October 6, 2021

6 Ways to Reduce Harmful EMF Exposure

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Welcome to this post: 6 Ways to Reduce Harmful EMF Exposure.

EMF stands for electromagnetic frequencies. Also, electromagnetic radiation refers to the same conversation. Thus, both are electric fields that pose similar threats to our health. Like a microwave, a WIFI router transmits two-way radio waves. Moreover, The World Health Organization lists EMFs and EMRs as possible carcinogens.

Our exposure to EMFs is higher than ever. As electronics are in every part of our lives. This reliance on tech impacts our wellness in a big way. Consider the reality of this. Looking to EMF protection brands proves more crucial than ever.

It’s thought that EMFs exist harmlessly. Yet, incriminating evidence amongst researchers continues to surface. Too, studies suggest that exposure to EMFs poses a health threat. These include adverse effects to sleep and fertility. Also, studies related to mitochondria continue to surface.

You’re reading: 6 Ways to Reduce Harmful EMF Exposure.

Reduce Your EMF Exposure

6 Ways to Reduce Harmful EMF Exposure feel more gooder aires tech

Airestech EMF Protection

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Airestech owns my top spot in EMF protection. They equip our home & devices to stay protected.

Products We Own:

  • Room.
  • Personal.
  • Device.
  • Pet.

Airestech presents themselves as leaders in the EMF protection market. They prove committed to helping you learn more. In regards to EMFs/EMRs, they showcase groundbreaking information. The chance of no EMFs proves unlikely. And, Airestech gets this. But, they help equip you with armor to combat the harmful effects.

Airestech aims to be a household name by continuing their integrity. Their products undergo rigorous testing to ensure product safety and effectiveness. Both internal & independent labs conduct these tests. Moreover, Airestech possesses 18 pending trademarks.

You’re reading: 6 Ways to Reduce Harmful EMF Exposure.

You’re reading: 6 Ways to Reduce Harmful EMF Exposure.

Lambs EMF Protection Apparel

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Lambs comes inspired by NASA spacesuit technology. Moreover, space suits came made to be radiation-proof. Thus, Lambs became inspired by this technology. They decided to use it in their ideal apparel. Too, their apparel comes soft, lightweight, antibacterial & UV blocking. This EMF Protection showcases as the first apparel of its kind.

Products We Own:

  • Women’s Faraday Shirt.

So how does it work?! Here’s the deal. Radiation cannot reach an object that a tight conductive grid covers. Therefore, EMF waves cannot pass through holes smaller than their wavelength. Moreover, Lambs’ gives the analogy of an elephant trying to pass through holes of a fence.

3 Ways to Reduce EMF Exposure lambs emf protection apparel

You’re reading: 6 Ways to Reduce Harmful EMF Exposure.

Magnetic Field Exposures

Too, this Women’s Faraday T-shirt comes embedded with a full layer of silver flex fibers. Why silver? Because it exists as one of the most conductive materials known to earth. Also, silver proves effective in tissue healing for thousands of years.

If it sounds uncomfortable to wear a metal shirt. I get it. But, you wouldn’t even know it’s in there. Moreover, each fiber is smooth, flat, and soft to the touch. Also, the silver proves scratch-proof. Too, wash damage won’t happen. Lambs apparel comes toxic-free and hypoallergenic. Looking forward to buying more Lambs apparel soon!

EMF Radiation Protection

Waveblock Airpod EMF Protection

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Wireless headphones are everywhere these days. Besides, they offer supreme convenience and portability. So, they are the best thing in wireless technology, right? What’s not to love?

Well, the strong EMF signal is what’s not to love. And, that’s not something to glance past. Too, we must address our wireless device use. Also, we need to find adequate protection. Thus, these devices will harm us if we don’t armor up. If you are going to insist on using wireless headphones, Waveblock is a must.

Products We Own: Waveblock Pro.

Waveblock deflects EMF waves. This way, EMFs remain kept away from your head and the rest of your body. Also, the protection that Waveblock gives proves effective by lab studies. Too, Waveblock reduces the effects of radiation exposure. This proves true even under extreme conditions.

Moreover, Waveblock works with Airpods. Besides, Apple made Airpods popular in the last 5 years. Yet, Waveblock may also work with other wireless earpieces. Too, check out Waveblock’s FAQs. Here, they cover how to install. Moreover, they cover the difference between the Classic & Pro versions.

You’re reading: 6 Ways to Reduce Harmful EMF Exposure.

Other Ways: How to Block Electromagnetic Radiation

  • Use your wearables, wireless headphones & smart devices less. Use wired products as much as possible. Establish some new, healthy habits around your electronic usage. Besides, wireless devices are all too common these days. Also, wearing these 24/7 present negative health affects. Moreover, the idea is to unplug more often.
  • Turn your WIFI off at night. You don’t need it when you sleep. Thus, give your body a break when you rest at night.

Electronics Out of the Bedroom

  • Sleep with your phone off or on airplane mode. And/or, place it in a different room to create space from the EMFs.

In summary, begin increasing your awareness. Too, think about how many Bluetooth and wireless-dependent electronics you use. Moreover, start incorporating the above brands to start protecting yourself. I look forward to hearing from all of you in regards to what EMF protection products you’re utilizing.

Thanks for stopping by this post: 6 Ways to Reduce Harmful EMF Exposure.

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