Living Libations Organic Face Cloths

Living Libations Organic Face Cloths far transcend the traditional washcloth. If you’ve long abandoned washcloths, thinking that your sonic face brush, or fancy face tool is superior, I’d nudge you to reconsider how using this cloth alongside one of the Living Libations Best Skin Ever Oils can completely change your skin, no matter what skin struggles you have.

These Living Libations Organic Face Cloths are made from organic hemp and are perfectly sized for facials. Too, they are composed with an ideal balance of absorption and texture. These organic hemp cloths have a thick, fleece-like fabric that will care for every pore. The flat-weave design gives a deep yet gentle exfoliation for fresh and renewed skin.

This organic hemp face cloth trio are cut slightly smaller than the original Living Libations hemp cloths to make them ideally sized for oil cleansing with any of the Best Skin Ever Facial Oils. Moreover, know that organic hemp is perfect for sensitive skin because it prevents irritation, chaffing, and abrasions that may occur from an all-cotton or synthetic fabric.

Well-made and durable, these organic hemp face cloths can handle daily use and are suitable for a washing machine. This set of 3 Living Libations Organic Face Cloths come in a cotton drawstring bag.

Each organic hemo face cloth measures approximately 9×9″.