essence of my feelings about Rebbl drinks are “WHOA: these are what my dreams are made of.” I dream of superfood concoctions that nourish the body in a big way.

To me, they are doing what very, very, very few drink brands are doing: which is creating amazing organic drinks that harness the healing powers of superfoods. I’m thankful to have come across this brand and am amped that I can find them in my local Whole Foods.

I’ll leave this post with these thoughts: Be a dynamo. Be a Rebbl. Support Rebbl. Support organic. Live the heck out of your life!

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  1. Hi! I just came across your blog as I was looking up info about Rebbl. I randomly bought a bottle the other day and was so impressed by the ingredients and the flavor. (Usually you sacrifice one for the other) I completely agree with your review. I too would love if they could decrease the sugar, but everything else is top notch! Thanks for posting this.

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