March 3, 2014

Estroblock Estro Balance Review

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Estroblock Estro Balance Review

Welcome to this post: Estroblock Estro Balance Review.

*UPDATE as of 6.17.20: This product comes now called Estro Balance. It’s under the brand name Doc Nutrients. The brand used to be Delgado Protocol (same formula). Also, all links in this post now take you to take you to that product! 

Perhaps you arrived at this post because you were searching the web for “Estroblock Reviews” or “Estroblock for Acne” or “Estro Block Reviews”. No matter what you typed into your preferred search engine, I’m glad you’re here. Estroblock completely changed my skin and helped me finally heal my hormonal acne.

Estroblock Estro Balance Review

(formerly called Estroblock, now called Estro Balance)

I love having this platform as an opportunity to share products that have literally changed my life. Moreover, Estro Balance has been the game-changer for my hormonal, cystic acne that has plagued my face for years.

About Estroblock Estro Balance

Fight Acne

Estro Block clears toxic estrogens. While, restoring good estrogen. Toxic estrogen buildup causes most acne. Too, these synthetic estrogens also cause cancer.

Detoxify Hormones

Pesticides, pollution, high-fat foods, and plastics of all types convert into these toxic cancer-causing estrogens. However, you can defend yourself with Estro Block.

Reduce Fat

One of the most common symptoms of toxic estrogens is stubborn fat that just won’t go away. These synthetic estrogens cause fat to build up in a synthetic way that does not respond to natural methods for weight loss.

What Does Estroblock Do?

“Estro Balance is a clinical strength DIM (Diindolylmethane) and I3C (Indole-3-Carbinol) formula also known as EstroBalance.

DIM and I3C are amazing compounds derived from cruciferous veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprout, and leafy greens. They promote the metabolism of excess estrogen, resulting in incredible health benefits. They are also well-known for their ability to reverse acne and promote clear, radiant skin, and support healthy weight management. 

Research suggests DIM and I3C may also lower the risk of cancer, help reduce PCOS and PMS, support belly fat loss and the reversal of “man boobs”, and help reduce autoimmune disease symptoms. In order to consume all of the DIM that your body could use, you would have to eat three pounds of cruciferous vegetables every single day!”

You’re reading: Estroblock Estro Balance Review.

Is 3x more potent than the original Estro Block!”

Estroblock Pro / Estro Balance Review.
Estroblock Pro / Estro Balance supplement facts

Estroblock Estro Balance Review

I have tried MANY supplements in hopes that they would target and eliminate my acne. Also, I believed my acne best described as hormone-related. And, potentially caused by prior synthetic birth control use. There are so many products similar to Estroblock out there. Doc Nutrients depicts this in the above diagram. Many alternatives do not contain as high of a dosage. Too, they come in a form that proves not readily digested. Furthermore, they don’t prove as high quality as Estroblock. Let me just cut to the chase and say this:

For me, Estro Balance stand as the single most effective supplement I’ve ever taken for my acne.

Here’s a more in-depth diary of my struggle with acne in an earlier post, which you can read here. I did not document my skin progress month by month, but I did take a picture when first starting Estroblock Pro–which shows the areas of my face that I struggled with most. (As embarrassing as it is to share, it’s worth it knowing that I might be helping someone progress on their own skin journey).

November 2013/Approx. May 2014

cystic hormonal acne before after estroblock estro balance
You’re reading: Estroblock Estro Balance Review.

Side Note: I was eating very sensibly and healthily and still struggled with these blemishes.

I realize that the lighting is different in each of these photos, and they are not the best side-by-side comparison. However, I can assure you that there’s a big difference. All I deal with now are acne scars and the occasional pimple or two from my menstrual cycle (which are few and far between).

Like I’ve suggested here, it has taken my skin (and hormones) several months to get back on track. It was not an immediate fix. It’s important to note, though, that most natural remedies that involve balancing hormones are never going to be a quick fix. Your body needs time to rebalance itself. This route is better than taking a prescription acne solution because it truly gets to the root of the problem and addresses it in a natural manner, rather than using chemicals to solve the problem in the short run.

Final Thoughts on Estroblock Estro Balance

I can’t recommend this product enough to those that struggle with hormonal acne. Moreover, I feel so glad I discovered this product. I love then chance to share this supplement with you . Also, Estro Balance proves best bet for those that have acne that looks similar to mine. Hormonal acne resides around the chin and jawline. In this case, you will see more thorough results by taking the Pro version. Cost-wise, Estro Balance is not cheap. It’s $39 dollars a bottle and that lasts you a month.

