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Welcome to this post: Best Elix Herbs for Period Pain.

For as long as I can remember having a period (I started mine at age 12), I’ve had a tough time with intense menstrual cramps. Into my adult years, (I’m now 35), some cycles are worse than others. No doubt, my cramps are directly related to the quality of the oils I’m consuming (saturated animal-based fats over polyunsaturated, processed fats), as well as how good I’ve been at supporting my body’s nutritional + energetic needs.

A big part of my body’s energetic needs relate to stagnation and flow (Qi) in the body. And, do you know what helps facilitate flow in the body? Herbs! Using the right herbs for menstrual cramps can make a huge difference. Also, a few other things I do regularly to support flow and exercise, sweat, and do dry brushing.

Herbs for Menstrual Cramps

I have been looking to and regularly using Elix’s Cycle Balance tincture for a couple of years now for that reason. (heads up that you can use my code 20FEELMOREGOODER for 20% off your order). Cycle Balance is formulated with herbs that innately possess the capacity to emotionally & physically support what the female body needs to shed the lining of the uterus each month without extreme symptoms or discomfort.

One of my favorite aspects of this product is that it truly supports your systems in multiple ways. These thoughtfully-chosen herbs help to support mood, regulate your nervous system response, reduce muscle spasms, ease menstrual cramps, and balance healthy hormone production.

It’s not a bandaid-approach; it’s truly helping the body to rebalance and establish a calm, regulated state of being.

You’re reading: Best Elix Herbs for Period Pain.

Best Elix Herbs for Period Pain feel more gooder

PUFAS and Prostaglandins

Research shows that processed vegetables oils (just to name one common source) cause an increase in your internal inflammatory markers as well as an increase in prostaglandins in the body. These are messengers in the female body that cause you to cramp. Thus, focusing on high-quality of animal sources of fat from animals as well as some quality plant-fats like coconut (saturated fat) and avocado (mostly monounsaturated fat) helps me a ton and translates directly to my menstrual and premenstrual symptoms.

You’re reading: Best Elix Herbs for Period Pain.

Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine

I was fortunate enough to be able to send some of my most pressing questions over to the Elix team– for the purpose of sharing here on the blog. I am so stoked to share these insights with you from TCM Practitioner & Elix Health Coach, Megan:

1. For a health-conscious consumer that is well-intentioned and looking to best support their physiology through each stage of life, how would you introduce them to TCM? Do you find that introducing them to the constitutions/patterns is most helpful?

 “I think a good place to start is explaining how in TCM we view the body like a garden, and as a reflection of the greater whole of nature. In TCM we are working with balancing heat and cold, dry and damp, darkness and light, and how we are always tending to our body garden based on climatic factors such as wind, humidity, etc, etc. (these can look like actual weather changes, but also any environmental factor, diet, etc.)

I think then the five elemental constitutions (how we come into the world and what we are naturally prone to), the 12 organ systems (bodily themes and systems categorized into the names of the 12 major organs) and their patterns would come next.”

Best Elix Herbs for Period Pain feel more gooder

You’re reading: Best Elix Herbs for Period Pain.

Benefits of Practicing TCM

2. What are a few of the most impactful aspects of a TCM-focused approach to health that you’ve experienced yourself or witnessed happen to another human?

 “I love this question. I find it very impactful that TCM does not require an official diagnosis to treat. Because we rely on patterns–meaning we classify cohesive sets of symptoms or presentations with corresponding treatments–we open the door for individuals who have been told everything looks fine, or have inconclusive testing. These are often people who are exhausted with chronic conditions like PCOS, endometriosis, and fibroids, like we see often at Elix, and unable to find help. The nature of TCM pattern differentiation really carves out a niche to make them feel heard and provide care.”

You’re reading: Best Elix Herbs for Period Pain.

Top Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbs

3. If you could only pick 3 herbs, which ones wow you the most across all constitutions/patterns? *I was excited about the simplicity of this question in re: the best elix herbs for period pain, but also about how open-ended it is. I find that everyone has a unique relationship to herbs and has specific affinities.

 “Bupleurum (Chai Hu) is an incredible mood herb, it rivals SSRI’s in studies (without the side effects), but it’s not just for those with symptoms of depression, but for anyone who needs stress relief, it really feels like a shift in perspective and a breath of fresh air.
Corydalis (Yan Hu Suo) is used in various traditional medicines globally as a pain reliever. It Western Herbalism it is often referred to as “Nature’s Morphine,” and for a very good reason. It is one of the few herbal analgesics which help alleviate pain in the moment.
Reishi (Ling Zhi) is an adaptogenic mushroom, meaning it adapts to the needs of your stress response. If you need more endurance, Reishi will turn it up, if you need to calm down, this legendary mushroom will turn it down. It has been shown to help with immune system, liver function, and restful sleep. In Chinese Medicine it is highly regarded as a “shen,” or “spirit” herb, and is said to calm the mind, and nourish the emotional heart. All of these can be found in our Elix formulas depending on your unique cycle needs.”

A sincere thank you to Megan of Elix for her time and knowledge that she shared for me to publish here on my blog! I encourage you to keep learning and check out more on Elix’s blog, the Wisdom, where you can meet Megan & learn more about her specialties.

You’re reading: Best Elix Herbs for Period Pain.

Best Elix Herbs for Period Pain feel more gooder

You’re reading: Best Elix Herbs for Period Pain.

If you are looking for menstrual support, check out more about Elix’s unique formulation, geared towards the female cycle. Elix Cycle Balance Tincture is a tailored blend of medicinal herbs to holistically support menstrual symptoms by treating underlying imbalances. I personally appreciate this formula for how it offers my body herbs for menstrual cramps. Founded upon the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Elix’s Cycle Balance Tincture is inspired by the patterns and constitutions that are recognized in TCM as indicators of certain imbalances. Some of these imbalances include blood stagnation, yang deficiency, yin deficiency, dampness heat, phlegm dampness, Qi deficiency, and Qi stagnation (Qi means life force in the body).

Each of these constitutions, or patterns, in TCM can present themselves in specific ways; and Elix does a great job of getting you started with addressing where your body is currently at. With herbs like ginger, white peony, corydalis, atractylodes, poria, and more – Elix sets you up with the right balance and ratios of the herbs that your body needs.

If your cycle is regular (aka you know when your period will start): In the week leading up to your period, take 6 full droppers in a glass of water, twice a day, until you finish the bottle. If your cycle is irregular (aka you don’t know when your period will start): Take 3 full droppers in a glass of water, every day of the month, until you finish the bottle.

Use code 20FEELMOREGOODER for 20% off of Elix Healing, sitewide.

Thank you for stopping by this post: Best Elix Herbs for Period Pain.

Maybe you arrived at this blog post because your were searching the web for “elix healing”, “elix cycle balance side effects”, “elix healing side effects”, “menstrual symptoms gardenia”, “elix cycle balance reviews”, “elix ingredients”, “elix for pcos”, “chinese herbal medicine”, “personalized herbal treatments”, “elix cycle balance ingredients”, “best elix herbs for period pain”, “elix healing reviews”, “herbs for vaginal dryness”, “herbs for sore throat”, “herbs for menopause”, “herbs for period cramps”, or “schisandra herb”. No matter what brought you here, I’m stoked you’re here and excited for you to experience Elix. This brand has been a real joy for me to get to know and I feel so good about recommending this TCM-inspired brand.

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