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Welcome to this post: 5 Best Effective CBD Brands.

5 Best Effective CBD Brands feel more gooder

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Inflammation has been a focus of mine since I first got my period at age 12. This event also paralleled a big segment of my athletic career. Thus, sports performance and mitigating inflammation, pain, & swelling also became a focus of mine. CBD has been a constant part of my routine for many years now. It allows me to naturally combat inflammation in my body on an ongoing basis.

What is CBD (Cannabidiol)

CBD (stands for Cannabidiol) oil is a naturally occurring chemical compound typically processed from the hemp plant. More specifically, it is harvested from the hemp flower. It can be taken orally (sublingual for high absorption), consumed in food and drinks, or applied topically as a salve or cream.

You’re reading: 5 Best Effective CBD Brands.

Pain Relief

From my experience, it’s often utilized to potentially target inflammation, anxiety & systemic stress. Everyone is different and I’m sure we all have our own unique flavor of what led us to implement CBD. In addition, there are many different formulas & applications for it (i.e. increasing focus or calming down).

Why Use CBD (Cannabidiol)

The use of CBD, to me, is one aspect of a healthy lifestyle. It’s not a bandaid or a solver of all problems. I think that’s important to point out. Moreover, if you neglect the rest of your health/lifestyle and expect CBD to make up for that, it’s likely not going to happen. However, it can be a powerful way to utilize plant compounds to elevate the health of the body. For that, I am grateful for the movement & gaining of traction in the CBD atmosphere.

I’ve tried all of these brands and am simply sharing my experience with them. From the amount of knowledge I possess (I’m not an expert), these are all good quality CBD products. Many of them have specific applications, thus I bounce around depending on what I’m trying to achieve. Let’s dive in!

You’re reading: 5 Best Effective CBD Brands.

This Tester Says Top CBD Brand

Soul CBD

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Products I Like by Soul CBD:

-CBD Dog Treats – Relief

Why I Like:

In addition to their full line of CB oil tinctures and gummies for humans, Soul CBD makes great products for pets. Keeping our Black Lab mix, Kona, healthy and thriving is a top priority of mine. I like that Soul makes these Calm Dog Treats, which she gobbles right up. I reserve this formula for thunderstorms & firework times when she is stressed out. For daily combatting of inflammation, I like their CBD oil for pets. It’s one of the supplements that we value as a natural way to support her health. It’s third party tested & gluten free.

soul cbd dog treats 10 Best CBD Oil Brands

You’re reading: 5 Best Effective CBD Brands.

43 cbd ultra deep tissue salve

43 CBD

Products I Like by 43 CBD:

-Ultra Deep Tissue Salve

Why I Like:

43 CBD’s Ultra Deep Tissue Salve is a potent tool I carry. It’s also USDA Certified Organic. Tightness in my traps, neck and knees are some areas I focus on. I find this works best if you are diligent about applying it at least a few times a week. The uplifting, intense (& awesome) scent of eucalyptus, menthol & camphor really activate the soothing feeling. This is probably the most potent product of the bunch that I rotate; it’s great for when you have some targeted pain from exertion.

For women, applying this directly to the areas where you feel your menstrual cramps can help lessen how bad they are to tolerate.

You’re reading: 5 Best Effective CBD Brands.

Jibby CBD Cold Brew Coffee

Products I Like by Jibby:

-Canned Cold Brew

Why I Like:

As an avid coffee drinker, I’m always curious about new ways to elevate my daily caffeine intake. So, pairing up CBD with a lower-acid way to consume coffee (cold brew) is right up my alley.

Furthermore, I really appreciate that Jibby doesn’t add sugar to their product. Too, for those seeking the data to back up the purity, know that even batch is lab-tested, ensuring that each sip you take is smooth and consistent.

The cans are awesome for me to grab for a car ride, to have in my gym bag before a workout, and to throw in a cooler to make mocktails. Finally, the fact that they call it “the feel good coffee” vibes with me.

Screen Shot 2022 01 16 at 9.09.38 AM 2

You’re reading: 5 Best Effective CBD Brands.

candor hair cbd shampoo conditioner 10 Best CBD Oil Brands

Candor Hair

Use Candor Hair coupon code FEELMOREGOODER for 15% off

Products I Like by Candor Hair:

-CBD Shampoo

-CBD Conditioner

You’re reading: 5 Best CBD Brands in 2023.

Why I Like:

CBD is in a lot of different products nowadays, if you haven’t noticed. It might seem unecessary to add it to hair care formulas. But, what I really like about Candor and is how CBD was a consciously chosen ingredient to help target scalp irritation, dandruff & hair loss. These products really perform well & also have clean ingredients; phthalate, sulfate & paraben free.

You’re reading: 5 Best CBD Brands in 2023.

Ojai Energetics

Products I Like by Ojai Energetics:

-Full Spectrum Sport Gel

-Full Spectrum Hemp Elixir

Why I Like:

Having a product that is formulated with athletes in mind is appealing to me. My body really goes through it when I’m regularly practicing Crossfit. Thus, having this Sport Gel on hand for easy application to my neck/trap area has been helpful to calming them when they’re fired up. I love the addition of acerola cherry & moringa in this formula. These ingredients help support the body even more with detox, recovery & mineral replenishment. Also, these other certified organic herbs enhance the overall formula for maximum fast-acting effect.

You’re reading: 5 Best CBD Brands in 2023.

They provide testing results on their website, too–in case you’re curious to see what’s in each product.

ojai energetics cbd full spectrum sport gel hemp 10 Best CBD Oil Brands

You’re reading: 5 Best Effective CBD Brands.

I’m interested to know about your experience with using CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil. What was the motivation for you to start utilizing it? How did you find that it help you?

Thanks for stopping by this post: 5 Best Effective CBD Brands.

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No matter what brought you here, I’m genuinely appreciative for your curiosity and support.

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