Teatulia Organic Tea Review: July Edition

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Welcome to this post: Teatulia Organic Tea Review: July Edition.

Teatulia Organic Tea Review: July Edition

About Teatulia:

“We are delighted to introduce our range of twenty organic Teatulia teas, each offering a unique flavor profile, with one or more that will satisfy every palate.

Our totally unique packaging communicates Teatulia’s sustainability message: compostable cannisters, labels made from post-consumer paper, water-based inks & dyes and biodegradable silken pyramids conveniently house our exquisite organic whole-leaf teas.


All Teatulia Teas come directly to you from the first USDA-certified Organic tea garden in Bangladesh. No middleman, no long-term warehousing and no waiting around to be bulk-blended by a third-party trader. What does this mean to you? Fresh, delicious, single-garden purity.


Teatulia’s mission is to sustain the land and the people while producing top-quality organic tea.

Established on virgin soil and grown following Masanobu Fukuoka’s “natural farming” method, Teatulia is the only tea garden in Bangladesh to be USDA certified organic and the only garden we know of that has approached tea cultivation this way.

At Teatulia they:

Do virtually no tilling, weeding, etc.
Develop the soil with cover crops and mulch
Utilize water bodies & herbal shade trees to restore the eco-balance to the area
Use only natural pest & weed controls
Nourish the land with bio-fertilizers
Protect wildlife
Process the tea in bio-gas plants


Yes, it’s Organic. But that’s just the beginning. Our approach to farming is truly revolutionary and very different from what any other tea-grower is doing (to our knowledge). In the Teatulia gardens, we have implemented “natural farming” practices espoused by the Japanese Master Masanobu Fukuoka, resulting in a closed-loop eco and social system. We use no pesticides, machinery or unnatural irrigation in the cultivation of our teas – we trust mother nature to establish the perfect balance. Consequently, eight years since its inception, our “virgin” garden, developed on fallow land, is now a thriving ecosystem teeming with once endangered Flora and Fauna.”

teatulia organic tea

My Experience with Teatulia:

Teatulia is a brand that I feel really grateful discovered my social media accounts and reached out to me. Organic: check. Plant based: check. Conscious sourcing: check. Believes in plant power: check check. This brand stands for many things that resonate strongly with me.

I am thrilled to be representing them in an ambassador capacity–it’s a natural fit for me. As a part of a clean, real + whole food based diet, I look to tea to take my health, workouts, digestion and energy levels to the next level. Plants are powerful healers. Teatulia formulates tea blends that harness those synergistic powers so that a healthier body is literally just a cup of tea away. (dang, that sounded ultra cheesy!)

I’d describe myself as a bonafide coffee drinker. That said, I really enjoy adventuring into the world of tea and changing up my routine. Teatulia has caffeine-free
(naturally) and caffeinated (naturally) tea, so I have both daytime and nighttime options for a beverage to drink. I love drinking the black or green tea in the mornings (or before a workout) for an added boost of energy, and the red tea before bed for a satisfying, relaxing experience.

When I am regularly drinking this organic tea, I just feel better on 84739 levels. My digestion feels more regular (which means enhanced nutrient absorption, which means a more nourished body!), my energy levels soar, my sleep is more sound, my workouts are more power-packed and my physique is leaner. It’s an important component of my healthy lifestyle that keeps me feeling like the most awesome version of myself. I totally dig it. I totally, totally drink the koolaid. (except this koolaid ain’t cruddy koolaid–it’s organic herbal beverageness!)

So, the tea is grown organically–rad right? But get this: they are are ultra specific and conscious about how they source this tea. It comes from one single garden in Bangladesh. The believe in sustainable growing practices and are pretty much doing excellent things on a larger scale at Teatulia. Super proud to rep them and super happy I have their tea in my belly. Go check them out!

Their instagram account is my particular favorite; you can find them @teatuliateas!

Thanks for stopping by this post: Teatulia Organic Tea Review: July Edition.

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