Organic Olivia Bloat BFF

Organic Olivia Bloat BFF is a SIBO-safe formula for even the most sensitive stomachs, designed to be fast-acting and give you the freedom to eat what you enjoy without the uncomfortable side effects. Bloating totally stinks – especially when it happens after even the healthiest foods. For those with chronic gut issues like SIBO, bloating and gas can increase when we start incorporating more fiber-rich foods (beans & broccoli, hello, we want to love you). That’s where Organic Olivia Bloat BFF comes in. Their first-of-its-kind formula contains a blend of herbs, enzymes, and a spore-based probiotic strain specifically studied for its ability to improve digestion, enhance the gut microbiome, and reduce bloating by eliminating excess gas buildup.

Organic Olivia Bloat BFF is an easy, one-capsule dose is your new best friend — and works wonders thanks to a multi-faceted approach that targets 4 main causes of bloat: maldigestion of protein and carbohydrates, gut dysbiosis, slow motility, and food triggers. This supplement contains ingredients that help with the most common offenders, like beans and dairy.

Organic Olivia Bloat BFF is formulated by NY native and herbalist Olivia Amitrano. They are alcohol-free herbal tinctures, making them suitable for more individuals than the more common alcohol-based herbal tinctures. Moreover, her line offers a range of functionally-formulated potions. For instance, Olivia has created options for many health aims such as mood, fertility, digestion, microbial balance, detoxification, hormone balance, and immune function. This line of Organic Olivia tinctures is inspired by Olivia’s experience with her own personal health trials, as well as her passion for plant power.

Organic Olivia’s line offers a modern approach to traditional herbal medicine. The Organic Olivia team blends science with intuition to create focused formulas that address the root cause of systemic imbalanced. Herbs are for everyone, and team OO wants you to feel welcome to the club.

Organic Olivia Bloat BFF and entire OO line were born because Olivia believes it is her life’s work to share the information she needed when she was struggling. She is passionate about offering plant remedies to the collective in a way that resonates with people from all walks of life. Her goal is to bring balance to the conversation without any judgement. Olivia is someone who understands that both herbs and modern interventions have their place. What started as a blog cataloguing her health journey, sharing what diet changes helped her, and what herbs made a difference… turned into an Organic Olivia community and now a company where she gets to share her toolbox with others.