Do You Worry About Others Opinions?

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Do you ever worry about how you appear to other people?


That’s when you know you’ve gone off track.

Your job is to focus on being yourself.

Not what that looks like to others.

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Even if you are being judged, remember there is another human on the other end of that judgement.

And, they have forgotten that we shouldn’t get too cozy in judgement of others.

Because we are all flawed & in need of forgiveness, unconditional love & acceptance.

So, trust the expression of being yourself. And, forgive others ahead of time for their lapses in understanding.

I hope this thread helps you get to a more peaceful place with external feedback. Fielding the criticism that comes to us can be challenging. But, when you practice viewing things through a lens of understanding, it helps. I’m rooting for you as you navigate life in a way that feels true to you. Sending you lots of strength and resilience as you sift through opinions that are projected onto you.

Remember, we are all on a unique path. Sometimes it’s easier to be angry & reactive. However, you can take care of yourself by forgiving other judgements ahead of time. It isn’t about them being deserving. Rather, it’s about preserving your low-stress state & sense of peace.

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