However, this is an investment in your health (and for many, your confidence). To me, it is well worth the money. Many other cheaper brands that you will see are cheaper for a reason. Too, those other brands are not non-gmo. Also, once you get your hormones back on track, you are able to wean yourself down to a small dosage. In many cases, you won’t have to take Estro Balance forever. Furthermore, this is likely to the case if you are eating a clean, plant-rich diet).

Thanks for reading my review of Estroblock Estro Balance Review.

Maybe you arrived at this post because you were searching the web for “Estroblock Reviews” or “Estroblock for Acne” or “Estro Block Reviews”. No matter what you typed into your preferred search engine, I’m glad you made it to the end of this post. Estroblock completely changed my skin and I feel confident that it can help you, too!

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  1. Thanks, Jes! I will have to check this out. I just hit the big 30 mark, and it seems like my skin knew the exact date to begin wreaking havoc. I have been struggling with major chin acne for the past few months, out of nowhere! I used to get compliments on my skin, but not anymore. I’ve checked my diet, nothing has changed. If anything, I’m trying to eat healthier…I will go buy this today. Thank you for the recommendation!

    • I am so glad that you found this helpful. Like you, I ate very well the majority of the time and still struggled with stubborn areas on my face. Be patient with this supplement. It works slowly but surely (for me at least). I’ve heard that some people experience results within a week or two. I would love to know your thoughts after using it for a while!
      Thanks for your support, Anne!

  2. Hey Jes, I have had acne for over a year now, and like you I have tried everything under the sun. I have just come off the birth control pill and I have ordered Estroblock pro! ripped a whole in my wallet but I really hope it is what i’ve been waiting for to get rid of my acne, which just looks like yours in the pic on the left! your skin now looks amazing by the way! I have started to do a fruit acid peel 2x a week, tomato, lemon juice and natural yoghurt to help fade the scars left behind.I eat healthy, exercise regularly and follow a good face care routine with organic products. So i am putting it down to my hormones i thinknand a toxic build up in my body. Wish me luck on the Estro pro! I will have to be patient like you said, Im so excited to see results! Im glad I came across your page! Thanks, Rachael

    • I am so happy to hear that you are trying Estroblock pro! Be patient with it–and try your best not to pick at your skin or wash it too much. Those things helped me see results. I also limit processed grains and dairy, as those seem to irritate my skin. I wish you the best of luck!! Keep me posted on your progress!

  3. Hi Jesica,

    I just started taking Estroblock Pro and I’m really hoping to get as good as results as you. Are you taking two pills a day? Also, are you taking any other supplements along with the Estroblock?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Deb! Thank you for sharing. I have been taking 2 pills a day of the Estroblock pro. It did take me several months to truly see a big difference. Initially, I also took a liver supplement called liv-tox. I have read other accounts saying that they took like 4-6 estroblock pros a day to get results. My menstrual cycle and diet still effect my skin a bit, but estroblock seems to keep it all in pretty good balance. I’d say be patient & keep up your workout & healthy eating routine (Lots of veggies and fruit–green juice even better!)

  4. Thank you! I’ve been taking only 1 pill a day for about two weeks now. Upon reading some reviews, I found a common theme of “building up” the dosage-as some people experienced initial breakouts from too much, too soon. I haven’t seen any improvement yet, hopefully I don’t breakout when I up my dosage. I also ordered a liver supplement’ I’m guessing similar to Liv-Tox called Thorne Research S.A.T. My fingers are crossed tight this will work for me… I’ve been dealing with acne/breakouts for way too many years!

    Thank you again for your time!

  5. hi Jesica, thank you so much for your article, i just ordered my first bottle of pro estroblock, i hope my skin will look as good as yours soon. I currently have the copper IUD, do you know if taking these pills have any effect on birth control?, i don’t want to have any more kids :).

