Living Libations Papaya Mask

Living Libations Papaya Mask tones and exfoliates skin, while preserving moisture & expanding elasticity. This mask is formulated with fruit-derived enzymes coupled with raw sugar cane. This duo acts as gentle exfoliating agents. This mindfully crafted mask helps your face, neck and décolleté radiate through enzymatic exfoliating. Its firming and moisturizing capacity sets this mask apart.

Luminous aloe vera gel and golden jojoba oil create marvelous moisture, elasticity, and suppleness. Lemons and Limes blended with raw sugar, green papaya, pineapple enzymes encourage enzymatic detox, and clear your pores and improve the texture of the skin. Additionally, rosewater, comfrey and horsetail provide strength and resilience to your complexion.

Living Libations Papaya Mask will prep you to face the world with confidence as you show off your radiant, supple skin. This formula is one of several unique mask formulas that Living Libations makes.

Directions: apply to freshly cleansed skin and massage in with your fingertips. Leave the Living Libations Papaya Mask on for 15 to 30 and then rinse until the water runs smooth. This mask may also be left on overnight. For extra after mask moisture, follow up with one of the Living Libations Best Skin Ever Oils. Don’t apply to eye area and do not apply before sun exposure.