Happy Bum Co Enema Kit

Happy Bum Co Enema Kit comes from a leader in holistic, natural wellness. Their multi-award winning products have revolutionized the way people approach detox and use tools to regain their health at home.

Their mission at Happy Bum Co is to illuminate the taboo topics of gut health and remove the stigma that surrounds enemas, going to the bathroom and “butt stuff”. Foundder Kyah and her team want to raise awareness about the benefits of enemas, with the aim to help bring solutions to people who are suffering.

The Happy Bum Co Enema Kit and brand can help anyone. No matter what it is that you are uniquely suffering from, supporting your body’s detoxificaiton pathways and performing enemas can help. They also believe that laughter is medicine, and in order to heal you must believe it to be possible. Thus, they aim to make detoxing fun.

They hope their functional and stylish kits, like their beginner’s Happy Bum Co Enema Kit, diminish the fear and embarrassment you have around using enemas. This way, you can feel good about and empowered by your healing journey.

Happy Bum Co knows all too well now anything new can be daunting to start, but they aim to educate, inspire, support, and encourage all of their customers to let go of their fears and live a healthy life, free from pain and suffering.

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