    • My pleasure! I am glad I get to help others. Estroblock will do nothing to the effectiveness of birth control, as it simply rids your body of the “bad” estrogens. I hope you get great results! 🙂

  6. Thank you Jes, I’ve read about Estroblock on another site too and ordered it yesterday. I’ve always had hormonal acne, but never bad. This year, all of sudden it has been terrible. All over my chin and the side of my face. Cystic acne is my worst enemy because it takes so long for them to clear up. I can’t wait to use it because I have tried everything with not much success. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • I recently read a quote that helped me even more understand the process, “When your body can’t eliminate, it does so through your skin.” So, taking care of our insides (liver, kidneys) via lots of fresh plants helps a lot. & I still believe Estroblock to be the most helpful supplement for acne. Thank you for sharing, Jennifer!! Wishing you healthy and clear skin (and lots of positive self-talk) 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing this article. Its a great encouragement. I had been struggling with cystic hormonal acne since I was 17 years old. (I am now 22) I’m getting married in a year and DON’T want any acne on my wedding day. I finally hit my breaking point, from doing to Doctor to Doctor them not know what they were doing.. then I finally found Estroblock. I just got done taking estroblock(regular strength)(been taking it for 1 month) and just ordered the pro and Thorne S.A.T. supplement which I started to take today. I have seen great results from the regular strength and had not side effects so I decided to bump up to the pro! Really hope to see better results. What would you recommend for acne scaring???

    • Hey Kimmy! Thank you for stopping by & I’m happy to hear that you are seeing benefits. I’ve had a lot of success taking care of scarring simply by exfoliating once a week (don’t overdo it by exfoliating all the time). Also, putting lemon essential oil on your dark spots before bed will help over time, too. Wishing you your healthiest skin!

  8. Hey! I was wondering do you take the recommended 2 capsules a day together? Or different times?

    • I take one in the morning and one in the evening, both with meals! 🙂

  9. Hi Jes,
    Thanks for sharing your story, you look BEAUTIFUL!!
    I have been taking Estroblock for about 2 months now. And haven’t noticed any big difference. I started with a regular strength and worked my way to pro strength. I called the company, they suggested to take 4 pills a day. I am very disappointed and was really hoping that this would work for me. Do you remember when exactly you started to see the changes in your skin. I have been told to wait for 3-6months. I am also taking a liver detox and eating healthy with lots at least 2 liters of water a day.

    • It took my skin about 3 months to really be clear of the major cystic acne breakouts. It definitely requires patience (fighting acne). Estroblock really gets down to the hormone level and balances your body out–which is better and takes more time than a quick fix. Wishing you good luck!

  10. I have been taking EstroBlockPro for about 3 weeks now since i had Breastcancer 3 years ago.
    I did not want to take my syntetic aromatase anymore ,since i had some sideeffect soon after. However, i have real stomach issues since i took EstroblockPro, constant diarehae and extreme heartburn. I would like to keep taking it, so anyone else with theese symptoms? What is one to do now?

    • Hey there, thank you for stopping by and sharing. I did not suffer from any side effects besides some slight initial breakouts, so I cannot exactly relate. However, I know that it is strongly recommended to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water when taking Estroblock and it can also help the effectiveness to additionally supplement with a liver detox supplement. I only take Estroblock now (over a year later after starting it) and don’t find I absolutely need the liver detox. However, in the early stages, it may help you. Also, eating an alkaline diet can help a whole lot in minimizing and eliminating heartburn. I also wouldn’t take estroblock on as empty stomach. I hope this helps you!!

      • Thank You so much for getting back to me so soon! Now i must research alkaline diet!
        I always drink plenty of Water since i live in Vegas and never took the product on empty stomach.
        I have reduced my dosage today to one. Will see if that makes a difference?!
        Thanks again

  11. Hi Jesica! So did you start off right away with Estroblock PRO? Or did you start off with Estroblock and then go to Estroblock PRO? Thanks a bunch!

    • Hey Christy! I started with the Estroblock and then decided to switch to Estroblock Pro because I wanted to take it up a notch. I’ve been taking the Pro ever since. Still love this product!

  12. Hey I was just wondering if you saw an increase in breakouts before it started to clear up? So far it has been a month and a half. I am taking two of the regular strength. I tried three in the beginning but cut it down to two as I was purging too much. I think its working? I have a lot of clogged pores that are coming up (as pimples, some cystic ) and then going away for good but it feels like its taking forever.

    • I think I did experience some of that initially–make sure to drink a ton of water! That will be good for you in myriad of ways, but especially to help your body detox.

  13. Sorry if this is a repeat question, but I only seem to have acne around my chin during pms/menstrual time… has anyone had success with this for that purpose only? Thank you!

