Gear for Home Coffee Brewing

Let’s get jacked up on caffeine and make some bad decisions! Jk! Sorta! Yes to the first part! Here are some of my preferred pieces of gear for home coffee brewing.

I wanted to offer up the tools/gear we use at home to make coffee. These are ways to give your home brewing a fresh feel! Don’t worry, there’s no precise measuring required (that doesn’t happen in our kitchen. Like, ever.)

Start with good beans. “Good” is a spectrum with a lot of variables. The most important thing is to make sure it’s an organic bean (or a crop grown away from herbicides and pesticides). You don’t want to be drinking a hot cup of chemicals you know what I mean?

Roasting Coffee at Home

Want to roast at home?! It’s WAY doable. This Nesco roaster was a present from my coffee-enthusiast Dad who has a whole operation in my parent’s garage. He upgraded to this roaster.

You’ll also need green coffee beans. Burman Coffee Traders is a great source.

Whole Bean, Roasted Coffee

We like Laird Superfood Whole Bean Medium + Dark Roast beans when we are not roasting.

Use Laird Superfood coupon code FEELGOOD15 for 15% off your first order.

Coffee Grinder

A burr grinder is what you’re looking for. The grounds will come out in a more uniform size. The one we have is by Mr. Coffee.

Brew Methods

Try a bunch and see what you like. Yep, it totally influences the flavor of the final cup. These get used in rotation: Percolator by Presto, 32oz Double-Filtered French Press by Espro, Bloom Pour Over by Espro, Cold Brew Toddy by Pampered Chef

SUPER important to drink out of a mug that makes you feel good. Check out this range (a few of dozens).

You can drink your cup black (rad). Equally rad is to make it how you like it! It’s YOUR cup of coffee! I don’t play those games where baristas (I used to be one) shame peeps for wanting a vanilla latte. Make what you like, live your life!

That said, pick your desired add ins. Laird Superfood original unsweetened creamer is a daily habit, also in the mix is Vital Proteins for gut lining integrity, Maca and turmeric powders for hormonal health and combatting inflammation.

Dig coffee that’s already ready to rock? I’d recommend Rise Brewing Co. as they use nitrogen to preserve freshness. Chameleon Coffee Vanilla unsweetened cold brew concentrate is another fave for on-the-go.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by this post: Gear for Home Coffee Brewing.

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