Seeking Health Optimal Multivitamin

Seeking Health Optimal Multivitamin is a comprehensive daily multivitamin that features plant-powered phytonutrients that covers your vitamin & mineral needs. Seeking Health’s entire line is formulated by functional medicine leader Dr. Ben Lynch. Seeking Health is a brand I trust. Their product line is extensive and includes many other offers such as histamine support, digestive support, and prenatal needs, just to name a few.

Too, if you are searching for more information & insight on your own healing journey, you’ll likely find Dr. Ben Lynch’s book, Dirty Genes, very helpful. It provides a new perspective on genes and gives you specific, actionable ways to improve your state of wellness.

They are my top suggestion for a supplement line that spans each aspect of health. The Seeking Health Optimal Multivitamin just so happens to be one of the products I recommend most to others, regardless of specific health needs, age, etc.

Some specifications that set Seeking Health Optimal Multivitamin apart are:

  • Includes methylated b-vitamins for maximum assimilation & absorption
  • With natural antioxidants C and E, plus bioflavonoids
  • Includes a supportive fruit, vegetable and greens blend
  • May help support a healthy immune system
  • May help support normal energy production


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