  14. Hello Jessica, ‘
    Did you ever experience hair loss after stopping BC? 6 month after stopping the pill I started experiencing hair loss and my skin problems started to come back. My skin has been consistently getting worse. I did start taking Estroblock about 3 weeks ago and notice that it has started to help my face but I also have skin problems on my shoulder and upper arms. Do yo know if it will help clear all of these things up as well as deal with the hair issues?

    Thanks :]

    • Hey Lexie! I can relate–stopping BC means that your hormones are readjusting, etc. My best advice and what helped me was to drink a ton of water while taking estroblock (which is great for your health anyways). Also, don’t clean your skin all the time! I truly don’t even use an actually cleanser anymore, pretty much ever. I exfoliate once a week or so intensely, but mainly I use pure, organic oil like hemp, tamamu or argan to moisturize and to take off makeup. You can experiment with oils to see which ones your skin responds best to. The most important thing is that it’s organic. Trust the process and consider this too: “your skin expelled toxins when your body is not doing it efficiently”–in other words, if your liver is not efficiently detoxing (often due to a bad diet or dehydration), when it shows on your skin. Keep my posted and sending you healthy skin vibes!! Xo

    • Hi Lexie,

      When I came off birth control pill after taking it for 10 years I experienced hair loss by the bunchs!! This is normal due to hormones being out of whack. It wont last though, it stopped after a month or so
      And as for the acne..well I am still dealing with this roller coaster. Ordered my Estroblock and also Premular which I heard go great together from a lovely lady by the name of Fran Kerr (be sure to look her up)
      As for the acne on the shoulders and back my goodness mine was so severe at first I wanted to hide from the world. But it has gotten much much better over time you just need to let it run its course and don’t use too many harsh products on them. Its just all clogged pores trying to surface into acne
      You need to keep removing the dead skin
      I found doing the dry brushing method helps alot with skin renewal.
      Also as the author of this site mentioned get rid of all the chemical washes and stick to natural oil. Try pure Jojoba oil to cleanse and then remove with a warm wash cloth. And then I spray my skin with pure rose water
      It is soo calming and soothing!
      As for diet, try not to restrict yourself so much because you’ll only add anxiety and stress which leads to more inflammation. Just eat clean during the week as much as possible with alkaline forming foods, drink plenty of water, and if you want a treat here and then go ahead and do just that! 🙂

      Good luck in this what seems like a never ending battle. I’ve been battling from age 12
      And it feels like just now my battles end is near 🙂


  15. Hey!

    I’m 29 years old – I’ve had acne since I can remember (so bad that I went on Acutane when I was 16- which mad my skin feel and look amazing for about 2-3 years, before my acne came back).

    I’m more health conscious now-I still eat bad at times lol, I know my liver probably needs to be detoxed. My skin is not as bad as before- but i still have acne! (not so much cystic acne though). However, I’m on birth control and I’m terrified to come off of it and have cystic acne-which has happened in the past. I had just had a few questions even though I know everyone’s body is different (I’m just really skeptical about trying new products lol):

    – How long were you on Estroblock before you began noticing results?
    – Have you stopped taking it? If so did your acne ever come back? (I hope not!
    – Did you notice any side effects?

    • Hey Sarah!
      Thank you for your support! I took Estroblock for about 4 months before truly seeing the biggest difference in my skin. I believe that truly healing and balancing your body can take time–though I know that practicing patience is a challenging task. I also found that drinking lots of water & herbal tea acted as a catalyst for results. Trust the process 🙂 I also found that limiting my sugar and looking to healthy fats and protein for the majority of my calorie intake is something my skin loves. Taking a high quality probiotic is also an excellent way to keep your digestive system balanced (which impacts skin, big time).

  16. Did most of your breakouts occur right before your period. My skin always breaks out about a week before and keeps breaking out until my period ends. Then by the time my skin starts to heal, the whole process starts over. Was this the same for you?

    • I still have some (much less severe) breakouts around the time of my period. Chugging water helps both cramps and breakouts for me.

  17. My naturopath/trainer daughter says that estroblock handles the ‘bad estrogen’ situation for women AND for men. Though there is a brand in the U.S. (estroguard) that does that job, the U.S. dollar makes it ridiculous. As this site seems to speak only to women, does this product achieve that goal for men too?

    • Hey John, I do believe Estroblock is helpful for men & women, alike. However, for more in-depth information, I would reach out to Delgado Protocol directly.


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